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Survivor Shot Into Smithereens
dalydj-918-2551755 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Last week when Abi surprisingly won the immunity idol Penner was eliminated leaving five left for the winning spot. Abi feels worried that she is still not at the top but Carter does not really worry about it. Reward challenge with family members coming to the island. Everyone starts to cry when Mike's son, Carter's mother, Denise's husband, Lisa's brother, Abi's mom and finally Malcolm's brother. The challenge involves knocking down poles with muddy bags. The winner of the challenge is Malcolm and Miles who get to spend th day together. Malcolm picks Lisato have her brother there as well and he also picks Mike with his son. The other three have to say goodbye till they leave the game. Lisa is the first person to talk with their family and he seems happy that she has gotten this far. Lisa and Mike with their family start to talk strategy for getting rid of Malcolm. Lisa in such a long time seems so happy after spending the day with her brother. Immunity challenge involves knocking down a flag. Malcolm ends up winning immunity. Lisa is sad that when she actually tried to play the game she failed on her first try. Lisa and Mike then have to talk about what their next room is. Carter walks in on people talking about him and feels he should be kept over the annoying Abi. Abi starts to talk to everyone and as usual no one can get a word in through her lying and constant talking. Off the tribal council where only Malcolm in safe. Abi brings up saying she has an idol but of course some people do not believe her. Voting is done and the results come out Abi (1), Carter (3) with the final vote eliminating Carter. I agree with everyone that Abi should leave and am also glad Lisa is finally trying to play the game.

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