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Slightly better than average
Randy Prive5 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Picked it up because I recognized the names on the cover and thought it was worth a watch.

Film revolves around Axel (Dolph Lundgren) trying to figure out who killed brothers Quinn (Billy Zane) and Kurt's (Gianni Capaldi) father. Other subplots in the film show Campbell (Vinnie Jones) and his uncle trying to take over the family business once he dies and there's also Kurt, who is now an FBI agent, trying to figure out who killed his father who was a mob boss. (No background checks from FBI?)

I understand that this is not a 100 million budget so I went into the movie knowing that. But my problem with this film is not so much any acting or action its the ridiculous gaping holes in the story.

So at the start of the film we see Dolph with a machine gun then he is apparently shot with a hand gun next to his hand. ??? Vinnie Jones tells Billy Zane's character that he was in jail for 4 years whilst we were told he was in for 3, you think that someone would know the difference between 3 and 4! The two very close brothers never once come into contact when Quinn gets out of jail. Did they forget who each other were?? Quinn's comment to Mr Huang in a deal where he says "How many people do you have here?" The Asian guy, (such awful acting), had 2 men there and Quinn brought one. Why wasn't Davi's character running the business and not Campbell? Did he go on vacation? Lundgren bought a bottle of wine yet he says don't drink stay sharp.

I know these are getting into details but the audience is not stupid and at this level doesn't the editor see these problems?

CGI in this could've been a lot better. Felt amateurish. The hacking part was bad!

Worse thing about this film must be the ending. Too much narration by Axel, and shooting as a sniper was such an anti climax to the film, was hoping for some more action or something a bit more exciting. There seemed to have been a deal made with Axel and Kurt but we should have had more of the FBI influence towards the end.

What I did like was the way we saw some of the story twists and turns, I thought the sub stories should have been developed more. Axel chasing Campbell down and then Campbell chasing Axel for the final confrontation (a fight scene between those 2 now that would have been sweeeet!). Dolph's other fighting scenes are always enjoyable. Fighting with some sexy girl is always enjoyable! Some of the chases were good with FBI Kurt and some of the action sequences.

Billy Zane and Vinnie Jones performed exceptionally well and there were solid performances from Robert Davi and Gianni Capaldi. Dolph this time round was not at his best.

Summarizing, this film was a good Thursday night film to keep you entertained, it has some good elements and its far from perfect but that is why we love these type of films.

A 6 out of 10.
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plot twists and secrecy do not always make a movie
vampiri5 October 2013
Once again Serafini, Lundgren and Capaldi hook up to make a Movie. And they fare somewhat better this time around.

Plot: small time Corleones need to step down to avoid jail time. They cannot agree on how among themselves, but some are prepared to kill to get their way...

Rush, which I reviewed a couple of Days ago, was far too complicated for its own good due to too layered characters although 3,1 is too low a rating. On this Point Blood of Redemption succeeds much better with not so complicated characters.

On the other hand, the plot twists and secrecy gets the better off of this one. In this Movie the writers try too much to create suspense whereas in Rush they try too much to create interesting characters. Perhaps the next Movie will get these things right. I like Movies that have different groups of people and/or individuals with different goals that at the end Clash together because they usually tend to be entertaining. but here it does not quite convince which may be due to lacking script, budget and acting performances.

However, the current rating is 4,1 which I Think is unfair. The acting is good enough and Lundgren, Zane, Jones and Capaldi do their job (at their capacity anyway) and the action sequences are decent enough, at least to the level where they do not bother you. the only thing that bothered me is that some of the bullet holes/blood splatters looked like CGI work to me, which is something I do not appreciate (CGI or not, they still look bad).

