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Doug Walker's Lame Attempt at Satire

Author: AnimationLoverPete
7 January 2013

What makes a good parody? Well you need to take the tropes, plot holes, and themes of something and spin it in a clever and funny way. Demo Reel's parodies are about as childish and shallow as a spoof can get. Here is the problem, Doug Walker seems to find zany, over the top, humor funny. It isn't. It is loud, annoying, and extremely childish. Over the top humor plus parody is a terrible combination. After his first episode tanked (and rightly so) he decided to "rework" the series. All he did though is change his annoying humor from "parodies" to "cross over parodies" which are even worse. These cross over "spoofs" will remind you of the "beloved" duo Seltzer and Friedberg. Yes they are on that level of bad. I couldn't sit through more than a minute of his Wreck It Ralph spoof that was as shallow and Seltzerberg inspired as they come. The spoofs make the most childish jokes from the Nostalgia Critic look like George Carlin in comparison. Now I haven't really been fair since the show also has a non spoof segment with the actors. How is this you ask? Well it is very meh. The characters are very forgettable with the exception of Rob Walker's German character who is the only good thing about the show. Rob is funny as usual and I really want to see this guy get out of his brother's shadow since he has so much potential. As for the other characters you have Donnie Dupre who should be renamed Nostalgia Critic light, since that is basically what he is, a blander version of the Nostalgia Critic. You have the writer of the movies who could be likable but is held back by the terrible script and you have the female lead who is kind of annoying. She comes off as a live action Looney Toon which I know is what Doug was going for. The problem is goofy, cartoony, characters only work in cartoons. Some people have called her character sexist which is a very stupid statement, she is not sexist just kind of annoying. I wish there could be a stupid female character without her being called sexist. There is far more idiotic male characters and they don't get any flak (cough)doublestandard(cough). Over all though the series is utter garbage and I would only recommend it for Doug's most loyal fanboys.

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Not The Best

Author: Thomas Stansfield from Sydney, Australia
27 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I like Doug Walker. I see him as a funny and talented man who has many great ideas when I first saw him as the Nostalgia Critic in 2010. When he announced this last year that he was to do a 'Demo Reel' I gave it a chance but after seeing the 'Dark Knight' parody, it was funny here and there but not all the way through. The show feels like 'The Office' with its behind the scenes footage and it got boring and unfunny.

The only good episode is 'Wreck-It-Ralph' but like the first one it gotten old and boring really quick and his impersonation of Ralph was...not great at all. I'm glad he had returned as the Critic, but I'm not saying he's only good at that. He is good as 'That Guy With The Glasses' and 'The Bum'.

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disappointing however...

Author: jackrod893 from United States
7 January 2013

i want to start off by saying i am a HUGE Doug walker fan. the nostalgia critic was great as was a lot of his sketches and specials. I also want to point out i am NOT one of those guys who was all butt hurt and mad when he quit the nostalgia critic to make demo reel in fact i was excited! one of my favorite reviewers on the internet making a new show?? awesome i wounder what creative ideas he'll come up with i mean his writing for the nostalgia critic was amazing! So then i saw the first first opinion? meh. i thought it did have some funny jokes (bat Jesus had me in tears)however the wait between good jokes like that were few and far between i enjoyed the bane second guessing blowing up the city because of the kids singing voice but then immediately cringing and deciding "that was dreadful time to die" when she screws up a note. I think Doug should have done what Brad Jones has done and make a second show while the main one was still going to give it time to build and time to become stronger so once the main show is done you have a well developed show by the time the critic was done however i understand he just got a studio and a larger budget but i don't think it'd hurt to have a show on the ready but then again i wasn't there. He re-tooled demo reel and to be honest in a way it helped on the character front but the jokes still are lacking. The show is predicable. Very predicable. rob walker is a creepy German,James jaroz is a drunk weird Irish guy, Rachel tietz is the self conscious actress, Tacoma Washington is a writer who clashes with director Donnie dupree who is a self centered jerk yeah yeah yeah but are they funny? the answer? well i'd say yes. except surprisingly walker himself. rob is great and as are James, Tacoma, and Rachel but Doug's Donnie character doesn't feel like a character and really isn't that funny. Now i am not saying the others are great characters because like i said they are kind of bland but they at least have some good moments and good laughs but Donnie however does not at least not yet. The other episodes have all been meh like the fist one however i found myself laughing less then watching the first one. so i'm torn i love Doug walker but this show SO FAR is disappointing however i do see potential in this show so i will keep watching but up to this point it needs work i'd say if you really like Doug check it out but be warned this show isn't a finished product yet and remember nostalgia critic took awhile to take off as did the cinema snob,Phelous(by far my favorite on TGWT) and most really funny shows so i'd say stick with it if you are a huge Doug walker fan if not his other new shows sibling rivalry and shut up and talk are quite good and also (going on a small tangent) check out some other TGWT contributors i have just started watching other people on the site like mike j,the rap critic(very underrated please check him out),lupa(how i got this dumb name)and many more.

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A show I was unsure of, but it won me over

Author: nnielsen07 from United States
25 January 2013

Now when I heard that Doug Walker was "retiring" The Nostalgia Critic, I was a little bummed out. However, when I saw the trailer for his new show "Demo Reel", I figured, OK, I'll give this a shot.

Now the first episode(The Dark Knight Begins Rising) I thought was funny but not great...Yet, I was intrigued by the ensemble cast(especially Rob's character of Copenhagen) and the cliffhanger at the end seemed like an interesting story arc.

The second episode(Wreck-It Ralph vs Angry Birds) I thought was hilarious. With this one, I could see where Doug was wanting to take the show and I was sold. It was something that very much had the same sense of humor that Doug(& Rob)Walker had brought before with the NC, and even managed to throw in a few subtle references but also was very different.

Now the third episode(Lost in Translation (Bromance Version)), I was actually taken back. I felt it was both pretty funny but also had a lot of heart to it. To me, it felt this was Doug telling a story that seemed very personal. One, I could actually relate to.

The final two episodes("The Blair Witch Hangover" & "The Blair Witch Hangover") is a great 2-part episode that you could almost see as the end of the first season or in this case, the end of the series, which is a shame. I personally loved this new show, I felt it was funny, original, and contained the same feel of The Nostalgia Critic but a little more well rounded. However, it appears that Doug has decided to hang up Demo Reel in favor of bringing back The Nostalgia Critic. I'll keep watching Doug's work, I just wish maybe he didn't have to cancel this one... At the very least, I hope they put it out on DVD on the website.

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