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Captivating movie, no matter what walk of life you're from
franko498728 April 2013
I have never written a review before, but this movie prompted me to create an IMDb account just to do so. To get right down to it, the movie has tremendous Christian input into its production, which some may find intolerable. Given an open mind and a healthy appetite for a real heart-pounder, rooting for the good guy kind of flick, this movie really delivers and may change a few people's lives. They took out all the stops in making this on par with other A-list movies, and special effects were spot on. I wish I had seen it in a theater. Sequel? Please?

I would attribute any negative reviews or less-than-7 votes to the afformentioned people who find religious movies intolerable. This movie was far from religious, and just presented an end of the world scenario as it was told in Revelation, no worse than Constantine in that regard (also a good movie). Others have said "don't waste your time" based on the story and meaning, but the makers cannot have been more forthright about the storyline given the title.
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Well worth watching !!
Stuart Bell6 April 2013
This is a film that many people seem to be putting down in a big way.....personally i really don't know why!! From start to finish it keeps you thinking, it twists and turns, the story constantly adding intrigue and wonder. Yes, okay, there are Christian overtones, but why is that deemed as bad?? Are we saying that films with Christian overtones are bad? The acting is fine,Ray Wise puts in his usual fine performance....on the other side of the fence from his previous role in "Reaper"! I initially found myself comparing this to Stephen King's "The Stand", i don't know why as it's quite different and deserves it's own space Like any movie, like any story, we all have our opinions, and we are all entitled to make up our own minds. I say to everyone, do just that....make up your own mind. Apparently there's going to be a part 2....i'm looking forward to it
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"The Encounter" meets "The Road Warrior" meets "Quentin Tarantino"...what a meal!
Mike Bennett22 March 2013
This is a movie that I am happy in recommending to others. Stylewise, start out with a generous helping of "The Road Warrior", then add a large spoonful or two of Tarantino (sans-vulgarities), and top it all off with a slather of "The Encounter", and there you have it in a nutshell, the overall feel of this flick. The production is top notch, and is supported by a familiar cast of talented actors in a storyline that is set against the end-times... a by now, all too familiar setting for Biblically based films, however this movie works hard to bring a fresh approach to the topic as it generally avoids many of the ubiquitous clichés that seem to be a staple in films of this fact, by mixing things up and keeping the audience guessing, it even succeeds on many levels in actually NOT being a typical genre flick. I thoroughly enjoyed this, the first installment in the series, and eagerly look forward to the next one to follow, "REVELATION ROAD 2: THE SEA OF GLASS AND FIRE"!
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Welcome & Enjoyable Addition to Hollywood Films
ntilearn25 March 2013
Wherever you are on the spectrum, an adherent to a specific organized religion, simply spiritual or a skeptic with a sole perspective toward scientific reason, you'll find that this movie adds a welcome diversity to the pool of Hollywood productions. The world watches and enjoys religious/spiritual/moral themes in movies, from Denzel Washington in "Malcolm X" portraying a journey toward more religious inclusiveness to Keanu Reeves in "The Devil's Advocate" and "Constantine" where he fights and overcomes the devil and demons. Along these lines this movie is similar, however, it departs from the negative norm and introduces themes of universal hope common to everyone. A hope that one can overcome those that initiate violence, that one can find love in marriage and children, that there are strangers that care and are willing to share a meal or lend an ear. Even though this film uses strong western Judeo-Christian beliefs and language it is truly an enjoyable watch that starkly contrasts our calculating postmodern world with its focus on political agendas, war, and corporate cost benefit analysis. Grab a "Cup of Joe", kick back and enjoy a great action flick that not only speeds up your heart but moves it as well. Enjoy!
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If you are not a Christian then this movie is not worth watching
Sean Palmqvist22 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A family man who is on a business trip gets mixed up with a vicious biker gang along the way. He later on helps a store clerk fight off members of the biker gang who are trying to rob his store. The store clerk is a religious man who tries to help the family man come to terms with his past by accepting Jesus into his life and so on. At the same time during this whole movie strange things are happening. There occurs power outs, quaking and shaking of the ground every so often during the movie. If you ask me, its got a psychological subliminal lure to it in an attempt to try to convert people to Christianity. Its got this whole rapture deal too though, but with very good and imaginative effects at the end. Besides the Christian brain-washy stuff, I would overall say that the acting and effects were good. Its got enough action to keep you still watching the movie however religious it may seem from time to time.
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What the actual F***
pykklet22 March 2013
Well that's 84 minutes I'll never get back, I came across this film thinking it might be right up my alley. I'm a huge fan of post apocalyptic films and figured this might be kinda that genre from what little Info I could find.

