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  • Having reached the outskirts of Philadelphia, Miles manages to convince the rebels that he can deliver Monroe's head to them. They agree to work with him and are soon traveling through the city's subway system to get into town. They begin to hallucinate when their oxygen supply thins out. They also have to deal with a traitor in their midst. Charlie learns why Miles left the militia. Rachel has agreed to build an amplifier that will expand the power and range of the pendants. Major Neville begins to doubt her sincerity and has a way to test what she's doing.

  • Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aaron struggle to separate fantasy from reality on an underground journey to Independence Hall. Meanwhile, Monroe starts to grow suspicious of Rachel.



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  • Open outside of Philly with Nora, Miles and the rest of the gang turning themselves into a group of rebels. At first the rebels have a tough time believing it's not a trap of some kind. Eventually a sergeant named Wheatley helps talk the colonel into taking them up on their offer of bringing them to Monroe.

    A drunken Miles tells Charlie he's nervous about the potential for going one-on-one against Monroe. Miles leads the group to the entrance of a tunnel. The only way for them to get to Monroe is to go underground.

    In the tunnel Wheatley tells Monroe he liked the notion that even if it's a trap he'll still be able to kill Miles. Charlie asks Nora about the relationship between Miles and Monroe. She tells him at one point Miles couldn't follow through on an assassination attempt. Charlie steps on a mine and Nora has her remain still.

    Rachel is working on a device connected to the medallion. She tells Tom that it's an amplifier for the device, increasing it's range to a half mile.

    Nora manages to unscrew the mine and temporarily disarm it so they can run away. But it goes off, creating an explosion that seals one of the tunnels.

    Miles notices a rebel scout run into a doorway. The door turns out to be a utility closet and everybody wonders if Miles is okay. Later on Nora thinks she's grabbed by an alligator. Aaron points out their torches have gotten weaker, meaning the mine cut off their air supply. Everybody is beginning to hallucinate. They arrive at the exit Miles had been looking for and find it's been sealed. They keep moving.

    Miles sees what looks like an open door and walks into Monroe's office. It's another hallucination. Monroe tells him he looks tired. Monroe says he knows Miles' secret, that he's worried about selling out his friends and going back to the militia. Charlie overhears him talking to Monroe and tells him he needs to be strong for them.

    Aaron begins to see his wife and tries to ignore her.

    Wheatley spots a door that looks partially open. Miles seems confused, as all of the doors were supposed to be sealed. Wheatley and Miles break through the door. But as soon as they do Wheatley turns and starts shooting. He kills several of the rebels.

    Wheatley takes Miles through the door and props it shut. He tells Miles he's a double-agent for the militia and is going to take him to Monroe. Wheatley tells Miles they ran into each other years ago.

    The rest of the gang manages to break through the door. Wheatley shoots the last remaining rebel, but Charlie hits him with an arrow. Before he falls he gets off one last shot and seems to hit Charlie.

    Charlie wakes up on a bed in her father's home. He asks her to tell Danny and Maggie that dinner is ready. She wonders if everything that's happened with Miles. has been a dream.

    Then we see Miles yelling at Charlie to open her eyes. The shot from Wheatley only grazed her, but she hit her when she fell.

    Back with her father Charlie realizes that she is dreaming. She tells her father she has to get Danny and gives him a hug.

    Charlie wakes up.

    Later that night Charlie thanks Miles for saving her. She heard him during her dream and he is the reason she didn't stay there. They are preparing to head out of the tunnel without a good sense of what is on the other side.

    Monroe pays Rachel a visit while she's working on her amplifier. Tom has told Monroe he has a hunch about what Rachel is actually doing and they've brought in Dr. Jaffe to take a look. Jaffe looks at the machine Jaffe tells Monroe that it's actually a bomb, with the pendant acting like a trigger so she can kill Monroe. She tells him she'll build him another amplifier and tells him he needs her. Monroe says he has Jaffe, who has been more cooperative. Rachel grabs Jaffe and sticks a screwdriver into his neck. "Now you need me," she says.

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