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Now that Calvin has the Aster Corps access card which he hands over to Martin, Martin is tasked with retrieving all Calvin's computer files from Aster Corps. Calvin warns Martin to avoid his old partner, Tony Rigby, as Tony, who did not appreciate Calvin's public departure, would exact some form of retribution if he found that Martin was there helping Calvin. Once at Aster Corps, Martin makes a last minute decision to take a different tact not only in getting Calvin's files, but also any files related to Amelia. Lucy pieces together the seemingly random murders similar to Claudia Corliss', which she is sure is linked to the mystery man in her photograph, but she does not yet know the connection to Amelia or the identity of the man. The Bohm's old friend Avram in New York receives a visit from Guillermo Ortiz, who Avram can tell is an enemy of the thirty-six. With only Jake's cell phone number, Avram tries to warn Jake and Martin that Ortiz is probably on his way. Jake, now attending ...

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