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  • Having successfully escaped from the farmhouse, Emma and Joey make their way to a warehouse where Emma meets her newest contact, Bo. Joey goes off to the bathroom but isn't ready for the woman he finds locked up in a cage. Things get out of control when Joey helps the woman escape, which Bo doesn't take kindly to. At the prison, Joe Carroll and his lawyer Olivia Warren meet with prison officials where Warren claims her client's 8th Amendment rights have been violated as a result of prison abuse. It relates to Ryan assaulting him during their first interview and Carroll requests a transfer to another prison. The warden readily - too readily - agrees and Joe is to be transferred to a prison in Georgia. It's his daughter who is being held in the cage and the transfer is part of Joe's plan to escape.


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  • Emma and Joey arrive at a garage so she can meet her "friend." A man named Bo with a snake tattoo on his neck greets them, in a super creepy menacing way.

    They've been driving all night, so Joey goes to the bathroom in the back. He hears a woman crying and sneaks in through a chained door. In a dark room, he finds a terrified woman in a cage. She begs him to help her, but he runs away scared.

    Federal Detention Center Olivia shows warden Montero tape of Ryan breaking Joe Carroll's fingers.

    Claire relays her impression of her captor Charlie, that he seemed to have an honor code like ex-military. She tells Ryan and Debra about "Roderick," who they think is Joe's second in command.

    At the garage, Joey tells Emma about the girl in the cage. Bo hears and yells at him. Emma shields him then demands answers from Bo, but gets none.

    Warden Montero notifies Parker that he's granted Carroll's request for a transfer immediately, to Georgia.

    Ryan goes to Joe for answers, but gets none.

    Ryan asks Weston to look into Warden Montero.

    At the garage, as Emma asks Bo about Roderick, Joey steals the keys and goes to let the woman in the cage out. Her name is Dana.

    Bo tells Emma he's not part of Joe's club, then he notices Joey is missing.

    Joey finally finds the key to free Dana, who runs out the back. Joey stays behind, but Bo finds him and screams at him, so he runs.

    Bo finds Joey hiding under an SUV and yanks him out by the ankles. Emma holds a gun on Bo to make him release Joey, then she tells him to run. Bo gets the gun and is about to shoot Emma when Charlie appears, having recaptured Dana.

    At the detention center, they move Joe to the transport vehicle and it pulls out, with SUV escorts and helicopter overhead.

    Weston gives Ryan info on the warden's daughter and they confront him. His daughter Dana hasn't been seen at college for two days. Her boy friend just reported her missing to the police.

    Charlie tells Emma that Dana is important and will ensure they make it home safe, and that Bo won't be coming with them.

    Ryan reviews footage from the prison loading bay that was found on Charlie's computer. He compares it with the footage of Joe being loaded on the van and finds the same piece of litter blowing through. The warden swapped the footage and he just gave notice he's leaving for the day. Ryan calls Parker to alert her that Joe isn't on the transport. He tells her the warden was compromised.

    Parker orders the convoy to stop.

    Weston and Ryan stop the warden and he drives out of the prison. He says they're going to get his daughter killed. They open his trunk.

    Parker finds the transfer van is empty. So is the warden's trunk.

    Olivia pulls to a stop outside a rundown apartment. She opens her trunk and Joe gets out. She's holding a garment bag.

    The warden tells Ryan and Weston that Olivia has Joe.

    The FBI tracks her cell phone.

    Olivia drives Joe somewhere, he's now wearing a suit.

    Charlie tells Joey that his mom was supposed to be there, but he screwed up and the "bad guys" got her. Charlie promises Dana will be OK.

    Olivia pulls to a stop and Joe tells her to call Ryan and say: "Joe Carroll is killing me and it's because of you, Ryan."

    Olivia realizes what he's saying, but it's too late. Joe starts choking her. Ryan tells her to tell Joe that he can kill him instead, but Joe throttles her.

    Joe arrives at a crowded food court and spies the man he was looking for.

    Ryan and Weston find Olivia's car, with her dead in the driver's seat. Bystanders point the direction Joe went and they enter the food court.

    Joe meets David. Ryan and Weston race up the stairs after them, but the men disappear down a hallway.

    A security guard follows them, but a blond woman walks up to him and wordlessly slices his abdomen open. She joins Joe. She's Louise.

    Ryan runs up to the body and sees Joe's elevator going up. He heads for the stairwell, but David grabs Ryan's gun and slams his arm in the door repeatedly until he drops the gun. Ryan follows and catches up to him. He fights David off, but Joe shows up holding Ryan's gun.

    Joe's annoyed at the plot twist, saying Ryan can't die in a parking garage. "We've only just concluded the first part of our novel, Ryan," Joe says.

    They hear a helicopter overhead. Joe says everything's going according to plan. "There is so much more to come, Ryan. Then I'll be in touch," Joe says.

    Joe and Louise go upstairs for the helicopter while David stays behind to hold the gun on Ryan.

    Ryan points out that David isn't allowed to kill him and lunges for the gun, shooting David in the leg. He gets it and races up the stairs, but he can only shoot at the copter as it flies away.

    Charlie gets the OK call to leave. He goes to deal with Bo and Dana.

    In the parking garage, Parker recaps: the helicopter got away, warden Montero is in federal custody and they have David in custody. Ryan wants to interrogate him. Parker gives him five minutes.

    Ryan puts on surgical gloves, asks David about Joey and digs his hands into David's leg wound.

    Cut to Ryan, Parker and a team finding the cages in the back of the garage. Bo's dead with a gunshot wound to the head in one. Dana's alive in the other. She tells them they took Joey.

    Claire gets moved to protective custody because Joe is free. She takes it out on Ryan.

    Joe and Louise arrive at a giant gated mansion, where dozens of Joe's followers wait for him, including Charlie and Emma. Emma hugs Joe and encourages Joey to say hello to his serial killer dad.

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