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30 Rock Mazel Tov, Dummies!
dalydj-918-2551751 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Chris and Liz take a pregnancy test and Chris seems more positive about it. The two just go out for fries because they are not having a baby now. Liz runs into Dennis who has adopted a baby. Liz seems surprised Dennis has a baby and she does not. Tracey has to pick a new movie project from the many scripts he got. He takes his many meetings for projects and does not like any of them. Liz wants a baby and brings up marriage. Chris then says that they get married to each other. While on her way into work she runs into a man who saw a commercial she did that would say whomever got 1 million points would be able own her. Liz tells Jack she is getting married to Chris and he seems more excited to it. Liz rejects being a normal bride taking a stand against weddings. Tracey goes to the doctor who tells him he is finally healthy which Tracey does not like the news of. He now must get used to life living for years. When Jenna says she is becoming a slave Jack swaps her for money worth $2000. Tracey starts his life living very sad about everything and how his life has changed. Chris and Liz take a number for their marriage as she sees all the people so much in love. Liz continues her plan to show she does not need a normal marriage but she starts to fill the role of a normal bride. Jenna is having a problem now that she is worth $2000. Jack has to try make Jenna better by telling her his faults. He then starts to feel sad about being worth less then her. Chris starts to change the wedding plans and Liz has to tell him that she is starting to get more into weddings but still holding her old ideas. Liz ditches her plans and now wants her dream wedding. Tracey gets hit by a cab and starts to lose it talking to Jack as a women. Liz rushes home and we see everyone get ready for her wedding. Her white dress is the princess Leia dress. She gets married to Chris while Tony Bennett sings. Great episode to finally see Liz get married but the Tracey storyline seemed less the memorable.

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Mazel Tov, Dummies! (#7.7)
ComedyFan201023 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When they see that even Denis and his wife got a baby adopted Liz and Criss decide that marriage may be the right way to go and go to city hall. Liz refuses it to be a special day to boycott wedding industry but later starts thinking that maybe she wants one. Jenna meets a guy who after an old commercial was collecting points and now had enough to own her. And Tracy is healthy which he doesn't like.

The wedding story was pretty great. It is not very original when it comes to main idea, it seems to be a common thing on TV show to have a woman who is against special weddings change her mind. One would be Phoebe from Friends, seems the only one who stuck to her plan was Miranda (SATC). It is as if the TV is payed by wedding industry. But no matter what it was done awesome. The dress Liz wore and how she did her hair ("I am a princess!") was wonderful! Or the small Liz talking about wedding annulment with her teddy bear. Or that teeth ring Criss got. It is great all the time. Absolutely well done.

I like also the Jenna story and especially when Jack negotiates her worth with the guy!
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