I give it 5 out of 10 because it is entertaining enough. The quality of the Movie is like Caught in the Crossfire, Nico, Marked for Death and Under Siege 2 for instance.
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One of Dolph's worst in recent years
udar5517 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Bodyguard Axel (Dolph Lundgren) spends his time looking after a mob family - patriarch Serge (Robert Miano) and sons Quinn (Billy Zane) and Kurt (Gianni Capaldi). Things get complicated when Hayden (Robert Davi) asks Serge if he can bring his nephew Campbell (Vinnie Jones) into the fold. Sure enough, Serge is soon dead, Quinn is arrested and Axel is on the run as he is framed for murder. Naturally, he doesn't sit back and just take it and, with the help of Quinn's girlfriend Loryn (Jelly Howie), aims for his redemption. Lundgren has spent the last decade or so wandering from personal projects to big budget stuff like THE EXPENDABLES to tough-for-cash (in both senses) roles. Sadly, this is the latter.

This is really rough stuff, shot like a telenovela with some cheap CGI (gun flashes, head shots). On the directorial side, this thing is a mess. Sure, the dislike of the use of flashes of character names when they first appear on screen is a personal bias on my end, but you can't make up some of the stuff co-directors and co-writers Giorgio Serafini and Shawn Sourgose screw up. The script is overly complicated (it is mostly told via flashback as Lundgren maps out the usual suspects on a bulletin board) and laughable. There is one scene where a line of dialog is repeated twice ("His name was Boris") and a fifteen minute span where characters alternately refer to an earlier event (the death of Serge and Quinn's arrest) as happening two, three and four years ago. The worst is the finale where Lundgren's character is shot while toting an M-16. His shooter comes up to him and there is a handgun laying next to his body. And who casts Robert Davi as a Brit? Just embarrassing. Of course, this is just a direct-to-video action flick so it can be saved by some good fights. Sadly, none are on display as the choreography is as lazy as the directors. And it is only hand-to-hand fights and shootings. Not a single car gets over 30 mph. The highlight is probably Dolph getting into a fight in a dominatrix den with a lady while a topless lady tied to a frame screams in the background. Yeah, really. I really wish Dolph would be more selective, but I know the rent ain't gonna pay itself.
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Johnny Reese8 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I understand it's a low budget film. But there are many things going wrong. First, the plot is too complicated and I was just left confused. Second, the gun fight (garage scene) was bad.. How do you have someone standing in the open for so long and not get shot? Besides, the sound effect for the handguns sound fake. Third, when Gianni Capaldi fighting the cash handler, at the first scene you can clearly see him far away from the edge, handler steps backwards slightly. Then the second shot he was already on the edge starting to fall backwards??? Plus... how f***ing stupid is it when Capaldi had the handler's hand as he is falling, lets him go, then said "Grab my hand"??? Lastly, why the heck did Dolph Snipe Billy Zane and her girlfriend in the end??? That is just lame....

The only thing that was somewhat interesting was Dolph getting his ass kicked by his actual girlfriend (who played the dominatrix and is a karate champion). Overall, it's quite forgettable.
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Definitely this is not a bad film
alin_1-110 October 2013
I was curious about how this film is and I must say that I'm happy that I've allocated the time to watch it.

I must reckon that Dolph Lundgren was one of the reasons which lead me to this. I've seen recently a few new films with some 'action- colleagues' that aren't anymore in their first youth and I must say that Lundgren is still in a good shape. And the film helped him.

He's somehow involved in all the events as an observer, but he keeps himself away of the things... and when he's in everything is developing in a fast sequence.

Considering the budget I think that they've done a good job that deserves some credit.

The plot is quite full of suspense and the way on how everything is told is quite attractive. You have action, situations that don't look as you would think and a few sex scenes.

