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Heres Some 80s Throwback Greatness in Lost Time Trailer

Lost Time has been something of a quiet production. We havent seen much footage and the stills have been rather limited as well. That comes as something of a surprise given the awesome lineup affixed to the production. Weve got the coolest villain Hellboy ever tangled with one of the many men to adorn the famed Voorhees hockey mask that nasty singing fellow from The Goonies and the prolific and loveable Lin Shaye all appearing in the flick. Thats not even the complete lineup. We should definitely know a whole hell of a lot more about this movie than we do.
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Indie Spotlight

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We’re back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes first details on Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End, a Dark teaser trailer, an announcement for The 2014 Shriekfest International Horror/Sci Fi Film Festival lineup, a trailer for Ghost Bride, release details for Zugzwang, and more:

Animated Sequel to Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: “Having created two amazingly fun, critically-acclaimed, award-winning seasons of the television series “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil”, producers Aircraft Pictures, Corvid Pictures and Frantic Films have announced a feature length animated sequel.

“Our fans rallied and we raised partial funding through an insanely successful Indiegogo campaign,” stated director Craig David Wallace “giving our fans the ending they deserve – a full-length animated feature (with all new metal musical numbers) – that answers the age-old question “Gee,
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Video: Icons of Fright Attends Lost Time Premiere; Interviews With Rochelle Vallese, Derek Mears, Robert Davi

Sci-Fi/Horror hybrid Lost Time had its premiere this past Wednesday, and I,along with fellow Icons of Fright staffer Natty, went to check it out. It was quite the busy afternoon/evening, but stars of the film Rochelle Vallese, Robert Davi and Derek Mears were all nice enough so sit down for a bit to discuss the film before the screening.

Check out the video below and by all means, watch Lost Time when it hits VOD on September 19th via Gravitas Features.

*Be sure to look out for a screening attendee who didn’t realize an interview was taking place and sat right behind us, funny stuff

The film itself was a lot of fun, the kind of genre film that doesn’t feel the need to explain every single thing, leaving the audience to determine what they think. Personally, I miss the times when more films were like Lost Time,
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The Trailer Arrives for Lost Time Featuring a Cast of Genre Vets

Gravitas Ventures brings Lost Time to VOD on September 19th. The film is described a a sic-fi/thriller and the cast includes Rochelle Vallese, Luke Goss, Robert Davi, Lin Shaye, Derek Mears and Jenni Blong.

A trailer has made its debut - you can check it out here.

Valerie (Rochelle Vallese) has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. After the diagnosis, she is driving with her sister Melissa (Jenni Blong) on a country road when the car stops and is engulfed in a blinding light. 12 hours later Val wakes up and Melissa is nowhere to be found.

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Luke Goss Suffers from Lost Time

Luke Goss, time displacement, and extraterrestrials... Sound interesting? Then you're gonna dig this latest tidbit of news coming at ya as all three are on tap for the new flick Lost Time. Read on for the trailer and details.

Christian Sesma is at the directorial helm, and Rochelle Vallese, Luke Goss, Robert Davi, Derek Mears, and Lin Shaye star.


After leaving a doctor visit with the worst news, Valerie Dreyfuss and her sister, Melissa, come to a stop on a lonely stretch of road. Their car is engulfed by a blinding light... Twelve hours later Valerie wakes to the horror that her sister is gone, nowhere to be found.

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Lost Time Touches Down at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival and Looks for More Abductees

Lost Time is a horror and sci-fi thriller from director Christian Sesma (On Bloody Sunday). This title has recently completed production and the film had its World Premiere at the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival, earlier this month. An early review from that festival has not been kind: "it is in the writing and direction that weaknesses are most apparent [in the film]" (Mainly Movies). However, a film cannot be dismissed based on one review, so a preview for Lost Time is here. The film stars Luke Goss, Rochelle Vallese, Robert Davi, Derek Mears and Lin Shaye. The story for the film begins with a strange encounter on the road. Melissa (Jenni Blong) and Valerie (Vallese), who are sisters, experience a bright light and lost recollections, while on a sojourn. They attempt to piece back their memories with help from a clinician, who has written a book on similar experiences. But, Dr. Reed might be
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First Trailer & Poster Christian Charles’ Thriller Love Sick Love!

Love Sick Love is an upcoming horror thriller comedy which comes from director Christian Charles and has quite interesting cast on board. It is the tale of love gone bad, or if you prefer – a complex and suspenseful journey into the darker side of passion (that explaines this loves me not part of the story). Today, we’re here to share the first trailer & poster for the whole thing, hope you’ll enjoy! Christian Charles directed the film from a script written by Ryan Oxford, which centers on a boy meets girl romance that quickly turns into a twisted thriller. In other words, the movie... Related posts: Watch: The New Trailer For Roman Coppola’s Charles Swan With Bill Murray, Charlie Sheen First Images, Concept Art & Promo Poster For Christian Sesma’s Sci-Fi Thriller Lost Time! First Roman Coppola’s A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III Teaser
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First Images, Concept Art & Promo Poster For Christian Sesma’s Sci-Fi Thriller Lost Time!

Hey guys, we have some pretty cool images and first concept art for Christian Sesma‘s sci-fi thriller titled Lost Time. The movie is apparently in post-production, so we definitely expect to hear & see more from Sesma and his team, but until that happens – make sure you check out the rest of this report for more details about the whole thing, and as usual – let us know what you think!

Written and directed by Christian Sesma, Lost Time centers on a woman named Valerie Dreyfuss and her sister Melissa who, after leaving a doctor visit with the worst news, come to a stop on a lonely stretch of road. Their car is engulfed by a blinding light….12 hours later Valerie wakes to the horror that her sister is gone, nowhere to be found.

Lost Time has quite interesting cast which includes Derek Mears, Robert Davi, Luke Goss, Rochelle Vallese, Lin Shaye and Jenni Blong.
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