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The Mindy Project Josh and Mindy's Christmas Party
dalydj-918-25517511 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Mindy and Josh are told to wait longer to skate but even when she does not want to wait. Mindy and Josh go skating but when everything seems perfect they are interrupted by ice skating players. Mindy is setting the mood of Christmas and Mindy believes the practice need to deliver. Danny does not seem into celebrating Christmas but Mindy still believes it would be good for the practice. Danny brings a great gingerbread man house and Mindy is well impressed. Everyone sees Josh walk in the room and that he is her real boyfriend. Danny has to leave the party early because he is meeting up with someone. Mindy accidentally plays a message from Josh's phone and it is another girl who sounds like she is in a relationship with him. Danny tells her to not make a scene but she really wants to. Danny accidentally calls the women and Mindy screams that she is Josh's boyfriend through the phone. Mindy gets mad and decides to run upstairs to talk to Josh. She first smiles at him taking him into a private room saying the words from his other girlfriend. Mindy tells Josh to leave because she is mad at him. Just when Josh is about to leave he is made stay by Morgan as she sings a song. When Mindy gives a bad Christmas speech Danny does it for her with so much more life. Josh's other girlfriend storms into the party and goes all psycho messing with Mindy's apartment. The gingerbread house is destroyed and the two girls start to fight. Mindy leaves the party sad she was embarrassed by Josh for making her the home wrecker. Everyone wants to leave Mindys party but Jeremy makes them all stay for Mindy and all the nice things she has done. Great episode especially the fight scene between Mindy and the girl.

EPISODE GRADE: B+ (MVP: Mindy Kalling)
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