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Good enough and somehow different!

Author: Dr_Sagan from the Edge of the Cosmos
4 April 2014

I am on the 6th episode and I'm writing this review because ...there aren't so many in IMDb! Why is that? Well, I guess the show isn't popular. But it should be!

This is a well casted comedy series about a station of paramedics and the quirky situations they encounter, in their job and in their personal lives.

The humor has many references about sex. Sometimes over the top, but still enjoyable. Even the characters are somehow "special" in that department. You have the big black man who is gay (similar to Brooklyn 9-9), the girl who is asexual and into some other weird stuff, and get my meaning.

Obviously, because the show is about a group of people that deal with medical emergencies, you can expect lots of weird "physical" humor too.

Now that Brooklyn 9-9 became too far-fetched (and somehow boring and repetitive), Sirens is my new favorite comedy.

Overall: Recommended.

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Anytime you see someone put a 1 or 10 rating you know

Author: jbowles639 from USA
14 March 2014

One or ten ratings usually indicate the person has a personal complaint with the show. Either an actor, director or even the network offends them and they are making their great mark in the world because they have an opinion, never taking into consideration the work that goes into something nor thinking how others may see the program.

That being said I gave it an 8 (eight). It probably deserves a 6 on my normal scale or a 6.5 but I liked it and so did my wife. It put me in mind of the beginnings of the old Scrubs series. Very fast pace, comic timing and witty.

Usually there are one or two characters you don't like but so far they have been excellently cast. Whether it lasts long I don't know. Looks like the series was tried in 2011 for six episodes and I have never seen those.

This is a modern look at everyday life comical moments and the way they are dealt with or made fun of and we enjoyed it.

The main problem with the show is it's over before you know it.

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I like it

Author: darlenefagina from United States
21 March 2014

I think what you need to know right off the bat is that this comes from (the great) Denis Leary, assisted by the writer of, among other things, the movie Wedding Crashers. They may not be your cup of tea.

Vulgar? Yes. Crude? Yes. Naughty? Oh, yes. They are riding a fine line of what can be done on cable TV (on USA, not HBO, etc) and what's just Too Far. I find myself laughing out loud at this when I'm alone. I'm pleasantly surprised at the writing and fast-paced dialogue laced with pop-culture references. The three lead male actors have excellent chemistry.

Give it a try. If you can, start from the pilot and move on. USA probably has them all available for online viewing. I was glad I started watching.

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I think this show is awesome!

Author: cedezisthesweetest
12 April 2014

It's not Boring or repetitive, it's fresh and makes me feel like I am watching psych and I love how funny it is and it doesn't seem far-fetched at all!

The character development is amazing, when I watched other shows..I couldn't get a feel on the characters but I do for these characters like Hank!

it has become my favorite comedy on TV right now.


people should really get into this show, USA is going great from this show and I can not wait for playing house!

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Excellent show worth watching

Author: Joshua Morris from Spain
28 April 2014

I had no expectations for this show, but I was so pleasantly surprised at how realistic it is in terms of plot lines. Its not really rolling on the floor laughter that it means to provoke but there are a few moments of those as well. Everything seems plausible, unlike so many other shows which have outlandish plot lines that you just cringe at seeing (ie the "Happy Endings" took, even though I still somewhat like that too).

There are serious moments too which also feel real. The chemistry between the cast is great and easy to see.

All in all a great new show and worth watching.

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A solid sitcom

Author: jzabel-233-548810
4 April 2014

We watched the British version and it was okay - somewhat sweet, but much darker particularly with Jonny and his dad. Of course, the gay character is Kit Harrington in the British version. There's definitely that to recommend it.

This version is delightful. I don't think it's vulgar or crass. It is rare to find an American version of a British show that I think is better - this is one. Paramedics are weird and I love the way the show exaggerates that. I give it a solid recommend. I like the actors, the characters and the plot lines. The timing is really great also. The "patients" are pretty darn funny too.

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Modern & Funny

Author: HazzardsDuke from Canada
27 April 2014

What initially drew me into this series was the fact that Dennis Leary was involved in the writing and I find his sense of humour and writing hilarious!

This series could have turned out as another run-of-the-mill half hour comedy, but instead it provides many laughs and deals with modern issues in a comedic sense.

Sometimes there is a lot going on in one episode, but that does not take away from the humour and plot lines.

Good cast and well written, and I find it actually complements similar show Brooklyn Nine-Nine (hilarious show, by the way)rather than compete with it.

Look forward to more episodes soon.

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Funny New show

Author: ted48060 from United States
23 March 2014

I really like this show, because its funny, witty and has good timing. The cast has a good character development with good chemistry, which is hard to believe these days.

It's fast paced and has good plots.The show subtlety examines many major issues (authority complex, race, etc.) without making it seem preachy. To do this well is itself a fantastic achievement.

It's nice to see a show on these days that can actually make me laugh and doesn't use a truck load of toilet humor and I love all the innuendos.

Sirens has absolutely the perfect blend of comedy with real life lessons.

It's a comedy where you know the cast get on with each other. It has a brilliant writing crew and a very talented cast.

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Can't hold a candle to the UK original version

Author: meggafish from long beach ca
14 March 2014

Just another jive talking, hip American sit-com, with hackneyed dialog and bad acting. The British version of this show was deep and funny, while the relationships here between characters could be moved to a newsroom, a radio station, a retail store, a sports team, a bar, etc. That is there is nothing new and fresh here. The imaginary series "Pucks" makes fun of this process where American television sees a great foreign show and then puts it through the American process that takes no chances and tries to become all things for all people by adding crude and dumb sexual references and cutout characters. The pity is when America came knocking after the 1st season in the UK, the producers immediately sold the rights and couldn't add a season two. The only thing that would make it worse is Steve Carrel.

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When Networks use Stupidity and Garbage and call it Comedy

Author: HerbsReviews from Belgium
1 April 2014

"Did he drink the bottle?"

Sound the alarm, someone has a bad case of envy, and it isn't pretty. The smarmy and sophomoric Sirens, about three obnoxious Chicago paramedics, is USA Network's awkward attempt to branch out into the bawdy world of dark adult comedy. Confusing tastelessness and cheap profanity with actual humor, this misfire from producer feels like a low-grade Brooklyn Nine Nine rip-off.

Michael Mosley, from the unfortunate final season of Scrubs, stars as Johnny, the supposedly endearingly ringleader, who shares an ambulance with equally obnoxious gay buddy Hank and hopelessly dorky newbie Brian. They talk a lot about porn and penis sizes and just as when a siren goes off on my block, my impulse was to cover my ears and wait for it to stop.

The characters are dull and the jokes fall flat on every line, it's extremely hard to feel connected to any of the cast and you'll find yourself falling asleep before starting to laugh at the show.

To sum up, there is no real potential here unless there is a complete makeover. For these reasons Sirens gets a 1/10.

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