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Exciting and fulfilling!

Author: Shane3182 from United States
16 January 2013

Castiel, after receiving orders from the angel Naomi, asks Dean for help with rescuing Samandriel, another angel who is being tortured by Crowley for information.

Torn and Frayed starts off exciting, and ends with just as much (if not more) excitement; there were a few parts in the middle that I couldn't help but dislike, specifically the parts that included Amelia. Those scenes with Sam and Amelia thankfully did not bring down the rest of the episode. Sam is a great character, but he doesn't seem to have any 'shining moments' when he's in the same room with her, which is what makes these scenes feel a bit dull.

While the episode did have its ups and downs, I believe the writers did a wonderful job wrapping up certain things which will, hopefully, be good news for the Winchester brothers. There have been certain conflicts getting between the brothers this entire season, and both have been doing their best to avoid bringing up the issues (or rather, do their best to hide that it's an issue), which has slowly but surely been tearing the brothers apart. These issues are addressed in Torn and Frayed, and the results might surprise you.

I feel that there was a lack of Castiel and Crowley in this episode, and that was one of the only letdowns. Since this IS a battle between heaven and hell, it seems only fitting to have periodical showings of both angels and demons. However, having less angels vs demons action gives us a chance to focus on the brothers and, like I said, allows them to bring up the issues between them. It's about time, too!

Great episode! I'm already looking forward to finding out what will happen following these events. I suspect we'll be seeing more of Naomi and Crowley in the future. I would give this a 7, however, the end really threw me for a loop and for that I say this episode deserves a solid 8 / 10.

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Best of the season

Author: Julian .
17 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

By far the best episode of the season. I was intrigued from the beginning to the end, and I loved the characterization in the episode. The acting was very good - perhaps one of the only/biggest complaints I have with Supernatural is that sometimes the acting is a bit forced/odd/bad.

Nonetheless, this episode had tons of great plot points. The only part that slightly disappointed me was the part where Crowley says "there's an angel tablet". Kinda saw that coming/wasn't surprised. They literally could have used that for ANYTHING, but they chose "Angel Tablet". Slightly disappointing.

Also, I loved that new angel who was being tortured (can't quite recall his name) and his actor. I actually yelled "no I loved him" when he died, but the scene was directed very well and I loved the cuts from Castiel/Sam/Dean to Naomi/Castiel.

Overall, other than a few minor flaws, this episode was fantastic, and easily the best of the season. I hope they continue to utilize the writers for this episode, as they did a great job.

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More the same!

Author: mm-39 from Winnipeg
17 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Supernatural could become a redundant series if many of the this season's episodes are like Torn and Frayed. Torn and Frayed had the same story-lines of Angel and Demons battling. Castiel is having problems again. The seeking out of an object. Sam and Dean are at odds. Sam has another love interest. All I can say is been there, did it, and done that. Boring could describe Torn and Frayed. The episode is well directed and acted which made the show watchable. Dean is as cool as ever. Sam is the over tense guy! I believe the Sub-stories of Sam's girlfriend, and Dean's monster may be interesting. I give Torn and Frayed a six out of ten.

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"Torn and Frayed" Pretty Much A Waste Of Time

Author: gerrythree ( from New York
22 January 2013

Judging from this episode, the rumor is true that season eight of the "Supernatural" will be the series' last. Most of this episode, "Torn and Frayed," is occupied with showing an angel being tortured by Crowley's flunkey. No need for much dialog or spending time with camera setups when you are filming someone strapped in a chair mumbling Nokian. The rest of the story consists of brief scenes showing Sam's former girlfriend and Dean's bromance pal from purgatory. Castiel is there too, to help end this time filler episode. Bad as the Leviathan story arc in season seven was, at least there the producers tried to create some interest in the characters. With "Torn and Frayed," Supernatural hits rock bottom. To think that some years back, this series had a great episode like "Nightshifter," with suspense, mystery and action in a coherently written format. Even I could write a better episode than this one, an episode which seems to have been written by a committee of writers on drugs.

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