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It's Supposed to Sell Toys

Author: GTDMAC from The ATL
2 September 2013

I've been a Hulk fan since 1971 or so. I've seen comics, movies and TV shows starring one of my all-time favourite characters in a number of different takes - Smart Hulk, dumb Hulk, 1/2 Hulk, etc. Here we see a semi-smart Hulk without much Banner. Really, it seems to be an updated recreation of the 1990's Hulk cartoon right down to the choppy visuals and childish dialogue.

Let's be clear - Lou Ferrigno was the best, and only live Hulk. (The rest are digitized) The cartoon, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, was the best cartoon version of the Hulk and as well as the rest of the Avengers. The Hulk movies and the Avengers were fine for their time except the Hulk actually talks a lot and he says very little in those movies so the characterizations are slightly off. True, I did like Mark Ruffalo's Hulk better than his Banner but, again, too little dialogue. To rank them I would say that Eric Bana's Banner was good but too buff. Mark Ruffalo was better since he's shorter but he's a better Hulk. Finally, Ed Norton's was the best ever since he looks just like Banner should look and act. Better even than Bill Bixby's.

Everything else done since has one purpose and that is to sell children's merchandise. Which brings us to this cartoon. With the new "Avenger's Assemble" Marvel/Disney has yet again rebooted the Avengers/Hulk franchises. They took interesting characterizations and clear story lines and tossed them out the window for fun in the sun cheese. It's like they are making a sandwich by just picking things out of the fridge that should go together like beef and tomatoes and mayo but didn't cook the beef or slice the tomatoes or spread the mayo like they did in Avengers EMH. It's SuperHero Squad but with slightly more mature visuals. I also dislike the "reality show" popups during the show. Give us a cartoon not a reality show take off, please. What's interesting is that the Avengers: EMH really was more faithful to the Hulk comics than this Hulk show will ever be. Sure, they have great voice actors doing the show. Fred Tatasciore is a great Hulk voice and the rest of the cast are an all-star lineup to be sure. I'm just sorry the dialogue and story lines are so weak. It's like they don't even respect the children enough to give them something meatier than the choppy animation and stop sequences that constantly annoy the viewer because they think children can't appreciate continuity in a storyline. I'm almost sorry Disney bought Marvel after seeing this debacle. I almost wonder if someone slipped something into Kevin Feige's food and then made him watch episode after episode of this and Avenger's Assembly until he finally broke and OKed it ...

Here's my million dollar idea for Disney to bank on - Bring back Earth's Mightiest Heroes and truly honor the late director Boyd Kirkland's memory! Then sell the DVDs one season at a time instead of breaking them up into partial seasons no one wants to buy. I'm just sayin' ...

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The Hulk Meets Jersey Shore

Author: teegeyoung from United States
18 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Disney/Marvel may be knocking it out of the park when it comes to live-action theatrical releases, but they continue to struggle to create an animation show that is worth a damn. Here we have the story of Hulk (everyone's favorite rage beast) who is apparently concerned about his public image so much so that he agrees to do a webcam show with Red Hulk, Skaar, She-Hulk, and A-Bomb in order to help change the opinion of the masses.

Read that last sentence again, please. Of all of the possible plot lines Marvel/Disney could have run with for a Hulk show, they chose to go the Jersey Shore route. Each episode is filled with plenty of explosions, silly one-liner jokes, and lots of confessional booth clips of our heroes sharing their thoughts. Every once in a while, something entertaining happens but for the most part, I find myself in disbelief and scratching my head.

Now, I do have a four year old son who loves him some Hulk and he seems to like (not love) this show. I realize that Disney is trying to sell toys to the younger generation and not to please 30 year old dads like me but I don't believe they'll be successful with this series. I believe both Disney and WB would be better served in making a quality animated show first and then marketing a toy campaign around that rather than shoveling out garbage shows that are wrapped in pretty colors.

It's been two decades since Batman: TAS originally aired and it is still spoken of very highly today by anyone who ever laid eyes on it... none of us will be talking about this debacle three years from now.

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Absolute garbage

Author: finkelman from United States
3 August 2014

What do you picture in your mind when you think of the Hulk?

If you imagined a giant green rage monster, then you, sir, are an idiot.

If you pictured the Hulk being a well spoken fatherly figure, flying spaceships, futuristic cars, and shooting laser weapons from his wrist, and talking about his feelings in a video confessional for a blog, then you are a winner!

Reread the previous paragraph.

Read it again.

