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Though the film appears to be set in 2004, the red Mazda MX-5 in which Pete Olsen arrives at his house is a third generation model, not launched until 2005.
The Ford Escape, which Pete drives in the US in 2004, is a second generation model from 2007.


When Coogan's character is holding the photo of Philomena's boy, and they show a close-up of the photo, it is the same close-up with Philomena's thumb in it, that we saw earlier, not a man's thumb.
After Alex talks to Martin on flight to America, Alex leaves and goes to stairs (going to upper deck - ie like 747). When the plane is landing, the view of the landing plane is one with a single level passenger compartment.
When Martin enters the car at the monastery he has a messenger bag on his shoulder, but inside the car the bag isn't there.

Errors in geography 

The BMW hire car in Ireland has Republic of Ireland registration plates and a Northern Ireland tax disc.

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