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Joey wakes up with a start to find his creepy dad watching over him. His serial killer dad is aware his son is terrified of him, but hopes for the chance to prove he can be a "cool and fun guy." He's still working on getting Claire to the giant creepy serial killer compound.

Joe goes to address his creepy acolytes, gathered in the foyer like murderous sheep.

Federal Detention Center, VA Ryan comes in to see a new boss, Nick Donovan, leading a reaming of the troops. He was brought in from Quantico to oversee things.

"So it's official, the bureau's freaking out," Ryan says.

Ryan wants to talk to David, but Donovan suggests Ryan adopt "more of a consulting presence." Debra Parker protests loudly, but Ryan ducks out amiably.

Donovan plans to interview David himself.

At the killer compound, Joe asks Emma about Jacob and Paul. She says there's no news. A sheriff's SUV tears up the driveway. Joe doesn't flinch. Sheriff Nelson gets out and bear hugs Joe. He's Roderick.

2004 Roderick meets with Joe in prison. He killed two of the girls that Joe took the blame for. Joe knows he'll repay him someday.

Back in Virginia, Donovan reports that the suspect won't talk to anyone but Ryan. Ryan sits in with Donovan to talk to David, with a thousand yard stare. "You're not going to find Joe, we find you," he says. David lays on the creepy by paraphrasing Ted Bundy and saying the killers are everywhere and more people will die tomorrow.

Ryan waits for him to say something useful, but instead David leans over and bites into his hand. He starts to twitch and blood pours from his mouth.

At Killer Compound, Roderick shows Joe to Charlie's tech command. Charlie apologizes for failing with the mission for Claire. "Don't be so hard on yourself, Charlie. Take what you've learned, and apply it," Joe says.

They set up a study for Joe, an "inspiration room."

Roderick has been recruiting, so there are a dozen new people for Joe to meet. Roderick says they're excited to get started, but Joe wants to get Claire first. Roderick has an idea. "Let the FBI tell us," he says, assessing a board with photos of Ryan, Debra Parker, Mike Weston and Scott Turner.

Federal Detention Mike reports that "David" had a cyanide pill sewn into his hand and he bit through the skin to take it. Donovan grabs the report on "David" for himself, so Ryan goes to Mike to look it over. He was in the army, and was investigated for lethal sport fighting in Iraq.

Donovan comes in angry that his email was hacked. Mike fesses up, and gets called out of the room. Donovan sends him home. Ryan argues against it, but Donovan reasserts that he's in charge.

Goodwin Inn, Virginia Mike pulls up to his hotel room and sees a group of five men talking in the parking lot. He's jumpy and skips the first elevator when a woman gets on. He takes the stairs instead and ends up with the woman walking down the hall behind him and two of the men from the lot walking down the hallway toward him. He gets in his room and comes face to face with Charlie and Louise.

Ryan is disturbed when he can't reach Mike on his cell. A trace shows his phone is still at the hotel. Ryan goes to check it out. He sees Mike's car in the lot and his hotel room door open and room ransacked.

At the killer compound, Joe enjoys his freedom and some bad Scotch. He and Emma are both tipsy. "I'm sure there are a lot of things that you need to catch up on," she says suggestively. She unwraps his broken fingers, but their flirting is interrupted by an acolyte named Aaron reporting that Roderick says everything is going according to plan. Emma asks about Roderick.

2003 Joe shows Roderick to a basement where he has a woman tied to a table. "I'd like to teach you," Joe says, taking out a knife. He narrates his approach, which includes first gauging his victim's fear. He delicately describes what he's doing as he gently stabs the woman in the side. Roderick watches.

Back in the compound, Emma comes on to Joe again, but he tells her he loves his wife.

Charlie, Louise, Roderick and several other followers pull up to a shipyard with Mike Weston bound and hooded.

Debra Parker arrives in the hotel parking lot and they look at hotel surveillance and get a report on the suspects. Louise used to be with Blackwater. Donovan reports there are nine potential matches to the partial plate and car make. They have reports on where a few were spotted, including one in the shipyard. Ryan thinks that's the one. Debra wants to follow it, but Donovan says it's his call. "So make it," she snaps. They head there.

Roderick explains to Weston that they're going to question him and if he lies, they'll play a "fight sport." Weston says no one knows where Claire's protective custody is, so Roderick signals Charlie to punch him. They cheer as Weston takes him on.

Roderick asks again where Claire is. He says he doesn't know. Roderick recites Weston's resume, including that he's an expert in personal security, with protective custody. Weston guesses who Roderick is and again denies knowing anything. Louise brings out metal pipes and Charlie wails on Weston a few times.

Ryan and Parker reach the shipyard and start looking around.

Roderick wakes Weston up and says it's not over til he stops breathing. Roderick asks again where Claire is. Weston says he doesn't know. Roderick says he believes him, but calls for the final round.

Ryan sees a sentry outside a warehouse and follows him.

Louise gives Charlie and Weston each a giant Bowie knife. Weston charges Charlie, but ends up knifed through the gut. Louise takes the knife and prepares to slit Mike's throat when Ryan starts shooting, hitting all the no name followers. Charlie, Louise and Roderick make it to the SUV and speed off.

Later, Donovan and tons of FBI are on the scene. Mike is loaded onto an ambulance and expected to survive. Ryan heads to the hospital to wait with Mike.

Roderick and Louise return to the compound and report to Joe that they lost five people. Joe is sanguine, expecting they'll find Claire.

Charlie comes before Joe to apologize for letting him down again. He says he wanted to join Joe so his life would mean something. He hands Joe a knife. Louise starts laying out plastic on the floor. Charlie stands on it as Joe takes the knife.

"You want to do this for me?" Joe asks. "I want to be important, sir. I want my life to matter. This is my gift, my apology," Charlie says.

Joe hugs Charlie and tells him he'll always matter, then he gently stabs him in the side, just like he did with the coed. Roderick, Louise and Emma watch the oddly tender murder, as Charlie collapses in Joe's arms.

Joe returns to his Scotch.

Ryan watches over Mike in the hospital as he sleeps. Mike kept saying "I didn't tell them anything." Debra says Mike is the only one who actually does know where Claire is, because of his prior protective custody service.

At the compound, Louise tries to get Roderick to come to bed, he's in a mood.

Emma brings Joe clean clothes and towels in his room. She cleans Charlie's blood off Joe and leans in to him. "I love my wife," he says again. "She's not here," Emma says.

Downstairs, Louise asks what she can do to make Roderick feel better. He stands up and grabs her around the throat, choking her half to death. When he stops, she's angry at first, then turned on.

Joe and Emma fall into bed upstairs.


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