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Garlic And Gunpowder: Poster And Trailer Premiere For Indie Action Comedy

We are premiering the poster and trailer for the very indie action comedy movie Garlic & Gunpowder. Harrison Smith's (Camp Dread and Zombie Killers: Elephants Graveyard) small budget action comedy was picked up for distribution by Global Digital Releasing.    This particular film has many stars of old in it. There is Michael Madsen and Vivica A. Fox right there. Also, they do not point him out specifically but Martin 'Sweep the leg' Kove is also in this. That is worth the price of admission alone, right?   Global Digital Releasing has acquired worldwide rights to the slapstick Action-Comedy Garlic And Gunpowder starring Steven Chase, James Duvall, Lainie Kazan, Judy Tenuta, Martin Kove, Dean McDermott, Felissa Rose, Vivica A. Fox and Michael Madsen. The film...

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‘Death House’ Interview: Director Harrison Smith (Part 2)

With the highly-anticipated horror Death House released in cinemas this past weekend, I got a chance to talk to director Harrison Smith about the film. In this second part of our chat, Smith talks about the planned Death House sequels And prequel, along with this other projects Garlic and Gunpowder, Skulk and Keepsake, plus he offer advice on how to break into filmmaking.

If you haven’t read part one of our interview, you can check that out right here Definitely read that part before reading further!

So there’s going to be an prequel and five sequels to Death House.. how many of these have go completed scripts so far and when are you looking to start shooting them?

Death House 2 has a completed script, the others are in treatment phase. As for shooting dates I don’t know. The problem with this industry is that everybody bullshi*ts.
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Harrison Smith and Genre Vets Get Spicy for Garlic and Gunpowder!

Death House and Camp Dread director/writer B. Harrison Smith has stepped out of the genre for his first swipe at comedy with the star-packed Garlic and Gunpowder. Entertainment Factory’s Rick Finkelstein and Steven Chase produced with Smith writing the script… Continue Reading →

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Vr horror ‘360 Degrees of Hell’ Comes to You This Halloween

Recall Studios has released ‘360 Degrees of Hell’, a new horror Vr experience for Halloween. The film stars Amanda Wyss, from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, and Lauren Compton, star of Justin Lin’s blockbuster Vr experience, ‘Help!’ Directed by B Harrison Smith (Camp Dread, The Fields, Zombie Killers, the upcoming Death House), the experience follows …

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Horror Highlights: The Wraiths Of War Exclusive Excerpt, The Shelter, IFC’s Horror Marathons, 360 Degrees Of Hell, Slimer & Sloth Pins

The Wraiths of War hits shelves from Titan Books tomorrow, October 11th, so we encourage our readers to continue reading today's Highlights for an exclusive excerpt from Mark Morris' new novel. Also: a new trailer for The Shelter, IFC's "Wake Up and Smell the Evil" Marathon, 360 Degrees of Hell Vr experience, and photos / release details for the Slimer and Sloth pins.

Exclusive Excerpt from The Wraiths of War: Synopsis: "Alex Locke is desperately trying to hold onto the disparate threads of the complex web of time he has created. He travels to the First World War, living through the horrors of trench warfare in order to befriend a young soldier crucial to his story; then to the 1930s to uncover the secrets of a mysterious stage magician. He moves back and forth in time, always with the strange and terrifying Dark Man on his heels, gradually getting closer to
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The first ‘Death House’ trailer has landed: Will your favourite horror icon survive?

Last week we brought you some exclusive news via scream queen Barbara Crampton about forthcoming film Death House. The film is being touted as the Expendables of the horror genre with several high profile genre actors battling for survival. In addition to Crampton the film boasts the talents of Kane Hodder, Dee Wallace, Sid Haig and Tony Todd.

Though not likely to release until 2017, a first trailer has landed online:

Did you spot your favourite horror icon? In our chat Crampton revealed that Hodder will be taking a central role and the trailer definitely seems to reflect that.