Words cant describe how awful this show is. Its almost as if the writers were challenged to cram the most non-Hulkish ideas into a show for a bet... And they succeeded. I don't know if they should be congratulated or executed for crimes against television.

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Ultimate Spiderman is way worse

Author: noirraven
23 April 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Everything that everyone is complaining about in this show, I have found in Spiderman and to be even more intolerable than what we see here but, I've also given this show a fair chance.

Is the show the best Disney/Marvel's ever produced? Jesus Christ, no, but Hulk and the agents of SMASH has a certain charm to it that I don't think many stick around long enough to recognize. (IT GETS BETTER MID SEASON!) Sure there are things we have to get used to; such as the reality show bits that show up seemingly random at first. One of the mistakes viewers make--and I did this too so no shaming here--is thinking that what they're seeing is "live."

I think this happened because Rick (A-Bomb's former identity,) was calling it a "webcast," something that's usually done live and off script but it's apparent by Spidermans FIRST cameo--he gets two in this show for some reason--after his mask is ripped off by The Collector, that A-Bomb edits the entire show. This is confirmed later on in the season when Hulk has Rick replay the footage of Skarr sabotaging the hulks from the inside a couple episodes later.

Another thing we have to get used to is the Hulk being fully sentient. I will admit, it's odd to see the Hulk rant episode after episode about being "an uncontrollable monster" and yet he's talking to us calmly, with that sombre voice of his... He comes off more as someone with severe depression that has explosive (and often homicidal) tendencies than a radioactive, roid-raging monster and I, for one, happen like that change.

But I've never been one for the "mindless beast" narrative everyone else here seems to love. It just seems too easy and lazy, to me, to write him that way so I'm happy that they decided to flesh him out so much in this show. Oh sure, Hulk could--and has--punch a planet but there's no reason to make him all "RAWR! HULK ANGRY," because of that power.

I'm also not sure of Mightiest Heroes Hulk was "the best" Hulk. That Hulk seemed a lot more homicidal and socio/psychopathic, what with threatening to eat Wasp in one episode. I'm sure it was written to be half-hearted but that didn't translate to the animation department so it came off mildly threatening. And while the new Avengers Assemble is the worst replacement for AEMH since, Transformers Armada (after Beast Wars), I will admit, my favorite episode of that show was the one where everyone got turned into Hulks. Everyone was losing it over nothing and Cap, even tho he was as crazed as the others, had the balls to ask, "Is this what it's like for you all the time?" That spoke to me and it really did an excellent job showcasing what it's like to be the Hulk from a perspective we don't often think about.

Unfortunately, this doesn't happen so much here, in Agents of SMASH. As I said, he complains about being "a monster" but he only ever loses it during fights, when anyone/everyone is going to lose it and only when his shadow gains sentience--Long story- -does he actually display random bouts of anger that would make him seem dangerous. He doesn't give that "I can snap at any moment" vibe and I think that's what most adult fans are upset about...

But this is a show aimed at five year olds. Even their toy-line reflects that. Does the show suffer for it? Yes and I will admit, the animation in some places just gets so lazy, I'm surprised Disney signed off on it, but other times, the animation is just glorious. I also kind of love the childish humor. There's a lot of clever quips and while Red is a typical army dumbass with a heart of gold but he's got the BEST LINES out of everyone in this damn show. He makes the show bearable for me and aside from Jen aka She-Hulk, all the characters have managed to grow on me. Yes, even A-BOMB, who I don't blame anyone for labeling as the most annoying and juvenile superhero since SPIDERMAN. (He's voiced by Seth Green, what did you expect?)

Speaking of She-Hulk, she's the only real disappointment in the show. I'm rather happy that, for once, a female super hero was given SOME bulk and a respectable outfit, but aside from a couple episodes in season one, she seems to be an after thought of the series and omg Wheels of Fury is just... painful. I can't believe that was dedicated as Jen's episode.

But I've ranted enough. Overall, I give the series a generous 8/10, but if I were to be totally honest, it's a 5.5-6, sometimes a 6.5 depending on the episode. I do encourage everyone to watch it and please give it a fair chance, especially if you happen to like big bara dudes being adorable as heck while also causing mass explosions. :D

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This show is quite enjoyable.

Author: Atticus Jerusalem from United States
14 January 2015

I recently started watching this show on Netflix and have been enjoying it. I think people are attacking it because it is not just a mindless Hulk full of rage. The point of this show is to show Hulk as a hero. It is a lot better than Avengers 1999-2000 or Wolverine and the X-Men. If you enjoy Ultimate Spider-man you will enjoy this title also. It has all the same fun and offbeat humor of Ultimate Spider-man and takes place in the same universe. I also recommend it to fans of Seth Green and Eliza Dushku. Seth Green is really fun as Rick Jones/A-Bomb. Eliza Dushku is perfect as She-Hulk. I think people should definitely give this show a chance.

