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Who Can You Trust? ***
edwagreen23 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The basic theme of this episode was regarding trust? Can Kono really trust her boyfriend with his cell phone always going off?

The thrust of tonight's episode was really politically intriguing. In fact, we've reached a new low with opposition candidates trying to set up their opponents with hookers, so as to drive them from the race all together.

It was just amazing what was going on here. The guy's female campaigner frequently set him up with women for shall we say a diversion. This was just a little too much to fathom.

It sure looked like a cover-up with the governor involved. He wanted 5-0 to investigate but was thwarting all their attempts along the way.
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I don't know why I keep watching...
xbox125 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I so enjoyed the original HF0. It took me time for me to actual like the new HF0... On to this episode. I have seen so many shoot-outs on so many different shows. Being an experienced shooter I have a feeling of when I should see people being hit...

Overall this episode was enjoyable. It was not a 10 or even close, but still enjoyable. The issue I have with it is the helicopter scene near the end. Danny, armed with a fully automatic weapon, is shooting at Wo Fat. Granted he is in a copter, but as many rounds as he fires and Wo Fat is not hit compelled me to take time out of my busy day to write this. The write the character of Danny so poorly to begin with they could at least make him a better shot that shown in this episode. Completely unbelievable.

I have a feeling that the editors have to keep their feelings to themselves as they put each episode together.
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