Jesus was mentioned after a short time of watching the film, but it wasn't until a good hour in I realised exactly what I was watching, up until that point I figured they were just being a little heavy on the religious front to try give the story some spiritual angle. Turns out its a film, well the first in a series of films to be nothing more than an 84 minute advert for God.

Unless your really into your redemption and spiritual justice films I'd give this a wide berth, There are no redeeming features or positives I could take away from this, other than an insight in to Religious propaganda and assorted mumbo jumbo.

At least "Nude Nuns with Guns" has a semi plausible story.
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Great Movie
steve-668-19894824 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm personally not a hands in the air Christian person, I'm more likely to be judged not only not worthy but actually hopeless (Sam Harris may have it right in the end). I found the acting top notch and the overall production right on par with some of the best. I can hardly wait for the next. I luv movies and seen about all. Very enjoyable, it is one of those "hope I don't get left behind" movies. Very entertaining. The main actor holds it together well, good camera work helped, very good beginning that leads you to assume, don't. Christian movies always get it a bit wrong, teeth to perfect and a smudge of dirt doesn't always do the job of making an evil man evil plus a girl with a goth look and shiny lipstick doesn't scare much these days, who cares in this movie not many I doubt, again absolutely luv'd it and very believable, had me going and that was the point after all.
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Really bad Christian movie!
mrlmann11 April 2013
I don't want to sound like a Christian hater because I am not, I just want to warn people about wasting time on an end of days movie that is more like a cheap attempt to get people to watch a religious movie. The synopses makes it sound good and the cover art makes it look good, like you are going to see real catastrophe film but all you get is some cheap lightning effects, flashes of light, and something that shakes a couple of plants and a light fixture. I don't mind movies with some religion mixed in but this movie was just bad from the start. The story is weak to say the least, bad special effects, and very bad character build up. At times I felt like what good acting there was it was being overshadowed by the director and a script forcing the actors to recite religious lines. I also found myself at times rooting for the bad guys because I had no feelings for the good guys. This movie at best should be in bible study classes but even then people may say it is to violent. All in all I found this movie dumb and boring with no real meaning except if you believe in god you will start to glow, turn into a glowing ball and fly up into the sky. I basically did not get it at all and feel if you want to watch a religious movie watch a religious movie like The Bible from The History Channel that was very well done not one that is trying to be religious with allot of sappy dialog. So, if you are a blinded fanatical Christian, you may like this film but if you just like end of days/catastrophe movies stay away from this one because you will be very disappointed.
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Stay away from this Christian propaganda rubbish.
shoutatthesky23 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film is nothing but propaganda for the teachings of Christianity. Apparently all the Christians are going to fly up to the sky in little balls of light leaving behind little piles of ashes. I wish they would confine their propagandizing to there own churches and publications and not trying to sneak in these efforts on the sly. I don't mind them making movies about the "rapture" but I do mind when it turns into a sermon on asking God into your life. It's almost like they are trying to hide something. If there was one good thing about this movie it was that it taught me to avoid all films starring Eric Roberts in as he is obviously one of the members of this worldwide cult. Apparently it doesn't matter how good you were in life but just that you asked God to take you up to heaven in a ball of light. Christians should focus on treating their pedophilia and not making rubbish movies.
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Muslim American watching
esanasirhaqq11 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Movie wasn't bad. Although my belief system is a little different as Jesus is a great prophet not God himself to Muslims I found it not bad movie. The only bad I can say is where is part 2? LOL

Anyway for a Christian film it was pretty entertaining. Bad ending..need more of the movie. Hopefully there will be a part 2.

Again not a bad movie for what it was. They could of spent more time developing the characters. Great plot and story. Just needed a bit more time with it to be satisfied. IT IS VERY MUCH WORTH watching.

I can relate to the CIA guy \ salesman. I am a ex US soldier and I know how bad the some of my fellow army buddies came back. Touches a few heart strings, I just want to see that bad guy get his.
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Haters gonna hate
Joe Dan Gorman31 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The low ratings are... as you likely imagined, from angry non-Christians. They are not accustom to sentences with no F Bombs...and at least one or two nipple shots.

