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In 1985, the Los Angeles Police Department experimented with a secret Time Travel Division. Catapulting four of L.A.'s Finest 25 years into the future... that future is NOW. Into today's tired world of lab work, warrants, and white-gloved crime scene investigations, bust an elite, twenty-something, mixed-race team of police who only know to kick down doors and ask questions later. Our band of cops - RUSTY (the Hearthrob), WHEELS (the Brains), BRONX (the Muscle), TORI (Disguises/Accents), BOBBY (the Rookie) and THE CHIEF - are assigned to solve the cases only they can. In season one, the Squad is hot on the trail of RICKMAN (Parvesh Cheena), as he tries to run a new lethal designer drug through Dukakis High. And it turns out he has ties to other things... big things.

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