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The New York Times
[A] pessimistic, grimly outraged and utterly riveting documentary.
A remarkable documentary as important as it is compelling.
Dirty Wars leaves some deeper questions unexplored, mainly the philosophical struggle between security and secrecy, but makes up grandly with raw data and one correspondent's passion.
A vital, gripping film.
Dirty Wars is essential viewing for anyone who wants to know how we wage war right now; it's also a chilling prologue for what's likely a global future of endless war and blowback.
Even after The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, this brings us chillingly closer to the real story of the post-Iraq shitstorm.
This is a film you skip seeing at your own risk.
Ably leads us through its extensive investigation, faltering only when the camera lingers on Jeremy Scahill for a touch too long at the expense of his interview subjects.
The reporter's story doesn't just hold water, it proven solid enough to provoke mainstream media appearances and Congressional investigations. As a result, even though the tale is urgently important, one still comes away with the sense that something valuable has been lost in the telling.
These wars being fought in our name may be dirty, but this courageous film reminds us that as long as we have a free press, they don't have to be secret.
The ambitions toward '70s-era paranoia thrillers aside, as a connect-the-dots narrative, Dirty Wars is eye-opening, a fierce argument that there are chilling ramifications to endless, vague aggression.
Scahill is right to focus on the price American security efforts have cost in human rights - and human life. Yet there are difficult questions hovering just outside the frame of Dirty Wars. Short of pacifism, and given that there is no such thing as a truly clean war, what would count as an "acceptable" level of collateral damage?
Though awkwardly assembled, with an overemphatic voiceover, it's chilling stuff.
The movie has rather silly, Bourne-style thriller graphics, which are unnecessary: it has an important story to tell.

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