But it does portray the struggles of mankind. It's cool and fun. Good action too. I really enjoyed it... But then again, I don't hate Christians....

The motorcycle gang premise was admittedly kind of strange... but not enough to be bad. In fact, the movie actually gets better as it goes along.

I didn't realize Brian Bosworth was in the movie until it was over---a stark reminder that we all age. (I never cared for The Boz-- but I like him now.)

One of the highlights (surprises) was the appearance of Bruce Marchiano---who has done remarkable work portraying Jesus in other movies like THE ENCOUNTER (highly recommended btw).

David White has become a powerful force behind Christina movies in real life settings. God bless him.

Now I cannot wait for the Part 2.
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Amazing Movie,very Inspiring!!!
tk_eckert1 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This Movie is Brilliant if you don't like "christian Movies/Propaganda",its funny how those who claim that this movie was a complete waste of their time,but yet still can take more time to bad mouth this movie,shows us those who are truly threatened and cannot be humbled!This is an Epic Film for all viewers,it has amazing screen shots,great action and effects,with a good story line,topped with good acting.Captivating Film,and a must watch for any and everyone who wants to view a well put together film. This Movie is very inspiring and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

This movie follows the book of Revelations in the Bible and this meaning they have a lot to work with in the movies to follow.

Couldn't have chosen a better and more "truthful book" to base a movie on.

With Good support we can expect Great things to follow.
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Wish I turned it off sooner
homeslice jones29 November 2014
By and large, this movie gets either 1 or 10 stars. I give it 1 star. Not because I hate Christians, but because I hate wasting time. If I didn't have to wait an hour before discovering this was a Christian propaganda film, I would have turned it off much sooner and watched another film. But instead, it started out as a typical, albeit mediocre action movie, only to reveal itself as a Christian propaganda film after an entire hour had gone by. Why not cut to the chase? Why the bait-and-switch? But then again, perhaps that's what effective propaganda is. OK, 1 star for the movie, 10 for the propaganda effort. I bought it hook line and sinker!
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Fantastic Job on this movie! best iv seen in ages.
shawny-646-93800630 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is truly awesome, takes action into a whole new perspective.brilliant camera shots,great acting,good effects all put together with a amazing storyline.

This movie is a must see for all viewers who are looking to watch a great film that they can say was a valued use of their time.

Best of all is that its a first of another to follow, and knowing the book of revelations it will only get better and possibly lead to a third edition. Making it one epic trilogy!

There is a lot to look forward to in this film, as it keeps viewers in suspense and leaves you with a feeling of emotion unlike most repetitive films today. I think that another main point of focus would be the constant thought of some big going to go down every new scene.

We need more movies made like this.
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Good movie
shgirl3814 February 2014
I've watched both Revelation movies and found them to be very well written. This is an action movie with a positive message. Even if you are not a Christian, I would think that you could get the message of peace and letting go of anger. I would recommend this film to anyone who just want a good movie to watch on Saturday night. I don't know if this film was in the movies but I would have went to see it. Good movie, good message and not focused on lady parts and sex. Im so tired of movies that exploit women and women who allow themselves to be a piece of meat in most horror flicks you see. Anyway, that's another topic. Good movie....
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Just bad
perrysd-731-1158616 July 2013
I was hoping for a good post-apocalypse movie on Netflix but instead I found this.

Bad acting, worse plot.

Imagine Mad Max as re-imagined by the writers of daytime soap operas. Every line of dialog is cheesy and uninspired. Characters have zero depth and follow very boring and stereotypical. Villains are a rip off of any 'bad-biker' genre you can find. Cinematography is that of cheep B-Rated make-for-TV movies.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen, and that's saying something!

Not even thinly veiled, pure Christian propaganda...

Themes like religion can make for some really good movies, this is just an hour plus of being preached to.
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Absurd, modern superstition
Bruce Almighty30 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Extreme bad writing, deplorable acting, absurd fictional plot. This should not be a movie, it should be a cartoon, because that's what it is. The opening scenes with Josh on the phone with his wife, her repeating over and over, 'Josh, what is it?' with no panic in her voice, is one of the most grating movie scripts ever, poor acting, poor directing.

Don't waste your time, unless you have some Kool-Aid you'd like to drink. If you're waiting for the rapture, don't hold your breath.

