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Happy Endings The Ex Factor
dalydj-918-25517516 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Jane's ex Ryan is coming to town but Brad does not want to meet the guy. Max pays the tab at the bar because his new roommate he knows nothing about paid his rent in advanced. Brad meets Ryan who is not a man but a women from Jane's experimental period, he then decides to stay to hear some stories of their past. Penny is hanging out with Pete who wants her to hang out with some of his friends which feels weird to her. Max sees his new roommate Chace and thinks he is so cool but knows really nothing about him wanting to. Brad is told Jane was once in love with Ryan and does not react well to this news. Chace does not return home so Alex, Dave and Max try to find him in town. Penny hangs out with Pete's friends but is not used to them unlike her other friends. Brad makes a chart of his love for Jane so he wants to make it better with Ryan by having dinner with her again. When Chace's girlfriend comes to the apartment the group of three go out hunting for Chace around town. Penny acts weird once again with Pete's friends wanting to leave and hang out with her friends. Brad and Jane with their ex's start to become competitive to who will mostly be effected by what they did with their ex's. Penny and Pete arrive but nothing is really happening. It turns out Max's roommate was married and the apartment was a place for him to have affairs. Brad and Jane start to fight so they other four in the room give them their space. Penny then finds out about Chace and loves that story. Chace lasts words to Max are a threat to ruin his life. The ex's start making out but also Jane and Brad make out forgiving each other. A lot of funny moments in this episode especially how much it covered and no scene seemed wasted for me.

EPISODE GRADE: B+ (MVP: Casey Wilson)
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