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Liam Neeson agreed to play the role of Clinch Leatherwood on the condition that he do a broad Irish accent. Seth MacFarlane complied with the request.
Charlize Theron had to wear a wig for this movie as she had her head buzzed for Mad Max: Fury Road (2015).
Neil Patrick Harris gets to say his famous catchphrase from How I Met Your Mother (2005) when he is challenged to a duel by Albert. "Challenge Accepted!" However, according to movie commentary neither of the writers knew this when they were writing the movie, and later during test screenings, didn't know why audiences were laughing.
The idea of the film was an inside joke by Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin, and Wellesley Wild. The three mentioned how the Wild West was always depicted to be dangerous and believed that there are too many ways to die in the setting.
Liam Neeson plays an antagonistic outlaw cowboy. In Seth MacFarlane's earlier work Family Guy: Prick Up Your Ears (2006), Peter Griffin jokes that without his knowledge, his kids will be 'as hopeless as Liam Neeson playing an American cowboy.'
When Clinch takes the glove off his hand and says to Anna, "I've been keeping it soft," is a reference to Curley (Casey Siemaszko) from Of Mice and Men (1992).
Seth MacFarlane wrote a novelization of this movie based on the screenplay, the first book in his career.
Cameo: Ewan MacGregor: The cowboy who explains why he laughed at "That's a fine how do you do."
During his pow-wow with the Indians, Seth says "mila kunis" in Native American speak. The translation below reads "fine". Mila Kunis plays Meg in Family Guy (1999). She was also in Ted (2012), another Seth MacFarlane film.
The stuffed duck that Anna wins Albert is the same duck from Family Guy (1999) (FOX-y Lady (#7.10)), when Peter and Chris create the show "Handi-Quacks".
One sign in the town in the movie reads "Windisch and Sons". This is an ode to Christopher Windisch, the film's Construction Coordinator, and his son, who was the labor foreman on the film's set construction crew.
Cameo: Jamie Foxx (as Django): the man who says "People die at the fair." after shooting the game master.
When Giovanni Ribisi is at the bar during the dance he drinks through a straw and swivels his hips as he did in Ted (2012).
The final line of the movie by the gunman at the fair after the credits is a reference to Blazing Saddles (1974), "Bring me one of those white women".
The old prospector shot by Clinch over his gold is also The Bartender in Back to the Future Part III, which is also set in the Wild West.
The long-legged sheep in the drug trip are a visual reference to Salvador Dali's painting "The Temptation of St. Anthony".
Stephen Foster published a song in 1864 called "If You've Only Got A Moustache." The lyrics were re-written especially for this movie.
Clinch Leatherwood, is clearly a reference (in name only) to Clint Eastwood.
Seth MacFarlane used "Mila Kunis" also as a Huttese phrase in Family Guy's "It's a Trap!", where Jabba the Hutt says it, to be translated as "Throw them in!"
Halfway through the film, when Albert and Anna are sitting on a log talking, a tornado appears to their right. It's a subtle reference to the film's title, something else that could kill you in the West.
When Albert recites the supposedly Islamic death chant, during his duel with Clinch Leatherwood, he sings "Tarzan boy" by Baltimora.
Liam Neeson's daisy reference refers to Val Kilmer in Tombstone (1993), and his iconic line as Doc Holliday, "You're a daisy if you do."
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Charlize Theron had donned a wig for the film, due to shaving her for Mad Max: Fury Road (2015).
Amanda Seyfried and Liam Neeson appeared in Chloe (2009), as well as Ted 2 (2015).
Director Trademark: (Family Guy): Seth Mcfarlane, who plays Albert, voices Peter, Brian, and Stewie Griffin. Alex Borstein who plays Millie voices Lois Griffin, Loretta Brown and Tricia Takanawa. Mila Kunis is mentioned who voices Meg Griffin.
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Christopher Lloyd: Dr. Emmett L. Brown from the Back to the Future trilogy.
Kaley Cuoco: as the girl Albert tries to pick up in the shop.
Bill Maher: Comic at the barn dance.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Jamie Foxx's cameo (as Django) was added after audiences in test screenings reacted poorly to the shooting gallery at the fair, which features cartoon images of black slaves as targets.
The DeLorean time machine replica in Christopher Lloyd's cameo was bought and customized by Seth MacFarlane in 2010.
The made-up death chant that Albert bellows is actually the 80s song Tarzan Boy by Baltimora.
In Family Guy (1999) (420 (#7.12)), Peter Griffin mentions how he gets excited, when they say the name of the movie in the movie.
Body count: fifteen.
Ewan McGregor: at the fair, when Albert asks why everyone is laughing at Foy's joke. McGregor was shooting another movie in the area, and was happy to cooperate.
Gilbert Gottfried: Abraham Lincoln in Albert's drug trip.
The movie's title "A Million Ways to Die In The West" is said only once in the film by Albert (Seth MacFarlane), when he starts his explanation to Clinch (Liam Neeson) about how he, Albert, got the upper hand in the climactic gunfight.
Patrick Stewart: voice of the long-legged sheep in Albert's drug trip.
The shot of Clinch leaving the front door of Albert's house to search for him outside is an homage of the iconic open door scene in the beginning and end scenes of The Searchers (1956).
The man shot by in the bar Clinch Leatherwood is played by Ryan Reynolds.
Greg, from the popular Youtube channel Nigahiga, is seen in in the movie, while a song about moustaches is being played, as he also has quite an extraordinary moustache.

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