Mysterious guy, on the road, lands in the wrong place at the wrong time, kills 3 bike-gang robbers and saves a store owner, while random lighting strikes and earth tremors are occurring. Doesn't believe in god, but miracle of miracles after people turn to sparks and fly away, he just might. It's a short step from the garage to the garbage...
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Great film
vikpk7 April 2013
I gladly give it a 10 star rating. It amazes me how many reviewers would get offended at the fact that the movie mentions God and Jesus, of course not as curse words, but while conveying a deep and true spiritual message.

These folks, most likely would have no problem with zombies, vampires, all sorts of stupid Hollywood inventions of sick minds, yet when the truth is placed in a feature film context they can't stomach it.

Even if there were some goofs - like the broken cell phone worked again, the gun salesman knew the main character's phone number, and the disappointing ending with "to be continued..." I still give this feature 10 stars. To those who say this is "Christian propaganda" we should inform them that they are no less brainwashed by the devil's propaganda and the Hollywood hogwash and pure anti-Christian propaganda.

The Hollywood features about homosexual relationships, for example, are nothing less than pro-homosexual propaganda. Tons of preachy Hollywood flicks are nothing less that HIGHLY SUBSIDIZED leftist, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion and pro-feminist propaganda. And of course, all the F-bombs have so polluted the minds of the above mentioned viewers that a film without curse words is seen as unworthy.

So if you watched this movie be sure that it has most likely made a dent in your prejudices about God and Christ. That's why you're angry at it.

Finally, the makers of the film have the right to approach it and express themselves the way they want. IF all others can put on screen all forms of perversion it is a bit hypocritical to cry wolf when a movie puts out a wholesome theme; and the truth about God causes all the zombie-fans to have a conniption attack.

Bottom line: Get over it, and watch part 2. You may get saved.
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Lays the Foundation for Future Sequels
Uriah4321 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A mild-mannered traveling salesman by the name of "Josh McManus" (David A.R. White) is driving through a barren stretch of road in West Texas when he stops at a convenience store to try to make a sale. All of a sudden three members of a sizable biker gang called "the Barbarians" come in and decide to rob it. After obtaining the money from the owner "Frank" (Ray Wise) they decide to kill him, Josh and the only other person in the store named "Beth" (Noel Coett). It's then that we discover that there is more to Josh than meets the eye as he quickly kills all three bikers within about 20 seconds. Naturally, this infuriates the leader of the biker gang named "Hawg" (Brian Bosworth) who swears vengeance upon all three of them. At the same time however there are strange weather patterns and minor earthquakes happening as all of this is taking place. Anyway, rather than detailing what happens next I will just say that this was an interesting Christian movie which essentially lays the foundation for future sequels. As such it leans more towards character development than most movies of this type. However, it does have quite a bit of action which is somewhat surprising for most movies in this genre. In summation, this was a decent Christian apocalypse film and I rate it as slightly above average.
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ramirez13-211 September 2013
A horrible movie that exist for no other reason than to generate money from devout Christians while expounding misguided ideas and forcing religion down your throat. Terrible. Beyond that it is badly written, badly acted, and lacks quality direction. DO NOT BOTHER. I have no issue with Christianity or the message. This however is nothing more than marketing to a certain group of people in order to provide low rent entertainment and generate profit margins for the production company. it is b-rate schlock at best and that's about it. I wish that for once a quality movie with a good religious message would come out. This is not that one BADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBAD
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Great movie
billymacinblack223 March 2013
This is one of the best movies ever produced. The acting is excellent. The action is non-stop. The message is right to the point. Are you ready? Watch and find out.. It is also a two part movie. After you watch it. You will figure out the second part. May the Lord be with you and Bless all that you do. He is the reason for all. The story starts out with a man looking for himself. Lost in a past which he keeps trying to forget. You cannot forget a past. Only accept it and move on. Everything happens for God's purpose. He plans it way before we are born. You are chosen. We are all chosen. You must open the eyes of your heart and let Him be seen. This movie shows how his eyes were opened to the Lord. In the end he is able to see..Amen
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Not an entirely Rubbish movie despite the preaching
tmlgster10 September 2013
Altogether though I would not recommend this movie for anyone who is not part of the Abrahamic faiths, because the feel good message only applies to them and without that it is a bit on the dreary side (no one in the film seems very happy about anything). If you are of the Christian persuasion what Constantine again

