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For better or worse, Looking Glass loses none of the first film's muchness, with Bobin mimicking both his predecessor's wildly saturated style and his general disregard for plot and substance.
Bobin's attempt to fill Tim Burton's shoes generates a lively but ersatz sequel that only truly ticks when Baron Cohen and Bonham Carter are around.
Wasikowska gives it her all, and Cohen shines, but while this is a better film than the first, that was a low bar to reach.
Depp is convincingly vulnerable and forlorn, all while maintaining the Hatter's otherworldly eccentricity, and Wasikowska has the requisite grit. But Alice's mission feels as manufactured as the story's whatsits and doodads, as Bobin struggles to infuse make-believe with emotion.
The studio has managed to deliver a follow-up that's even weaker than its predecessor. In crude terms: Alice's second trip to Underland wasn't worth the wait.
The problem with “Alice” is its lack of narrative imagination.
What Alice Through the Looking Glass constantly underscores, however, is that even the greatest cinema trickery serves little purpose without stories and characters to support. The pictures are pretty (or scary or awe-inspiring) but they ultimately don't mean anything.
I think it is precisely because the technical work by everyone from James Bobin down is so good that I find myself infuriated by the film. So much muscle, so much effort, so much raw talent on display, and all in service of demographic-and-merchandise-driven garbage that sullies the name of the source material.
A parade of gaudy CGI and strained whimsy, Alice Through The Looking Glass proves even more manic and grating than its 2010 predecessor.
As Alice runs from one hollow set piece to another, hitting every standard mark that a colossal movie like this must in order to pay for itself, her adventure grows less and less interesting with every turn. By the end, all that lessness is too much for the muchness to match it. Less is usually more, but when it comes to this franchise, none would be ideal.

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