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"The Parking Spot Escalation" is another great ep of "The Big Bang Theory"
tavm9 December 2012
In this ep of "The Big Bang Theory": Howard has parked his new car in Sheldon's spot. What, you say, Sheldon has a parking spot when he doesn't have a car or doesn't even know how to drive? Yes, and because of that, the university president has given it to Howard and Sheldon's ego is very much bruised. So he takes Howard's Iron Man helmet. The fight doesn't end there as now Bernadette and Amy are now arguing about Howard's new important status being an astronaut vs. Sheldon's theories yet to be proved. Oh, and Raj has been debating with his friends about how a zombie and a mummy are basically the same which Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard all disagree with...Another excellent ep of "The Big Bang Theory" that fires on all cylinders! The best one this season yet! So on that note, I definitely recommend this one, "The Parking Spot Escalation"!
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One of the best episodes of the entire season!
letterl16 June 2015
"The Big Bang Theory" is always at its best when it's just the geeks being themselves without all of the relationship stuff which has pervaded the show in the last few seasons. "The Parking Spot Escalation" is a perfect example of what the series used to be -- and through the first nine episodes of Season 6, is the high point of the season. With an added bonus from the ladies.

Sheldon is back to being Sheldon -- horrified at having to give up an assigned parking space for which he has no use (since he doesn't drive). This sets up a classic battle of wits between Sheldon and Wolowitz, with some zany antics and great one-liners.

As funny as that is, even more hilarious are the scenes featuring the ladies. Much criticism has been thrown at the characters of Amy and Bernadette as the series and characters have evolved but they provide some of the best scenes in this one. With poor Penny caught in the middle.

This one was so good, I watched it twice in a row. I'd rank "The Parking Spot Escalation" as one of the top 10 episodes of the entire series and definitely is the high point of Season 6 to date. Highly recommended.

Leonard is really just a secondary character here. I've noticed that TBBT is much funnier when Sheldon is the main character in any of the episodes.
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The Big Bang Theory The Parking Spot Escalation
dalydj-918-2551751 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The guys come into the lunch hall to have their lunch comparing Zombies and Mummies. Leonard brings in Sheldon and is able to win the argument. Howard comes Howard comes in saying that he has parked his car in Sheldon's parking space. Sheldon tells him to move his car out of the spot but he does not. To try get his space back Sheldon calls the president of the university and is unable to get his spot back. He is not letting it go thinking it will lead to more problems. Sheldon took something belonging to Howard because his spot was taken. The two then go into a fight about who owns what. The girls come home from a wax and the girls talk about the men in their life's fighting over the parking spot. When talking about the men Bernadette and Amy fight about who is with the smartest men also talking about their boyfriends accomplishments. Penny try's to clear the air but still they fight each other. When Sheldon returns home he finds Howard naked on his spot. Before taking the spot Amy shows Sheldon what she got done that day. Amy comes to complain about her car and when fighting with Bernadette causes her to hit Penny with her bag. When Sheldon takes the spot and Howard try's to drive into it causing the two to fight like their girlfriends. Leonard has to try solve the problem. Sheldon then to get revenge on Howard sits in his car seat naked. When Howard try's to apologize to Sheldon he pulls out a Chinese ninja star. When Howard gets his apology out Sheldon try's to out do him by being the bigger man giving Howard the space. The two fighting couples then all go out for something to drink while Penny complains after being injured. Sheldon brings his cushion to a laundrette to get it cleaned. This was really funny and the fighting between the two couples really worked well especially with the ones on the outside.

EPISODE GRADE: A- (MVP: Jim Parsons)
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Great episode but an out-of-character Sheldon
aryafsharm1 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
All in all this was a really funny episode. The pre-opening scene was one of the best in recent memory (not that this show has ever gotten bad in my opinion) and interesting new dynamics were created when we saw Amy and Bernadette siding with their significant others over the parking lot dispute. It's possibly the first girl character vs. girl character real fight we have seen so far. Usually they are on the same page but here we saw them make some brutally honest comments about the other's boyfriend. All in all, that was really funny and I hope to see the relationship between the girls get as layered as the relationship between the boys are in this show.

Not much development on the Penny-Leonard front which is good if like me, you find the two characters the least funny and interesting in all the cast. Generally I think Leonard and Penny are no longer front and center in this show, with Howard and Sheldon developing relationships and also with the girls becoming more prominent in the series (which is definitely welcome in my book).

Now to the uncharacteristic Sheldon (and here is where you may see spoilers): In the end of the episode there's a scene where Howard finally gives up fighting Sheldon for the spot and goes to his office for the apology. Here we see Sheldon not accept the apology and go on to give the parking spot because he needs to be the bigger man, and even makes Howard say "Sheldon, you are the bigger man." This is completely out of character for Sheldon in my view. Sheldon is definitely self-centered, stubborn and not above petty argument and fights, but he has never been a megalomaniac and has never had the classic male ego that he's been written to portray in this episode in my opinion. I think this is to allow for a more macro story arc that sees Sheldon become more and more aware of his career's lack of development, but I just find it out of character for Sheldon to be jealous of Howard because he has been in space, and it's very out of character for Sheldon to make Howard apologize because he has always shown to have such low regard for social niceties.
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