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Season 1

26 Feb. 2013
Episode #1.1
Fast approaching forty vet Sara is frustrated by officious undertakers refusing to cremate a client's dead cat until next day and by her inability to tell her mother she is a Lesbian. In the park she meets attractive dog owner Eve and asks her to the 'surprise' party her friends,including reenactment fan Daniel and cleanliness-obsessed Jamie have organized for her. Eve duly arrives and enjoys the party despite a dog toying with the dead cat. Then Sara discovers the present her friends have bought for her - the services of gargantuan life coach Toria,who insists she ...
5 Mar. 2013
Episode #1.2
Sara is pleased when Eve apparently makes a date with her but depressed when Toria tells her she has five weeks to come out to her parents. When grateful client Julie asks her to a party given by her film-maker boyfriend John Sara jumps at the chance to impress. After getting involved in a paint-ball day she invites her friend Justine to the party even though Justine has been hypnotised. At the function Sara plays detective to work out the true nature of Julie and John's relationship though she does manage to get Justine out of her trance.
12 Mar. 2013
Episode #1.3
Having survived Toria's drum therapy Sara is hoping to plan a future with Eve when Sabine,her extremely loud and excitable French ex-girlfriend, turns up to attend a funeral and wants a place to stay. Sara lets her stay for one night before being persuaded to give an awkward and muddled oration at the funeral. At least Jamie,searching for his masculinity,takes Sabine off her hands so a delighted Sara rushes to see Eve. However she is upset when the door is opened to her by a young woman who would seem to be Eve's partner.
19 Mar. 2013
Episode #1.4
Still hiding from Eve after the door-step encounter Sara has to accommodate veterinary inspector Jonathan Walters whilst Daniel is on leave for a weekend with a dominatrix so Justine stands in for him. After initially impressing him Jonathan realises that she is a fake and Sara fears the worst but when Eve's dog is rushed in for an emergency operation Jonathan and Sara work together to save him and she wins his respect. Sara is also visited by imperious Ivanka Batalova,wife of a Russian oligarch,anxious to get her dog to mate though success is provided accidentally ...
26 Mar. 2013
Episode #1.5
Toria invites Sara,along with Justine and Jamie,to her parents',Frances and Humphrey's,ancestral hall to practice coming out to them as a dummy run for her own parents. They are a strange pair who serve road-kill for dinner and,when Sara makes her admission,assume Toria is her lover,Toria being too cowed by them to deny it. That night ghostly voices are heard and when Sara investigates she exposes a family secret. However,after getting drunk and intimate with Justine,Jamie inadvertently finds a way to save the ancestral pile and release Toria from being a dutiful ...
2 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.6
Sara is preparing to tell her parents and brother Ben that she is gay at a family dinner in a restaurant. In the meantime there is a break-in at the surgery and Colin,the Community Support Officer who comes to investigate,suggests it is an insurance fraud. Furthermore a viper escapes and bites Sara,requiring her to have a penicillin shot which turns her face orange. Arriving at the restaurant she gets two surprises - Colin is the waiter and Eve is at the next table with her fractious girlfriend. Ben is late in arriving but when he does turn up he provides the biggest ...

 Season 1 

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