So what’s Death House all about? Well the official synopsis is thus:

Two federal agents fight their way through nine levels of Hell inside a secret prison known as the Death House. A facility-wide prison break turns their flight into a tour of horrors as they push toward the ultimate evil
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First Look at 'Expendables of Horror' Movie 'Death House'

First Look at 'Expendables of Horror' Movie 'Death House'
Back in February, we reported that a number of genre icons were coming together for a new film entitled Death House, which has been dubbed The Expendables of Horror. At the time, we didn't known when production would begin, or if a release date had been set. Today, we have word that principal photography is about to wrap, and the filmmakers are eyeing a late 2016 or early 2017 release date. Photos from this horror-thriller have also been released, giving us our first look at legends such as Kane Hodder, Dee Wallace and many more.

Two federal agents fight their way through nine levels of Hell inside a secret prison known as the Death House. A facility-wide prison break turns their flight into a tour of horrors as they push toward the ultimate evil housed in the lowest depths of the earth. Entertainment Factory's Death House is about to wrap principal photography in Philadelphia,
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More names added to Expendables-style horror Death House

Last month we brought you word on the Expendables-style horror movie Death House from director Harrison Smith (Camp Dread), and with production set to get underway this month we now have news on more additions to the cast in Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Cody Longo (Piranha 3D), Cortney Palm (Zombeavers), Stelio Savante (The Making Of The Mob: New York) and Richard Speight Jr. (Supernatural).

The trio join a cast that reportedly features the likes of Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), Bill Moseley (House of 1,000 Corpses), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), Dee Wallace (The Hills Have Eyes), Barbara Crampton (Chopping Mall), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), Don Shanks (Halloween 5), Camille Keaton (I Spit On Your Grave) and Danny Trejo (From Dusk Till Dawn).

The Death House is the Area 51 of Evil… a subterranean government facility that holds humanity’s worst on nine levels.
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Harker’s Hits: February 15!

Harker’s Hits: February 15!
Despite Deadpool smashing all box-office records in every corner of the world ($132.7 million in Three Freaking Days — and that’s just in North America!), that’s not the only news that broke this Valentine’s weekend.

In case you, too, were ensconced in a Ryan Reynolds bubble since Friday, take a gander at these other developments:

• Am I dreaming?! News broke this weekend that Death House is a thing. With a script by the late Gunnar Hansen (a.k.a. Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s Leatherface) and Harrison Smith (director of Camp Dread) the flick is set to star a who’s who of horror: Robert Englund (Freddy — obviously — from A Nightmare On Elm Street), Kane Hodder (Jason from Friday The 13th), Doug Bradley (Pinhead from Hellraiser), Dee Wallace (Cujo, The Howling), Barbara Crampton (Re-animator), and Danny Trejo (well … everything), among others. Being called an Expendables for the scare set,
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Horror House Will Be The Expendables of Horror Films

Last year Bruce Campbell talked about an idea for a horror movie that he described as The Expendables of horror films — a film that would bring together a ton of classic horror stars together in one movie. It was a great idea that got horror fans really excited and is now being brought to life. Unfortunately, it’s not coming from Bruce Campbell.

The movie is being directed by B. Harrison Smith, who has made a few movies that I’ve never heard of like Camp Dread and Zombie Killers: Elephant Graveyard. The script for the film was written by the late Gunnar Hansen, who is best known for playing Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films.

The cast of the movie is pretty impressive and includes Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), Bill Moseley (House of a 1000 Corpses), Michael Berryman
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A host of horror icons assemble for Expendables-inspired Death House

A host of the horror genre’s biggest names are set to assemble for an Expendables-inspired ensemble entitled Death House, which is being directed by Harrison Smith (Camp Dread) from a script he wrote with the late Gunnar Hansen, a.k.a. Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Set to feature in the cast are horror icons Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), Bill Moseley (House of 1,000 Corpses), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), Dee Wallace (The Hills Have Eyes), Barbara Crampton (Chopping Mall), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), Don Shanks (Halloween 5), Camille Keaton (I Spit On Your Grave) and Danny Trejo (From Dusk Till Dawn). Here’s the official synopsis…

The Death House is the Area 51 of Evil… a subterranean government facility that holds humanity’s worst on nine levels. Hell, Dante’s ninth level, holds the Five Evils…
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Round-Up: The Horror Network Release Details, Film4 FrightFest Halloween Event, Watch a Clip from 6:15

The Horror Network anthology, directed by some of the horror genre's newest talents, will arrive on DVD and VOD on October 27th. Also in this round-up: details on the Film4 FrightFest Halloween event and a clip from the zombie film 6:15.