As a conclusion, a very pleasant action film.
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Unbearable dreck from Lundgren. Was Steven Seagal too busy?
callanvass6 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Please, please, please, Dolph. Pick your projects more wisely from now on. I realize you're stuck in STD land, but you have talent! Not Oscar winning talent obviously, but he has presence for an action star. This is virtually unwatchable garbage, which is tailor made for Steven Seagal. I don't like beginnings of a movie where the hero narrates the opening, and reveals what it is to come. I also had a feeling it wouldn't exactly end the way they claimed it would at the beginning, and I had to wait over 70 minutes for a couple of lousy twists at the ending? This was ostensibly filmed for 2 million. Did Dolph need the cash that bad? This clocks in at just over 78 minutes long. It honestly felt like over two hours with how bad it was. There were times I literally focused on other things, because I was so bored. It's utterly cheap, and it was filmed in L.A. We get plenty of boring shootouts with very little fight scenes. One fight scene made me feel like I was tripping with how bizarre it was. Dolph encounters a Cynthia Rothrock wannabe, in a dominatrix outfit. She uses a chain to fight with, because I guess they felt it would be kinky or something, I don't know. The ending is shot in what looks to be a junkyard of sorts. Instead of being filled with emotion, we get a few measly shootouts. Dolph Lundgren seems to be phoning it in here. I don't blame him one bit. His character also disappears for some stretches as well, which made my boredom even worse. His character is a bit of an anti-hero, but it's poorly written. When Lundgren seems bored, you know you're in trouble. Billy Zane looks like he wants to get this over and done with. He is supposed to be a main character, but he barely shows any emotion, and sleepwalks through his part. Vinnie Jones knows he's in a piece of crap, so he decides to ham it up like no tomorrow, and he got on my nerves. Robert Davi embarrasses himself with a laughable English accent, at least that's what it sounded like to me. Why was he in this film again? Paycheck talks and BS walks, I guess.

Final Thoughts: What was the point of this? It's boring beyond belief, and I can't see why anyone would wanna put themselves through this torture. I like Lundgren, but this is as bad as some of Seagal's STD stinkers. Even die-hard Lundgren fans will be bored.

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Dolph is back
mercianwarrior19 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film's rating will definitely not be manipulated to give a higher rating than it deserves. It's actually a stellar performance from the thespian's thespian, Dolph Lundgren.

For those of you who don't know, Dolph started his career at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company, where we would walk the boards with such luminaries as Laurence Olivier and Sir Patrick Stewart to name but a few. His acting was said to stand out even in this esteemed company, and he bought the house down on several occasions (there was some issues with the set and walking into load-bearing columns).

He was given his big break in the Rocky IV, as Drago. Though his lines were few, he delivered them with such passion that he earned a reputation as one of the finest actors of the period. He attributes his remarkable physique, not to injecting horse testosterone, but to his love of Swedish reindeer meatballs.

Since then his career has gone from strength to strength, starring in such epic, genre-defining movies as; Direct Contact, Fat Slags and Agent Red. He's also worked with virtuoso director Uwe Boll twice.

In this film he stars with veteran former action stars – definitely still relevant and not out for a pay check – like Billy Zane and Vinnie Jones.

And wow, what a film it is. That 2 million dollar budget was wisely spent assembling such a cast.
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Great Action Movie! Recommend it!
arelis-852-32958623 September 2013
I was actually impressed with the storyline. The characters were interesting and kept you intrigued. Enjoyed watching this film. Dolph, was doing his thing as an action star hero, Billy Zane's performance was solid. I was really impressed with Vinnie Jones, he's a seriously good actor and he is a great villain. Jelly looked great and sexy. At times the story gets a bit complicated but I was highly entertained throughout the film. Not much more to say, Straight up action movie. That delivers.! There are a lot of generic, boring, action movies this film has something extra to it, it keeps you on the edge of your seat, for a low budget film, below $3 million, it's a great film.
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I watched mainly for Dolph
dragonlady_87229 September 2013
To start I began my love affair with Dolph Lundgren when I was about 12 and was heartbroken when he ceased making movies, or so I thought. It seems he'd been stuck in the straight to DVD funk and needed a good script or, in the case of his comeback, an old friend.

When the Expendable came out and I went to see it it was a little after my 40th birthday and I was astounded when I saw a familiar yet somewhat lost name in the beginning credits. "Dolph Lundgren" Oh joy! Needless to say, I had to own it once it hit DVD status and it reawakened my love for this brilliant man.

I began looking for his movies and to my surprise, I was met with titles I'd never seen before and future works in progress.

Since then I've seen almost all of his movies with exception of a few and that's only because they have yet to be released. So now, lets get started with this movie review shall we.

