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J.J. Abrams will direct Episode VII. No announcement has been made regarding directors of further Star Wars movies.

JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan are currently re-writing the script, which was originally written by Michael Arndt. George Lucas is credited with outlining Episodes VII-IX. No additional writers are known at the this time in any capacity.

Star Wars Episode VII is scheduled to be released December 18, 2015

Bad Robot, the company that is co-producing the film, tweeted out an image of JJ Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy and R2D2 with two fan robot builders. It was then confirmed by the official Star Wars website that R2D2 would in fact appear in the film and the fans would be building it. At this point an appearance of C-3PO is also very likely. George Lucas has stated in the past that the droids could continue to be in all the episodes because they do not age.

No. Episode VII will be an original story.

Yes. It is Episode VII which follows Episode VI Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Lucasfilm, an owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, in association with Bad Robot Productions and Genre Films is in active development on the highly anticipated epic feature film "Star Wars: Episode VII". Although shooting will commence in the summer, studio level casting is now underway. Filming will begin with battle scenes being shot in a quarry overlooking the sprawling Bluewater complex not far from London, UK. Filming will also take place in various locations in Los Angeles and other areas.

Details Here:

The Walt Disney Studios Casting "Star Wars: Episode VII"

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Lucas penned the story treatment upon which Michael Ardnt's original script was based. George has been named as a creative consultant for this movie.

Yes. J.J. Abrams has confirmed that John Williams will be working on the music for Star Wars VII as he has done for the previous films.

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