The Horror Network: Press Release: "New York, NY - Wild Eye Releasing has set loose the latest entry in the horror anthology genre, The Horror Network. Created by Brian Dorton and Douglas Conner, this first volume of terror tales features segments directed by Dorton, Conner, Joseph Graham, Manuel Marín, Lee Matthews and Ignacio Martín Lerma, the series has been hailed as "a collection of nightmares that scream for all horror fans to see." The film will be available on DVD and VOD October 27th.

Serial killers, ghostly phone calls, inner demons, otherworld monsters and creepy stalkers collide in this frightening anthology. Six of horror's most promising new directing talents
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Round-Up: Shriekfest 2015 Lineup, The Cleansing Hour Kickstarter, Ballet Of Blood World Premiere

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The first wave of films to be shown at this year's Shriekfest International Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival all look like they are going to be a bloody good time! Also: The Cleansing Hour's Kickstarter campaign and Ballet of Blood premiere details.

Shriekfest 2015: Press Release: "Los Angeles, CA - Shriekfest International Horror/Sci-fi Film Festival is thrilled to announce its first surge of films for the Fifteenth annual festival! Shriekfest brings you the Best in independent horror and sci-fi! "We are so excited for our 15th year and this slate of films!" says festival director Denise Gossett. Shriekfest is Oct 1-4.

Granny Of The Dead: Directed by Tudley James. In a small town unknowing and free from betrayal, an evil is looming to rewrite their tale. From deep within hell a curse rises up, to strike down the old and never give up. The elderly dead
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Exclusive: Felissa Rose on Her Intimidatingly Loving Character in Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard

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Many horror fans met Felissa Rose for the first time one sinister summer at Camp Arawak back in the early 1980s. Though perhaps best known for playing Angela Baker in Robert Hiltzik’s 1983 cult classic, Sleepaway Camp, Rose has portrayed a wide variety of memorable characters in the horror genre since the turn of the century. Her latest role, a deeply religious survivor in the rural town of Elwood in the age of a zombie apocalypse, is certainly no exception.

With Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard now available on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay, we caught up with Rose to discuss her intense character, working with Billy Zane and Dee Wallace, Scream Factory’s Sleepaway Camp Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, and much more.

You worked with writer/director Harrison Smith in last year’s Camp Dread. What was your experience working with him again on Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard?
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Horror / Sci-Fi Round-Up: Hannibal Season 3, Scream Factory Titles, Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard

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We’re back with another round-up of horror and sci-fi news, including a casting update for Hannibal’s third season, Scream Factory’s new title announcement and their revealed special features for the Exterminators of the Year 3000 Blu-ray, and also an upcoming special screening of Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard that will include a Q&A with director B. Harrison Smith and cast members Billy Zane, Dee Wallace Stone, and Felissa Rose.

TVLine reports that Tony award-winning Nina Arianda (Broadway’s Venus in Fur, Rob the Mob, Midnight in Paris) will play a recurring role on Hannibal in the third season that premieres this summer. Arianda plays a character named Molly—a strong single mother who is a romantic interest for one key character.

In other, previously announced Hannibal Season 3 casting news, Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit films) will play The Tooth Fairy serial killer (aka Francis
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Billy Zane, Dee Wallace and Felissa Rose To Attend Free USC Screening/Q&A Of Zombie Killers On January 27th!

We just reported on Anchor bay’s upcoming release of Zombie Killers: Elephant’S Graveyard (due to make its mark on DVD/Bluray on February 3rd), and for all of you zombie fanatics wanting not just a taste of the film, but the Entire thing, USC is hosting a special sneak preview of the B. Harrison Smith-helmed film on January 27th at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, which director B. Harrison Smith graduated from in ’85.

