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  • Mr. Gold finds a way to cross the town boundary without losing his memory but his efforts are ruined by Hook, forcing Belle to try and save his plans. Back in the fairy tale land, Belle seeks adventure by trying to destroy a monster that plagues the town. Along the way, she meets and befriends Mulan.

  • Gold's plans to cross the town line to find his son without losing his memories are thwarted by Hook, forcing Belle to intervene, as flashbacks show her befriend Mulan on a quest to destroy a beast.



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  • In present day Storybrooke: Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) is at the town boundary with a car. He opens the trunk of the car showing a tied up Mr. Smee (William Smee) in his trunk. Mr. Smee begs Gold not to push him over the border and says it is a terrible fate. Gold says Smee had no problem doing it to Belle and takes Smee's hat. Smee remarks that his grandmother gave it to him, making it the most sentimental object Smee owns. Gold pour something onto the hat and pushes Smee over the border. Smee remembers who he is and who Gold really is. Gold says the experiment has worked.

    Tile screen: the Yaoguai (looks like a large dog with blue fire around it's head).

    Emma, Granny (Grandma of Red), Henry, Mary (Snow White), David (Charming), Ruby (Red), Marco (Geppetto), Pogo, and a few others are standing in front of a coffin and gravestone marked 'Archibald Hopper' (Jiminy Cricket). They are mourning for the "death" of Archie. Marco puts Archie's umbrella on the coffin and says goodbye to Archie and that he will miss him. Hook asking Archie for Gold's weakness. He threatens to dissect Archie when Archie agrees to tell Hook.

    In Past Fantasy World: Belle is in a bar listening to a man rallying people to join him in a hunt for the Yaoguai. She seems interested. Dreamy comes to talk to her and thank her for her advice and that he's going to meet Nova and run away with Nova. Belle says it's great, but is distracted by the people going on the adventure. Dreamy says she should go on the adventure, but she says she prefers her books because she knows there will be a happy ending. Dreamy says that her's could be one to, and gets her to go with the men on the hunt. He gives her fairy dust, at first she declines saying she's seen what magic does to people, but Dreamy says she saw what dark magic did to people, not good magic.

    In present day Storybrooke: Belle is walking to the library. She enters and starts putting books on the shelves. She sees a man in the library reading and apologizes saying the library is not yet open. The man is Hook, he says he's not there for the books. Belle recognizes Hook as the man she met in Regina's castle, when he broke in her cell. She calls him the man who wants to kill Rumplestilskin. Hook says he'll settle for her and chases her. She runs into the elevator that leads to the cavern where Maleficent was kept. Hook is banging on the door. Belle calls Gold on her cell phone. She tries to tell him that a pirate missing a hand is trying to kill her, but the call breaks up.

    In Past Fantasy World: Belle is on a wagon with the people who are hunting the Yaoguai. She is reading a book and the men ask her why. One sarcastically speculates that she is going to bore the Yaoguai to death. She says the book tells her how to find the creature, when they ask Belle where the creature is, she replies "the lake". They then kick her out of the wagon and go to the lake. Belle picks her book off the ground and reads out loud that the Yaoguai prefers mountain habitats above all others. The book has a picture of a cave on it and the cave looks exactly like the one Belle finds to be the lair of the Yaoguai. She is about to enter the cave when the creature comes out, presumably attacking her. It looks like a dog with a blue fire burning around it's head. Mulan comes and shoots it with an arrow, saving Belle. Mulan tells Belle it took her weeks to find the Yaoguai, and now Belle ruined it. Belle tells Mulan that her book helped her find it in a day. Belle would like to help Mulan, but Mulan thinks Belle has done enough damage.

    In present day Storybrooke: Belle is looking at the elevator door. She looks terrified as it opens, to her relief, Hook is gone and Gold is standing there. He doesn't know where Hook is, but he is angry that Hook attacked Belle. Emma offers Henry food, but he declines it, as he is upset by Archie's "death". Emma is unhappy by how it went and expresses her worry about Henry to Mary and David. Lee (Grumpy/Dreamy) interrupts and says that the dwaraves would like to go home. He says that after Regina killed Archie that Storybrooke does not seem like the safest place anymore. Emma says they will find Regina and punish her, but they then express that they are afraid the rest of the world will find out about the magic in Storybrooke. Ruby chimes in saying that she doesn't think people in the real world will accept her changing into a wolf, stating that people in a world where magic was possible, it still wasn't accepted. Gold and Bell go to Mr. Gold's pawn shop. Belle asks Gold why Hook was angry with him. He tells her about how Hook stole his wife causing his son to grow up motherless, so he cut off Hook's hand. Belle asks about the wife and Gold tells Belle that she died. They enter the shop and find that all the display cases are smashed and that the shawl has been stolen. Belle realizes Hook was trying to make Gold leave the shop. Hook watches this unfold from a roof. Smee hands Hook a bag containing the shawl that would have allowed Gold to leave Storybrooke. Gold decides to go after Hook. He gives Belle a gun and wants her to stay in the library with the door locked. Belle refuses, as she doesn't want Gold to attack Hook for vengeance. Gold refuses to promise Belle that he will go after Hook only for the shawl.

