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3 Jan. 2014
When a Biker Comes to Bible Study
Lydia Salce marries young. After 17 years of bumpy times and divorce, she then has her yearned-for child. Still, having nil experience dating brings about a slew of losers. Thinking church might help, biker-dude Michael McKee joins her bible study. Coincidentally, the man-with-a-past also works with Lydia. Marriage follows, but the leopard's spots (or tatoos) never change and only the most ferocious will survive.
10 Jan. 2014
The Blues and Blades Don't Mix
When Crystal Johnson believes her boyfriend is cheating on her, she stabs him with a kitchen knife. Crystal finds love again with another man but when she suspects he's also a cheater, he too ends up on the wrong side of her blade.
17 Jan. 2014
Love Is a Gamble
Carol Singh immigrates to New York from Suriname hoping to live the American dream, which includes getting married. But when her jealous boyfriend Dave becomes increasingly violent, a fight with in the kitchen leaves Dave dead and Carol behind bars.
Nov. 2014
Donna Buchanan
There is no plot... what's done was sad and she was punished
The Politics of Love
Diane falls for charismatic politician Joe Reilly, but as soon as they say,I do, Joe reveals his inner abusive tyrant.One fight escalates, landing Joe in the hospital.It's a messy he-said, she-said affair in court, but in the end, Diane stays with Joe.
The 26 Year War
Single mother Laurene Rugen starts dating her neighbor Chris and enters into a decades' long cycle of terrifying abuse.She refuses to leave, thinking she can change him. When she finally gathers the courage to demand a divorce tensions explode.
26 Dec. 2014
Battlefield of Love
Charlene Jackson puts her military career on hold to marry Paul. When she finds out he's into threesomes with other women, she runs and deploys to Kuwait, falling in love with another soldier. When she asks Paul for a divorce, it's a fight to the finish.

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