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The Ghost Dimension isn't exactly frightening - the setup is so well-worn now that it's hard to be particularly startled by what transpires - but it's able to wring sufficient dread out of this franchise's go-to fears.
To the bitter end, the series manages to wring some fun, solid scares out of something other invading something utterly familiar.
By making it so that everyone can see the evil coming, it also robs the franchise of one of its most potent pleasures: studying the frame for signs of trouble, little telltale hints that something is about to go horribly, horribly wrong. Sentient inkblots are a poor substitution for that sensation.
At its most basic level, the Paranormal Activity formula still has some kick, with its combination of creepy lo-fi video and tasteful suburbia creating some strong, unsettling dissonance.
The New York Times
The Paranormal Activity movies have always been about carnival-ride sensations, the narrative through-line secondary. That's fortunate, because those seeking closure to what continuity there has been will go home mostly disappointed.
If only Ghost Dimension spent more time in the ghost dimension and less time in the people dimension, we might have had something.
There may well be new and novel ways to spark audience shivers from not-so-bright homeowners inexplicably using their cameraphones to check out bumps in the night, but this series clearly has neither the patience nor the inclination to look for them anymore.
Even at this late stage in the evolution of the franchise, logical lapses in filmmaking technique undercut the integrity of the found-footage format.... What may be less acceptable, however, is the film's unaccountably weak effort to sort out the mythology concerning the series of demonic hauntings.
It's a test of one's tolerance for watching predominantly empty frames - the anonymous performers scarcely count - in the hope something will jolt us from mounting tedium.
The sixth time is not the charm with this load of hooey that tries to make up for its lack of legitimate scares or basic narrative clarity by adding the alleged miracle of 3-D into the mix.

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