We are told that "It begins with a mans death." and in fact it begins with a family watched over by a man named Axel, (Lundgren)a long time body guard and friend of a mob boss. When his charge is eventually killed he takes it upon himself to find out two things. Why? and Who? With the help of a beautiful young woman named Laryen and an FBI agent he begins to put the pieces of a very troubling puzzle together. But the picture he ends up with is more disappointing then he anticipates.

In the end Axel must follow his own advise to stay alive long enough to exact vengeance on the one who murdered his friend.

*I enjoyed it so much that I bought it*
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Very cheaply made action flick with a surprisingly well known cast
Christian Veit23 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I really don't know what happened here, how such a great cast could end up in such an astonishingly bad movie. I don't think I can name one good thing about this movie. It is very cheaply made and glaringly obvious so. Horrible action scenes, terrible storyline, amazingly bad CGI effects, i mean REALLY amazingly bad effects, as if they came straight out of a Commodore 64. Example being a pistol shot being fired with very bad muzzle fire effect, next scene a metallic! entry hole appears in wood!, cut scene to a surprised actor, cut again to same shot as before but now the metallic entry hole in the wood has disappeared. Things like that spread throughout the whole movie on a constant basis, it is just painful! Another example is someone getting shot while carrying a rifle, cut scene to the murderer, cut scene back to the body on the floor with a pistol lying next to him..... Most glaring error i have EVER seen in a movie. Like someone in another review said, it feels like a Telenovela, a very bad Telenovela.

I just can't comprehend how actors like Dolph Lundgren and Vinnie Jones ended up in a movie like this. Vinnie Jones! That just hurts!
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Dolph is wasted here
Wizard-821 June 2015
I am a fan of Dolph Lundgren. While he may not be a master Thespian, he is a perfectly good action star, and that's why I rented "Blood of Redemption". Sadly, this is a considerably lesser vehicle for him. Lundgren here looks tired and worn. I know he's aging, but he's come off a lot better in other recent movies. Probably his tiredness comes from the fact that his surroundings here were not adequate. This was a very low budget production (only a $2 million budget), and while I will praise the filmmakers for squeezing every last penny out of their limited funds (the lighting and photography *do* look good), much of the movie still looks cheap. I could have lived with that had the rest of the movie been good, but it isn't. The script is way too talky, slow-moving, and boring. While it does offer a twist towards the end, I think many viewers will be able to predict the "surprise" long before it comes. And the limited action sequences are choreographed and directed with absolutely no punch. It certainly doesn't help that the gunshots have been "enhanced" with obvious CGI effects. You have to wonder how Dolph and the rest of the memorable B movie cast were all convinced to appear in this utterly forgettable production.
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B-movie Allstar cast
kosmasp27 April 2014
You have some really big names in the B-movie department participating in this. Be it Billy Zane, Vinnie Jones and/or Dolph Lundgren. The movie is very predictable (from the starting "end", to the flashback after that until the conclusion). Lundgren plays a convincing lead, even if you might not believe his relationship to a much younger woman he is having during the course of the movie.

The whole twist of the movie though does rely on some very shaky grounds and it will leave you shaking your head at the end. The action is nicely done. Though nothing to get too excited about. Don't look for a message either, watch if you're a fan of one or more of the actors though
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Boring, badly directed and acted, B's 1980's feel!
Alexander Ross11 May 2014
Why even bothering on lashing out here? I personally have respect for many of the cast members here! But, honestly, while Dolph Lundgren should try to have faith and wait for a real director to hire him, and shows off his true cinematic strengths, Vinnie Jones perhaps should stop to sign on films just for the pay check, or maybe, any other decent filmmaker may start ( rightly so) thinking the man has a serious low self esteem problem by appearing in such low grade content, and in roles that don't even have much of a redeeming reason! What else is to be said, other than this movie (despite its IMDb's higher rating) is way, way more of a waste than Hard Rush aka Ambushed, where, at least, you felt a bit of that 1970's exploitation films genre biting your adrenaline, while a more stylized visual style, could make you even believe, at times, to be more in mainstream territory! This one truly just feels cheap, uninteresting, choppy, arguably unbelievable, and, completely soapy! And, quite frankly, even though, it might remain remarkable, as a movie, as the sad mark of some of the main actors lowest point in bad screen acting, I still say that could not make enough of a reason to watch such pedestrian fiasco! I personally couldn't help myself all the way through the end ( rare!). What a disappointment! And, if you think, coming from a once respectable Film Company, such as Voltage! You could not believe your eyes! Take it or leave it? Best to forget.
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Greatest Film Ever Made
brandonleeeberhart5 November 2016
This Movie is called Blood of Redolphtion, or at least it should be since it is yet another (Yet Another!) examples of Dolph Lundgren doing what Dolph Lundgren does, which is destroy people who are not Dolph Lundgren.

