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Since the beliefs that parents want to instill in their children can vary greatly, we ask that, instead of adding your personal opinions about what is right or wrong in a film, you use this feature to help parents make informed viewing decisions by describing the facts of relevant scenes in the title for each one of the different categories: Sex and Nudity, Violence and Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, and Frightening/Intense Scenes.
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A woman spies on a man and woman having violent unsimulated sex in a toilet cubicle. The woman's bare breasts and butt is seen along with the man's erect penis as he's thrusting into her from behind. At the end of the scene, the woman is seen masturbating the man's penis until he ejaculates on her mouth.

The uncut version is longer and more pornographic, it features an extended sex scene and scenes of unsimulated oral sex and manual stimulation.

In an extremely graphic scene, a woman sees her female friend and a man kissing in a parking lot, the female friend is shown stroking the man's erect penis. The woman goes closer and her friend invites her to also stroke the penis, she does so and afterwards performs oral sex on the man. It's implied the man ejaculates in her mouth as she is seen spitting out semen afterwards.

There are several scenes of the two female leads having sex with very good realism.

- In one scene the two women are shown naked, butt and bare breasts can be seen. One woman (Jacky) performs oral sex on the other (Anna) and manually stimulates her until she climaxes. After this they are shown passionately kissing. They continue to kiss, rub, and manually stimulate each other until both woman climax. both women are naked with bare butts and breasts and pubic hair being shown. Afterwards they are shown lying in bed naked with one woman's head resting on the other woman's chest - bare breasts are shown.

- In another scene Anna pleases Jacky with oral and manual stimulation until Jacky climaxes. Again, bare butts and breasts and pubic hair shown.

Throughout these two scenes the woman are shown walking/running around in skimpy clothing (tshirts and small panties), bikinis, or occasionally naked.

There are several other scenes of passion and sex throughout the movie. Anna is shown in the back room wof a club with another woman and submits to this women. Sex and pleasure ensue.

In the climactic scene (pun intended) Anna wanders into an orgy where Jacky is. There is a fair amount of nudity and sex going on, including with the two lead characters.

There are two versions of the movie - the "feature version" and the "uncut version". The uncut version being extended (over 2 hours running time) and more graphic than the feature version (which is 98 minutes). Generally the feature version eliminates direct shots genitalia though full nudity is still shown. The "feature" version shown occasionally on cable (I saw it on Showtime late at night) and it eliminates some of the more graphic porn shots, the views of the erect penis', and the ejaculation shot.

Since this is a sex movie, there is the expected amount of profanity in relation to sex acts. The profanity is not graphic and does not stand out, but there are a few F's and other words as well as some occasional talk of sex acts.

A few scenes take place in clubs and bars. During some of these scenes there is drinking and smoking shown. The drinking ranges from both casual (drinking while talking) to more serious (drinking shots).

Smoking occurs occasionally throughout the movie. A full ashtray is shown in close-up a couple of times.


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