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Under-rated. A Great show. At least it's not the Avengers or Spiderman

Author: Nick from Chicago
1 May 2014

Hulk and the Agents of Smash is a sadly misunderstood show. Some might criticize it for its lack of a central plot, but that would actually ruin this show. Like most kid shows out today, this is mostly not a sequential story that builds upon itself to for an intricate plot. It's a funny cartoon about superheroes who have been left out a lot from the Marvel franchise living together as room-mates trying to save the world. The Hulks are on a mission to be accepted by a world that fears their power, with a bunch of gags and cameos along the way. It's unfair to criticize the show for not having a complicated story when it was never meant to have one. This show is aimed to entertain young children and give them a taste of the Marvel Universe, in a quirky, fresh way. Haven't you noticed all of A-Bomb's cameras? It's a reality show, with super strong super heroes! I think it's a breath of fresh air compared to the milked-to-death Avengers franchise. And don't get me started on how cliché and overdone Spiderman is. Relax and enjoy the hilarity!

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Hulk ..... is it really ?

Author: steefan-92
12 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I will keep this short since there is not much to tell about it yet.First of who's behind this great idea .. I mean hulk is talking,thinking like a scientist without even turning back into Banner.So far this cartoon is all about face paced bad done combat with kid who is suppose to be .. what exactly ?Its ... story is build around the fact that hulk is presented menace and his goal is to prove media how wrong they are,and that's where story kicks off ...I don't mind that,but what i do mind is how childish it looks and then Red hulk (general Ross),shows up and he is suppose to be tough guy who speak too much and too bold like he is knight on the white horse only with cowboy language.And i was OK fine,lets see where will story go next ... and he get kidnapped by ( i am trying not to spoil to much),and kid is taking his place after blast he and hulk survived.So i what do i think about this.. another disaster in row after Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes,well there isn't much to think about it,its clearly yet another attempt to attract younger audience,ignoring people who are ,,overgrown" for cartoons.There isn't any kind of real plot,any kind of character development.Its just about action,bad humor,CG,lame animated design,even lamer lines,completely stripped away from any kind of complexity.. In other words its just like another Ben Omniverse,Ultimate Spider- man,Avengers Assemble.So final verdict is 6/10 and i think it deserves even less.

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I want to SMASH this garbage!

Author: Jbad5 from United States
23 March 2014

More proof that Disney is destroying the Marvel brand. They are turning Marvel into a complete joke. Goofiness abounds. There is nothing serious about this series. There is very little respect paid to the history of Hulk comics. It is obvious that the corporate execs running Disney only think that Marvel cartoon shows should be for kids 10 and under. There is nothing intelligent in the show, and the fighting is so unrealistic and undramatic that it will bore you to sleep. The creators of this show have completely sold out the Marvel Universe. Unfortunately the best Hulk cartoon is still the one from the 1960s--which is a sad statement. After watching a full episode of this one you will want to SMASH alright--SMASH the Disney corporate sellouts who are pumping out this garbage.

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A show produced for DVD sales...I guess

Author: Cayo Hern from United States
17 November 2013

I saw this series ONCE....but when you consider that it's broadcast ONLY once a week early on a Sunday morning, even Disney XD doesn't seem to have much confidence in it. I guess it's being produced with hopes of making some cash via DVD sales. I found this series by accident and have seen very little publicity about it. The one episode that I saw showed fairly limited animation and not very impressive scripting.....I hope this isn't an indication of what we can expect from future Disney/Marvel collaborations! It's difficult to write 10 lines about a series that's available on such a limited basis. I'd like to see a few more episodes so that my judgment can be based on a larger sample size but like most people, I like to sleep in a bit on a Sunday morning and haven't been able to catch any others yet.

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Plot, what plot

Author: Bob Wright
27 August 2013

There are some positive things about this series. The show uses characters and villains which have rarely been seen in other cartoons. The show has more of a story line than the Hulk getting mad and saving the day, and there is just the Intelligent Hulk, which means no "Hulk Smash" every 5 minutes. Aside from that, there are numerous problems with the show. There is no character development or attempt to capture the essence of that character. Just a half hour of catch phrases and pointless battles. Although, hearing Seth Green as Rick Jones is probably the only upside to the show. Aside from that, it's watchable, but not much else.

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