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Plot Summary

  • A surprised Leonard finally comes to the realization that Sheldon's assistant, Alex, is attracted to him. As he believes it negatively affects him since Alex is not focusing her attentions on his needs, Sheldon, in a poorly veiled attempt to hide the identity of those involved, asks for advice on how to resolve the situation in his favor, that advice from among others Penny. Although Leonard has not done anything wrong - yet - but enjoys the fact of the adoration from Alex, Penny and Sheldon have to decide how to handle the situation for their individual needs. Sheldon's decision could get himself into professional trouble, he who responds in typical Sheldon fashion.

    - Written by Huggo
  • It finally dawns on Leonard that Sheldon's assistant Alex "likes" him and he feels like a stud. Sheldon upon learning of this, concerned that Alex will be distracted from her duties talks to the girls telling them that a friend of his is being hit by the assistant of someone else he knows. Of course the girls deduce he is talking about Leonard and Alex, which puts Leonard in the doghouse with Penny. Sheldon tries to talk to Alex her attraction to Leonard and ends up saying things she finds offensive. So she goes to human resources to complain. Sheldon is called in and is told that he said things that are inappropriate but he doesn't see it that way. And ends telling about Howard, Raj and Leonard which leads to them being called in.

    - Written by rcs0411@yahoo.com
  • When Penny finds out Alex has a crush on Leonard, Sheldon gets himself and the rest of the guys in trouble with Human Resources whilst trying to solve the problem.

    - Written by murphtones


Things are back to semi-normal at the university. Relative to the guys, anyway. Alex ( ) still has a crush on Leonard ( ) and actually decided to do something about it...

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