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Colonel Steven Shay: You would have been a great lawyer.

Spencer Shay: I would have been the worst lawyer.

Colonel Steven Shay: I know.

[they hug]

[the gang are about to start the last iCarly show]

Freddie Benson: In five, four, three, two...

Carly Shay: I'm Carly!

Sam Puckett: I'm Sam! And this is a very special...

Freddie Benson: And I'm Freddie. Yeah, that's right. I interrupted and introduced myself. What are they gonna do, fire me?

Carly Shay: I'm leaving in a few minutes.

Freddie Benson: Yeah, I know. Better not be late, or your dad's gonna be wazzed off.

Carly Shay: You know, you don't have to take all your tech stuff home tonight.

Freddie Benson: Yeah, but I figured I might as well get a head start. Tomorrow, I promised Gibby I'd help him do some research on the proper care and feeding of weasels, so... I figured the sooner I get this equipment out of here, the sooner I can take it down to...

[Carly takes his hand and he stops talking. Then she leans in and kisses him. They have an awkward moment afterwards]

Carly Shay: So, I'll get my bags and take them downstairs.

Freddie Benson: Why don't I help you with those bags?

Carly Shay: Yeah, that'd be nice.

[when Carly turns around, Freddie throws his hands victoriously up in the air, knowing he finally succeeded in getting Carly to kiss him]

Carly Shay: I'm Carly.

Sam Puckett: I'm Sam.

Carly Shay: And this has been...

Carly ShaySam Puckett: iCarly.

[last lines]

Freddie Benson: And... we're clear.

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