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.. do not give up on it.. subtle at times pays..

Author: bjarias from United States
13 December 2015

There really are not that many, but certain shows just sneak up after awhile and grab you. Sensitive Skin is one of those productions, in both the characters and the story-line. You start off somewhat unimpressed, but then you begin to connect, and you cannot stop being drawn in. And towards the end of the first series, you are caught up in both plot and the lives of some individuals you thought you would not have that much interest at the very beginning. And it's not that she has been ignored, but for much of her career Kim Cattrall has not been center stage as much as she deserves to be.. but here she shines, and it's one of her finest overall works to date. This is her show, nuanced and subtle, she is just outstanding. Where it leads to a second season can only be guessed at, but it is very much anticipated by those that have come to truly appreciate this fine little TV series.

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Author: createfilms from United Kingdom
23 October 2015

This has a really great premise, its a story world that I haven't seen done before, yet has wide appeal. An extension of the Thirty Something, Cold Feet with just a hint of Northern Exposure magic realism. It's funny, she's brilliant and shows herself to be a really serious actress. All the actors are really strong, and I think the DOP is a genius. I don't like the title. I'd avoided it for awhile because I thought it might be about plastic surgery - the title and the publicity image don't work for me. I think they also make it seemed as though it's pitched at a female audience, which I don't think it needs to be. It is a brilliant 50 something gem. Maybe she needs to take it over slightly. It's probably missing the Larry David character, and I think there might be hesitance to really push the female lead aspect. Which seems odd after Sex and The City. There are lots of aspects that I think are very real, the health neurosis, the attempts to find a new "mode" of life. The complexity of relationships. The everyday drams of everyday life - like parking, and neighbours and the sofa that seemed like a good idea, etc., Please make some more.

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Often Beautiful, but Tonally Uneven

Author: By-TorX-1 from United Kingdom
7 May 2015

Based upon a British series, Sensitive Skin presents an affecting and strikingly-filmed series based upon the reflective angst of ageing and progressing through middle age. However, while centrally a drama, there is also a seam of comedy, and this often provides narrative problems as the central actors, Kim Cattrall and Doug McKellar (playing spouses Davina and Al) often seem to be in two completely different narratives. With regard to McKellar, he is frequently caught up in zany and wacky sitcom-style farce, while Cattrall is part of a meditative and emotional drama, and Cattrall wins out. Her scenes are often starkly beautiful and her performance is stellar, but then they are undercut by jarring, unrealistic and sometimes tiresome comedy antics (although Elliott Gould's turn as a dubious doctor works well). It is obvious that Al (and son, Orlando) are meant to exacerbate Davina's ennui, but the tonal shifts make the series uneven and more focus on Davina's point-of-view would have elevated it. Nevertheless, Sensitive Skin is still highly engaging and effectively produced - I just would have liked to have seen more of Davina and her world-view.

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Very surprising and underrated

Author: Eric V. from Israel
8 January 2016

Honestly if I wouldn't have turned the TV on that one time at around midnight, before going to sleep, I would never bother trying watching it. But it captivated my interests right away. Very interesting style (I would try to describe it as a weird blend between Coen Brothers cinematography and a slight Woody Allen vibe), story made up from small encounters, black humor, make up for a really witty and well written show. Since the first episode I just binge-watched as it is quite addicting. The story is surprising and funny, acting is super, characters are interesting, style is super unique and refreshing. A very pleasant surprise.

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Interesting, but lost in its own ideas

Author: Rubens Junior from Brazil
24 November 2014

The show is based on an original British series of the same name that Kim Cattrall had interest in producing an American remake since a long time. Seems that while in agreements with HBO to perform Samantha Jones in Sex And The City movies, one of Cattrall's requirements was HBO to help her produce the show. HBO found the show unviable to their American schedule, but could make it thru its Canadian subsidiary.

The 6 episodes series is about a former model and actress in a middle age crisis that works in a art gallery and is married to a writer. She is always putting herself under constantly physical self analysis when she faces that time is passing thru her eyes. That's kinda ironic because Kim Cattrall is an actress and former ex-model in her 50's and also considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation.

In the very beginning of the first episode, Davina is being advised about the consequences of the use of hormones. The camera angle and the character's position makes Davina looks quite fragile, very different from what we usually see about Cattrall's natural exuberance. Her last lines before the show uses its own scenes for the opening sequence is quite interesting, giving the one and only resemblance of what we so used to see about Samantha Jones, a character that is far away from any references in this show after that. At first the aspects of the show would lead us to understand it as a drama, but in fact it has a very slight dark and cringe humor, but few of them are delivered by Davina. Most of its humor is delivered by Don Mackellar's instead and other supporting ones that make some guest appearances during the episodes. Mackellar's presence makes the show itself get lost in its primary idea, and the story about a middle age woman then becomes about her and also her husband instead. The story wastes much of its time with parallel situations reducing its potentials and overshadowing Cattrall's character. Seems that Davina does not have strength to lead the show, but that's not because she is uninteresting, but because writers couldn't make her life and personal crisis interesting enough.

Takes some time to get caught by the show. In 6 episodes, more than half of it makes its supporting characters stronger than its main character, giving the impression that we are watching 2 different shows in one: one about Davina and the other one about her pathetic husband's misadventures, which is a shame, because Davina has an incredible underused depth.

It is beautifully filmed. Kim Cattrall is amazing as always, but as I said, she is overshadowed by elements that definitely should not be used to fade her, but to support. Unfortunately the show does not deliver what it promises in the very beginning of its first episode, which is the opportunity to make Kim Cattrall shines and make her character the center of a very interesting discussion about the difficulties of dealing with the pressures of society and the media about aging.

Interesting show, but lost in its own ideas.

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Surrealism and Realism meet in Toronto

Author: oglesain from British Columbia Canada
14 June 2016

...More wonderful television from Don McKellar and Bob Martin...Thanks to HBO Canada for allowing me to watch season one of "Sensitive Skin" for free. To think the rest of its lineup is "available on demand?" Too bad - or good for the series - "Sensitive Skin" is the only television on the list that appealed to me. That is a testament of how good it truly is.

Interesting dialogues, relationships and shots of Toronto. The acting is stellar; the episodes are compelling; the situations, relatable. It is also quite "Torontonian" without trying to hard. Great and real entertainment; Television as it should be.

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