Following the special sneak preview, the cast and members of the crew will be on hand to meet fans and take part in a Q&A regarding Zombie Killers: Elephant’S Graveyard, so if you’re in the area, stop by and check it out. For full details, see below!

Date/Time: Tuesday, January 27th; 7:00pm

Where: USC School of Cinematic Arts

Ray Stark Family Theatre, Sca 108

George Lucas Bldg. Lobby

900 E.
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Camp Dread (2014) review

Reviewed by Colleen Wanglund

Camp Dread (2014)

Directed by Harrison Smith

Runtime 94 minutes

Written and directed by Harrison Smith, Camp Dread stars Eric Roberts as Julian Barrett, a washed-up director of a trilogy of hit horror films who has a scheme for another “big” project. Barrett brings together a group of troubled twenty-somethings who were given the choice of jail or boot camp, and two of his former stars for a reality show. The camp is actually the site of Barrett’s original three films, a working summer camp in a small town overseen by Sheriff Donlyn, played by the lovely Danielle Harris. The “contestants” will have to get the camp ready to open, as well as take part in challenges, go to therapy sessions, and risk elimination. That elimination becomes all too real rather quickly.

For a B-movie, Camp Dread isn’t too bad, even though the plot has some implausible aspects to it.
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DVD Review – Camp Dread (2014)

Camp Dread, 2014.

Written and Directed by Harrison Smith.

Starring Eric Roberts, Danielle Harris, Kyle Patrick Brennan, Ashley Caspermeyer, Felissa Rose, Ashley Sumner and Nicole Cinaglia.


After directing a trilogy of 80’s horror flicks, Julian Barrett (Roberts) plans a reboot of the series on the basis of a reality show design. By encouraging interest in the concept by using reality TV he hopes to generate the necessary finances he needs to launch his project. By using stars of the now aged movies and a group of young people with troubled pasts, he thinks he has the perfect mix to achieve his goal. However, the lines between reality and film events soon become blurred and before long the contestants are fighting for more than just success…..

I had hoped that I would be surprised by this film; that I would be wrong in predicting what would happen based on the story premise.
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‘Camp Dread’ DVD Review

Stars: Eric Roberts, Felissa Rose, Danielle Harris, Joe Raffa, Montanta Marks, Kyle Patrick Brennan, Ashley Caspermeyer, Nicole Cinaglia, Brian Gallagher, Gnomi Gre, Alexander Mandell, Angel Anthony Marrero, Davy Raphaely | Written and Directed by B. Harrison Smith

A group of misguided young adults – amongst them killers, blackmailers, sex offenders – have been sent to the camp as part of a new reality show. This is their last chance to avoid prison or rehab and if they avoid elimination they could win $1 million along the way. Manipulating the contestants is down-at-heel horror director Julian Barrett (Roberts), using the same set as his old horror franchise Summer Camp. And as the competition progresses, it becomes more than just a battle to win. It’s a desperate, gut-wrenching fight for survival…

Welcome to Camp Dread.

Mixing the slasher movie with reality TV doesn’t seem like the best idea for horror movie, especially considering
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Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard Nabs Distro; New Posters

We've been talking about Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard starring Billy Zane, Mischa Barton, Felissa Rose, and Dee Wallace for quite some time; and now we're happy to announce that the flick has found itself distribution!

Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard was picked up for domestic, UK, and Australia release by Anchor Bay. Stay tuned for a release date!

Director Harrison Smith (Camp Dread) had crafted the first zombie film connected to the controversial fracking industry. With visual special effects by Lord of the Rings' Joe Lawson, makeup effects by Angie Johnson of Evolution, and creature effects by "The Walking Dead" artist Toby Sells, the film takes on an American Western flavor that focuses on heavy action and detailed characters.

Several sequels are already planned under the branding of "Zombie Killers," which is referenced in the film, as the story focuses on a team of young warriors under the leadership of military
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