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Feeling that the others look down on him Glyn is pleased when old school mate Scott Woodhouse,who has done well for himself and has sophisticated tastes,returns to the area and befriends him. Hodge is relieved when Kath tolerates him coming home drunk but less so when she wants to try for a baby and he somehow cannot raise the required effort - a fact which becomes public knowledge. Daz moves in with Colleen after his bathroom floor collapses due to Hodge's bad workmanship but the deal involves Beggsy dating Bev,who is besotted by him. Beggsy is shocked to find his mother in bed with her younger boyfriend but his efforts to help Hodge get him off the hook with Bev whilst Hodge's fear of fatherhood is seen to be the cause of his problem. Finally Scott's real reason for wanting to be Glyn's friend is exposed.

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