    In Past Fantasy World: Belle is drinking from a well when some men come to her and hold her up to the opening of the well, trying to push her in. They remark how the Yaoguai wasn't at the lake and how they think Belle was trying to trick them. Mulan comes and defends Belle. She tells Belle a little about how she became a soldier in the emperor's army. She asks Belle to help her find the Yaoguai. After all, it took Mulan weeks to find the creature and Belle a day. Belle notices that Mulan has injured her ankle in the fight.

    In present day Storybrooke: Belle reads about knots and pirate ships in a book at the library. Smee is walking around town when Gold uses magic to push Smee against a wall. Gold knows Smee stole the shawl and Gold would like it back. Smee tells Gold he gave it to Captain Hook and that Hook didn't tell Smee anything. Gold turns Smee into rat. Belle goes to the dock and hears noises that sound like a creaking boat on the water, she sees a Seagull land on something invisible. She throws sand towards it and the sand lands on the invisible stairs of the ship. She climbs aboard and is able to see everything. Belle goes below deck and hears Archie, and she finds him. Belle is surprised that he is alive and frees him. She tells Archie to go and tell Gold she is on the ship. They hear Hook's boots on the deck above. Belle tells Archie to go, she will stay.

    David and Mary are washing dishes. They hear Henry call Dr. Hopper's office the voice message says Archie is not there. Henry says "He's dead" and hangs up the phone, David goes to comfort Henry when Emma brings in Pogo, Archie's dog. Henry is happy and goes to take the dog for a walk. Mary says the place is cramped with 4 people living in the apartment and a dog so she would like to find a bigger house.

    Belle finds a box and a key nearby, she opens the box to find gold coins. Hook is behind her and asks her if she's looking for the shawl he's holding. She tries to get the gun to shoot Hook. Hook is faster and beats her to it. He points the gun at Belle.

    In Past Fantasy World: Belle and Mulan go to Mulan's village. Mulan says that Belle must kill Yaoguai because Mulan is injured (Apparently a cut on the ankle which still allows her to walk is a big deal). Mulan tells Belle that people had once not believed in her, but she proved herself. Mulan gives her sword to Belle.

    In present day Storybrooke: Belle says she's not afraid of Hook. Hook wants to keep Gold from finding his son. How can Gold be sure his son wants to see him, asks Hook. Hook says he's doing the son a favor. Belle asks Hook why he hates Gold so much. Hook tells Belle how Gold's wife liked Hook better and that Rumple had killed her. Hook told Belle how he loved Milah (Rumple's original wife). Belle says she sees good in Gold and that he has changed, she says Gold's heart is true. However, she says Hook's is rotten. She knocks him into a lower deck of the ship, takes the shawl and starts to run. Hook beats her to the deck. Gold is there and he starts beating Hook with his cane. Belle tells Gold to stop, but he doesn't.

    In Past Fantasy World: Belle leads the creature into Mulan's town. She finds some water pipes and waits for the Yaoguai to come to her. When it gets close enough, she cuts the water pipes, the water extinguishing the flame on the creature's head. It writes something in the dirt. It needs help. Belle pours the fairy dust on it, and it turns into a man. It's King Phillip, Sleeping beauty's husband. Maleficent had turned him into the creature. When he asks how he can repay Belle, she tells him that her friend Mulan needs a doctor and needs help getting to the town.

    In present day Storybrooke: Hook tries to get Gold to kill him. Gold wants to do it, but Belle sees that Hook wants to destroy the good in Gold. Gold tells Hook that he never wants to see Hook again. Gold and Belle leave the ship. At Granny's, Mary and David are trying to find a house. But David is being difficult. He wants to go back to the enchanted forest. Mary tells David that the forest is destroyed and that Cora is reigning over the forest. David says they should go back and fight. Mary tells David that she's tired of fighting and that she wants to stay in Storybrooke. In the apartment, Henry is drawing "blueprints" of Mary's apartment so he can redesign the place when David and Mary move out. He draws an armory where Mary's room is so they have a way to defend themselves from Regina. Emma tells Henry she won't let Regina take him again. There is a knock on the door. Emma answers it and Archie walks in. He tells Emma that Cora kidnapped him. Emma is shocked and understands the consequences of having blamed Regina of such a horrendous crime that she did not commit. Belle and Gold drive to the line. Gold can't believe Belle has given up on him yet and asks her why. She says that she learned long ago when you find something worth fighting for you never give up.

    In Past Fantasy World: Belle leads Phillip to Mulan. She introduces them and asks them to help each other. Mulan asks if Belle will come with them, but Belle says she must do something else. Belle walks away. Belle says to herself that she must go back to Rumple. When Belle looks ahead, Regina is there, the men from the hunt brought Regina to Belle. Regina imprisons Belle and says she should be nicer to her traveling companions. Belle says that she will always fight for him.

    In present day Storybrooke: Belle and Gold are at the line, Rumple uses the potion on the shawl. He crosses the line. He remembers still, as they hold hands from across the line. He's off to find his son. She will wait for him. They are about to kiss. Hook shoots Belle, and she falls over the line."Belle!" cries Gold. "Who's Belle?" asks Belle who has forgotten about Rumple and the fairytale world (as we do not yet know her Storybrooke counter part name, we must still call her Belle). Hook says that the shot won't kill her, but it will make sure she doesn't remember Rumple. Gold is about to kill Hook with a fire ball when a car drives up. Gold barely pulls Belle out of the path of the car in time. Hook is hit by the car which crashes into Gold's car. Gold looks at the Pennsylvanian licence plate which reads 2KFL-138.

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