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"Survivor" Shot Into Smithereens (2012)

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Previously on 'Survivor': Abi learned she was "universally despised," as Jeff Probst puts it. But saved herself by buying an advantage in the immunity challenge. At the same time, she put together a ruse and claimed that she found a fourth hidden immunity idol. She won immunity anyway, and Penner was sent home after pleading with Lisa and Skupin to keep him around.

Back at camp: Abi says it's clear to her that Lisa, Denise, Malcolm and Skupin going on. She goes to Carter and tries to continue to bluff that she has a fourth idol.

Lisa tells Malcolm that her head is spinning. He tells her that was Penner's goal, trying to get her to fool herself. Lisa tells us that she thinks Penner is right and that Malcolm is "playing a brilliant game." Denise tells Lisa she's "really proud" of her for standing up for herself and not backing down. Lisa tells us she thinks that sticking with Malcolm's group might not have been the best strategy, but she can't betray that agreement.

Reward challenge: Jeff announces that the players "will be paired up with a loved one."

Skupin's son, also named Michael Skupin, comes out and Skupin runs to him and gives him a massive hug. Lisa immediately starts crying. Abi says she's going to cry.

Carter says he'd most like to see his mom. She comes out and jumps into his arms. Carter comes to tears.

Denise's husband Brad comes out and she jumps into his arms while bursting into tears and getting snot on his shirt.

Lisa's brother, Justice, is introduced and she falls apart. She sobs as he embraces her. Jeff says it's one of the most emotional family reunions he's ever seen.

Abi, who's had a rough time, is happy to see her mom, Vera. Abi translates her mom's confusion and joy at being on the island.

Malcolm's brother, Miles, shows up and they do some macho, brother-style bonding before Miles starts to get a little emotional while talking about how he's always followed in his brother's footsteps.

The survivors will toss muddy bags to their loved ones, who will use the bags to try to knock five targets down.

Malcolm and his brother jump to an early lead, but Carter and his mom pass them up and have just one target left. Malcolm and his brother catch up and have just one left, followed by Skupin and his son. But, in the end, Malcolm's brother knocks over the fifth and final target.

They win and Malcolm is asked to choose one more person to keep a loved one around. Malcolm, saying his decision is based on this person having a rough time of late, and opts to give Lisa some extra time with her brother. She runs over and gives her a big hug.

Malcolm asks if he can have one more, and Jeff obliges. Malcolm picks Skupin and his son.

Malcolm tells us afterward that he was "rewarding Lisa and Skupin" for sticking with him and Denise. He needs to keep them close.

Back at camp: Lisa tells us how much she loves her brother, who's 20 years younger. Malcolm talks about his brother always talking a lot to get a laugh. He's a little worried that his brother "running his mouth" could cost him a million dollars.

Lisa's brother asks her about how things are going and she tells him about her alliance with Skupin, Malcolm and Denise. But she says she doesn't want Malcolm to get to the final three because he'll win. She tells him more about some mistakes she's made because she's been too nice. Justice tries to remind her to "think of this as a game outwit, outlast, outplay the other contestants."

Skupin, his son, Lisa and her brother talk about possibly blindsiding Malcolm at the next Tribal Council. Later, Lisa's brother tries to convince her that Malcolm "might actually respect" her going back on her word to him. Lisa has a total epiphany and declares, "I can play this game!"

Lisa leads her brother, Skupin and his son in a prayer. She asks God to bless their plan in the game, but allows for the possibility that he might have another outcome in mind.

Malcolm, his brother, Denise, Carter and Abi sit around the fire and Malcolm tells them he didn't about the fact that "they're all going to bond over Jesus."

Malcolm tells us later that he's concerned that her brother is talking some sense into her about who she should have sitting next to her at the final.

Lisa tells us later that she realizes that God doesn't choose sides, so that's good.

The loved ones say their goodbyes.

Immunity challenge: The players will race across a balance beam sitting on top of the water and use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags that are under the water. The then have to race with the bags to use the rope and sticks that are inside the bags to make a stick long enough to reach a target that, by pressing it with the stick, will release a flag.

Carter gets his three bags first, followed by Skupin and Lisa. Malcolm gets his third bag shortly thereafter, followed by Denise and Abi.

Abi works incredibly slowly to get into the water to race over to the spot where she's supposed to put her stick together.

Lisa tries her stick first, but it's just short. Skupin's is close, but it's too weak. Carter misses. Carter tries again while Malcolm gets ever so close. It's one or the other, and Malcolm pushes his target down to win immunity.

Lisa is bummed. She was so ready to play aggressively, but her plan is toast now that Malcolm has won immunity.

Back at camp: Malcolm is glad to sit around camp and give his mind a break. He's giddy, saying he knows the last time he can play his other idol is the next Tribal Council, so he's assured a final four spot.

Lisa and Skupin regroup, realizing that God has closed the door on their plan to oust Malcolm. She has no response when asked whether she wants to vote out Abi or Carter.

Skupin talks to Malcolm about Carter, and they both feel bad for thinking he should go, but they realize he's a big threat. Carter walks up and they're pretty blunt about the fact that they're considering voting him out because he's a threat. Carter asks them, for the sake of the dignity of the game, to keep him around.

Sitting around camp, Abi again turns the conversation toward who is against her and she targets her ire toward Lisa. Denise asks her to drop the conversation. Abi then mentions that she'll just have to play her hidden immunity idol.

Everyone is over it and it seems that Abi is going to go next.

Abi heads out into the woods to pretend apparently even to herself that she's getting her hidden idol. She tells us that if she tells a lie long enough, others will start to believe it.

Malcolm tells us that it's quite possible that he and the rest of the group will make a bad strategic move keeping Carter over Abi purely because of the terrible morale burden that Abi has been.

Tribal Council: Malcolm tells Jeff he was feeling good about his strong foursome, and reminds Jeff, aloud, that the group is him, Denise, Skupin and Lisa.

Carter, knowing his neck is on the line, says that there's been a lot of talk about keeping people who deserve it over the person that you feel you can beat. He says he feels like he's played well enough to have a chance to fight another day.

Skupin admits that he and Carter "click very well together," and adds that "to even consider Carter, is almost like going after my own kid." Carter smiles.

Lisa admits that, at this point in the game, she'd sit next to someone she thinks she can beat. She says she should be nobler than that, "but why make it harder than you have to." Penner, on the jury, shakes his head.

Jeff asks Abi if she's surprised that it's "even a consideration" that she won't be going home. She says she is surprised, but she found a fourth hidden immunity idol and doesn't think she'll be going home. Jeff, revealing nothing, asks the group if this is new information or something that's been discussed. Denise says they haven't seen the idol or a clue to it, so all they can go on is Abi's word.

Jeff asks Malcolm if it helps or hurts Abi that she hasn't revealed the idol. Malcolm says he thinks she'd be leveraging the idol more if she had one.

Asked about her relationship with Abi, Denise says "the tension is still there, but I think it's improved." Abi rolls her eyes. Denise says it hasn't improved so much that she thinks Abi would deserve to go to the end. Denise says she doesn't think Abi can win if the jury is voting on social, physical and strategic play.

The vote: Carter writes down Abi's name. Abi writes down Carter's name.

Jeff calls for the hidden idol to be played, if anyone wants to, and Abi remains still.

Jeff reads the votes: Carter, Abi, Carter, Carter, and the 13th person voted off is Carter.

Carter's last words: "The realization that my 'Survivor' experience is over is weighing heavily on me. It does hurt to know that that four would rather play with someone like Abi, who they know that they can beat as opposed to me, I can understand it, but it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. They're playing with their heads not their hearts, at this point."


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