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Gregg doesn’t possess the moral rot needed to crawl into the Willy Loman muck, and the film’s dialogue is Glengarry lite, but Saxon Sharbino, as an enigmatic tween actor, is just as the movie claims: the real deal.
The Dissolve
A smart, sardonic, unpredictable morality play that gets the little things right.
Thee inside-Hollywood dramedy Trust Me contains so much terrific writing, acting and observation that it becomes a bit easier to forgive writer-director-star Clark Gregg when his ambitions best him during the movie's convoluted last third.
The New York Times
As the movie picks up speed and undergoes sudden, confusing plot reversals, it loses its satirical edge.
Hugely entertaining for much of its short running time before a third act that's problematic for various reasons, the film benefits from a top-notch cast and some sharp dialogue but will leave many viewers scratching their heads.
Like a cocky insider, Trust Me touches success only to throw it away on a gamble.
The film isn't as biting as The Player or Swimming with Sharks, and neither Howard's struggles nor Lydia's mystery is a match for the electricity of the supporting actresses in their brief roles.
Gregg, who previously directed the very dark comedy “Choke,” never quite settles on a tone; from the opening scenes, in which Molly Shannon plays a neurotic stage mom and Allison Janney a chilly casting agent, it seems he’s going that way again, but a dramatic twist sends the film into less plausible territory.
Every actor probably dreams of creating his or her ideal role. So kudos to Marvel movie stalwart Clark Gregg (“The Avengers,” TV’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”) for actually doing it, as writer, director and star of this indie drama. If only we could extend our congratulations to the project itself.
Slant Magazine
Almost none of the film's characters or scenarios escape feeling contrived under writer-director-star Clark Gregg's bizarro tonal shifts and plot developments.

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