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Two young women (Anna and Jacky) are best friends. But they go their separate ways in life with Anna moving away. 5 years later they reunite when Anna travels south by bus to visit Jacky. There is mystery around the separation with Anna seeming to have a slightly dark past and is shown early in the movie in a sex club dispassionately watching the action. After Anna arrives in southern California the friendship is renewed and the two go out and have some fun on the town. During the night out, Anna sees Jacky with a man and gets a little jealous. Later that evening, back at their apartment, the young women soon take things to the next level. This results in more fun and passion between them. But the whole time there is something going on within Anna - something troubling.

While the movie is a "porn" movie, it also tells a story of a point in time of the lives of these two women - showing their friendship, passion, jealousies, and competition between the two during their short time together again.

There are two versions of this movie, the "feature" version and the "uncut" version. The uncut version being extended (over 2 hours running time) and more graphic than the feature version (98 minutes running time).


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