This is one of those films that if it was not a ridiculous proselytising for Christian dogma, would be a fairly typical so bad its good B movie. There is a almost coherent story line, the actors are of the fairly competent TV actor type, and the action dialogue and cinematography were not so bad that I could not watch it to the end. Some times the preaching was a bit much, though I imagine it was more for believers benefit than anyone else. I see there is a Revelation Road 2, which makes sense as this film does not really have a natural end to it without a sequel.
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Christian Propaganda at it's very worst
bjjnedan12 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A traveling salesman's car breaks down. Cut to, he's in a gun store when a Sons of Anarchy rejects biker gang tries to rob it. This guy kills all the bikers. Cut to, gang plots revenge. All of this is happening during the rapture.

Okay now, my buddy convinced to see this. He said awesome action and a touching story. There's one fight scene that's okay. The rest of the action just seems off. And.., there's not much of it. This entire thing just seems like a Bible Channel made for TV PoS. And one thing I found funny, since this movie made it quite clear that you had to love and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, when the true believers are called to heaven, it pans out to show the lights rise from the entire world, why were there so many lights coming from the Middle East, Asia and other regions dominated by religions that don't worship Jesus? The best way to describe this thing is..., okay, well, think about the most boring action movie with terrible acting you've ever seen and slather it in Christian Propaganda. Even if you are a Christian Jihadist, or whatever you call yourselves, this movie is still bad. The Christ bs is only the biggest problem with this movie. The acting, while not all that horrible, just seems bland. I'm just gonna end this review right here, because I can't help but want to poke holes in all of the God stuff that this movie is about. Don't believe what any of the good reviews say, this movies sucks.
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Cult Christian flick with murderous bikers in a world gone mad
Wuchak7 December 2017
RELEASED IN 2013 and directed by Gabriel Sabloff, "Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End" stars David A.R. White as a traveling salesman in the deserts of the Southwest with a dark past, who just wants to get home to his wife (Jen Lilley) and daughter. But his plans are disturbed by a crazy outlaw biker gang and a wise gun store owner (Ray Wise), his granddaughter (Noell Coet) and wife (Eliza Roberts), not to mention the foreboding lightning and tremors. Brian Bosworth plays the head thug while Eric Roberts appears as the sheriff. The striking Andrea Logan White is also on hand as one of the gang members.

This film and its immediate sequel, "Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire," were shot back-to-back and released four months apart in 2013. "Revelation Road: The Black Rider" (2014) completes the trilogy. I have yet to see the two sequels, but the fact that this movie is the beginning of a trilogy should be kept in mind in appraising it. In other words, it's a foundation for a greater work and not a stand-alone film.

If you're familiar with Christian productions from the new millennium, like "Left Behind: The Movie" (2000), "Deceived" (2002), "Fireproof" (2008), "Cutback" (2010), "I Am" (2010), "Abel's Field" (2012), "Do You Believe?" (2015), "War Room" (2015) and "God is Not Dead 2" (2016), this film is cut from a different cloth (of course, you could say the same for "Deceived" and "I Am").

Imagine if Tarantino made an oddball evangelical flick on a low-budget; that's what this movie's like. The outlaw bikers are depicted better than in most of those dubious biker flicks from the late 60s and early 70s while the action is so over-the-top it's almost cartoony, but not really if you consider the Las Vegas massacre and similar insane public bloodbaths. There's a meandering, almost unfocused vibe to the proceedings, which can be defended on the grounds that it reflects the meaningless of life. Regardless, the limited-budget filmmaking is competent enough and the actors are stalwart and convincing.

There's a killer ultra-heavy cut on the soundtrack that appears during the prologue and later in the movie, as well as a great modern rock song during the end credits. There's also a couple of moving mellow songs by Serena Matthews, one during the final credits (after the rock song).

THE FILM RUNS 88 minutes and was shot in the deserts of the American Southwest (I can't find info on the exact locations). WRITERS: Sean Paul Murphy & Sabloff.

GRADE: B-/C+ (5.5/10)
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Real action
Lee6 August 2017
Great movie! Sadly those who are negative about it and 'hate' certain things/people are negative people themselves. How sad to judge people before you know them. It comes down to the fact that you are just plain jealous... doesn't it just make you feel miserable inside?? Yes, and I hope you find release.
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