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3.9 is ****
edwagreen8 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It's almost a different story in this episode when crime hits home. When Grandpa Len Cariou is assaulted at a local ATM, the force springs into action and you can see Jaime's face when the crime is discussed at entrance time. Ethical questions are posed here? In his anger, did Jamie really do the wrong thing and wind up with a 3 day suspension, despite the fact that he caught the thug who did this to his grandfather.

In a sidebar story, wait until you here the response of a victim's ex-wife once she has learned that her husband has been shot to death. It is priceless to say the least.

In still another story, Frank uses inside connections to get a mob family.
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A personal mission
bkoganbing20 January 2017
Mob lawyer Chazz Palminteri grew up with Tom Selleck and the two of them have lunch when Palminteri drops a hint that there is a planned hit of a mob boss. This is the beginning of a story line where Selleck eventually there is a leak in his inner circle and later who it is.

Donnie Wahlberg and new partner Megan Ketch investigate the murder of a car dealer in a Chinese massage parlor. Their problem is the lack of cooperation among the Chinese witnesses.

But the main story here involves Len Cariou getting mugged at an ATM in broad daylight. Will Estes makes it a personal mission to catch the perpetrator and it costs him a bit. You can understand his feelings however.

Nicely done especially from Cariou and Estes. And I agree with the other reviewer that Wahlbeg's victim was not a loved man, not even by his ex-wife. Her reaction is priceless.
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