Now you are probably wondering, "Do they still make that paint for cars that looks kind of bluey from one angle but kind of purpley from another?" and the answer is Yes! I was at the Paint Store not but two moons ago and they for sure did have it in stock. The stockerboy, Billy, said so.

So me and Billy got to talking about movies and Dolph and I asked him what he thought of this Film and he said he didn't know because he didn't see it and I will never buy paint there again, which should be easy because I don't need to paint anything.

I will, however, buy paintbrushes there because I need to paint my house this weekenday.

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Had potential but goes below your usual Dolph...
Destroyer Wod15 April 2014
Cool, a new Dolph Lundgren, thats what i said when i found out about this movie. I watch most of the stuff he did in recent years and one thing that always comes to mind, minus the Expendables(which is awesome), his movies are always decent, minus a few exceptions. They never give me any "wow feeling" but they are honest DTV release.

This one... isshhh, i want to like it, but there is major problems. As some people mentioned, holy cow the special effects where terrible... I mean i expect some very cheap CGI in an episode of the Angry Video Game Nerd... but not in a real movies. Gunshot sounds and effects where horrible... And if at least the shooting was decent... but way too much "guy stand in the open, kill everybody in 1 bullet, never get shot" Fist fights where below average, especially when it came to the ladies in this... felt fake as hell... Speaking about fake, we have the pleasure of a cameo of Tasha Reign and Rikki Six, two well known pornstars with fake tits in this, which made me smile. But to come back to fist fights, well a couple ones where decent but again the noise of them... felt very cheap 80s movies...

Finally the story... decent. Overly complicated a bit in some part but the whole scenario was interesting and all.

In the end i would say thanks god they manage to get decent B actors like Dolph and Vinnie(also Billie Zane), which is probably the reason why a bunch of guys like me watch it in the first place. But in the end, not a movie to be remember. I know the budget may not had been the best, but please guys... i saw better gun wounds and effects in 80s movies...
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Pretty Bad!
leonblackwood5 October 2013
Review: As there wasn't much to rent this month, I thought that I should give this movie a chance, but I should have known better. It's your typical Vinnie Jones movie, with drugs, sex and crime, and it looks like Dolph Lungren is becoming just as weak. The director did try and add a couple of elements, like suspense and betrayal, but it's pretty awful. I wasn't that surprised with the outcome because all of Vinnie Jones movies are just a quick payday. I think that I would be more surprised if the movies were actually good. Anyway, there are some twists in the storyline which keeps it slightly interesting but that's about it. Disappointing!

Round-Up: You don't really have to pay that much attention to this movie because you can tell what is going to happen right from the beginning. All of the actors put in there usual performances, which isn't saying much, but the storyline was OK. I didn't understand how a crime family could have someone from the FBI in the family, which is why your just not supposed to take this film that seriously. I honestly don't know how the makers of these weak movies get there budgets because there not getting any better. The actors must have the same agent because they all star in the same type of movies together, were they look like there in it for the money and not for the love of films.

Budget: $2million Worldwide Gross: N/A

I recommend this movie to people who are into there typical Vinnie Jones movies with crime, action and a touch of suspense. 2/10
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