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Season 1

17 Jan. 2013
Notre Dame
A body is found beaten and strangled under the Last Judgment portal of Notre Dame. His ears have been pierced and his face positioned so that his dead eyes are aimed at a figure of an angel blowing his trumpet to wake the dead for the final judgment. By making the victim symbolically deaf to the angels trumpet, Jo surmises that this was the killers way of saying that this victim wasnt worth Gods mercy.
24 Jan. 2013
During fashion week, the barely-alive body of a glamorous former model is found hanging in the upper levels of the Eiffel towers iron structure. At first, her lover's estranged wife is suspected he apparently wanted to leave the model to return to the mother of his children, but the model refused to let him go. But then Jo finds another trail that leads to a 22-year-old stripper in Pigalle, dancing in a Josephine Baker revue. The stripper is the dead model's illegitimate daughter she gave up for adoption at birth.
31 Jan. 2013
Place De La Concorde
Notorious young stunt man Alain Spiderman Robert is found with his neck broken and dressed in climbing gear at the base of the Obelisk. As it turns out, Alain was hired by a rich industrialist to plant video equipment recording a kinky humiliating sex play in a suite of the Crilion Hotel involving the wife of one of France's most prestigious families' heir. However, there is an even more sinister game at stake threatening the unhappy wife. No longer comfortable with the marriage they arranged, both her arriviste family and her powerful mother-in-law decide to put her ...
7 Feb. 2013
35-year-old Mirage fighter pilot Charlotte Dumas is found dead inside Les Invalides wearing a ring stolen in a notorious unsolved murder of a family in Southern France. A person of interest at the time of the LeGoffs killing, a mechanic in Charlotte's crew who had a relationship with 17-year old Sybil, which her father disapproved of. A successful supplier of the air base, his body was the only one missing after the murder. Convinced that the mechanic did kill the LeGoffs, Jo starts unraveling a setup. The mechanic is actually being framed by Jean Francois LeGoff, who...
14 Feb. 2013
Place Vendôme
In a garage under Place Vendome, firemen find a burnt corpse behind the wheel of his car. The cops identify Philip Roquin, an accountant at a jewelry store. Being told about the tragedy, his family and employer's testimonies differ: the latter hasn't heard of Philip in two weeks while his wife tells the cops he has been in a car accident. Having found the killing was perpetrated following a kidnap and ransom, Jo tracks back Philip's trail to discover Lisette, a woman he was having an affair with, which might have led him to his death. In a race against time to save ...
21 Feb. 2013
Le Marais
Place Des Vosges, a stones throw from Victor Hugo's apartment. A young woman is found dead from a blunt-force head wound. Jo deducts the murder was not premeditated, but maybe a crime of passion, maybe the result of a struggle an argument gone bad. She is identified as Marie-Eve Lambert, a small-time art dealer from the Paris banlieue. Her husband professes not to know what she was doing in the Marais at night. He has an alibi, though his general demeanor rubs Jo the wrong way. Maybe she was meeting a lover?
28 Feb. 2013
The Opera
On a sunny afternoon after taking his daughter to her ballet lesson, a middle-aged man gets stabbed on the steps of the Palais Garnier. The victim is an economist and a family man, and everything suggests the murder was random. Soon after however, a teaching assistant to a Political Science professor is found stabbed to death in a similar fashion on a subway train at Barbes-Rochechouart Metro station. Jo finds out that the two murders have parallels in political crimes history and the victims are linked with a mysterious Political Science grad student.
7 Mar. 2013
The Catacombes
A young woman is found stabbed to death in the Catacombs. Since some parts of the Catacombs are a known hang-out for Goth teenagers and would-be Satanists, suspicion at first falls on those two groups. But the style of the killing suggests a sexual motive. The victim is identified as a DNA researcher in a lab, a repressed loner whose life under closer examination reveals that she frequented sex bondage clubs - the police thinks that maybe she was in the Catacombs for a sexual rendezvous. While the rest of his team is chasing the sex angle, Jo links the dead girl to ...

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