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Captivating movie, no matter what walk of life you're from

Author: franko4987 from Netherlands
28 April 2013

I have never written a review before, but this movie prompted me to create an IMDb account just to do so. To get right down to it, the movie has tremendous Christian input into its production, which some may find intolerable. Given an open mind and a healthy appetite for a real heart-pounder, rooting for the good guy kind of flick, this movie really delivers and may change a few people's lives. They took out all the stops in making this on par with other A-list movies, and special effects were spot on. I wish I had seen it in a theater. Sequel? Please?

I would attribute any negative reviews or less-than-7 votes to the afformentioned people who find religious movies intolerable. This movie was far from religious, and just presented an end of the world scenario as it was told in Revelation, no worse than Constantine in that regard (also a good movie). Others have said "don't waste your time" based on the story and meaning, but the makers cannot have been more forthright about the storyline given the title.

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Wish I turned it off sooner

Author: homeslice jones from United States
29 November 2014

By and large, this movie gets either 1 or 10 stars. I give it 1 star. Not because I hate Christians, but because I hate wasting time. If I didn't have to wait an hour before discovering this was a Christian propaganda film, I would have turned it off much sooner and watched another film. But instead, it started out as a typical, albeit mediocre action movie, only to reveal itself as a Christian propaganda film after an entire hour had gone by. Why not cut to the chase? Why the bait-and-switch? But then again, perhaps that's what effective propaganda is. OK, 1 star for the movie, 10 for the propaganda effort. I bought it hook line and sinker!

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Well worth watching !!

Author: Stuart Bell from United Kingdom
6 April 2013

This is a film that many people seem to be putting down in a big way.....personally i really don't know why!! From start to finish it keeps you thinking, it twists and turns, the story constantly adding intrigue and wonder. Yes, okay, there are Christian overtones, but why is that deemed as bad?? Are we saying that films with Christian overtones are bad? The acting is fine,Ray Wise puts in his usual fine performance....on the other side of the fence from his previous role in "Reaper"! I initially found myself comparing this to Stephen King's "The Stand", i don't know why as it's quite different and deserves it's own space Like any movie, like any story, we all have our opinions, and we are all entitled to make up our own minds. I say to everyone, do just that....make up your own mind. Apparently there's going to be a part 2....i'm looking forward to it

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If you are not a Christian then this movie is not worth watching

Author: Sean Palmqvist from Sweden
22 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A family man who is on a business trip gets mixed up with a vicious biker gang along the way. He later on helps a store clerk fight off members of the biker gang who are trying to rob his store. The store clerk is a religious man who tries to help the family man come to terms with his past by accepting Jesus into his life and so on. At the same time during this whole movie strange things are happening. There occurs power outs, quaking and shaking of the ground every so often during the movie. If you ask me, its got a psychological subliminal lure to it in an attempt to try to convert people to Christianity. Its got this whole rapture deal too though, but with very good and imaginative effects at the end. Besides the Christian brain-washy stuff, I would overall say that the acting and effects were good. Its got enough action to keep you still watching the movie however religious it may seem from time to time.

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Great Movie

Author: steve-668-198948 from New Zealand
24 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm personally not a hands in the air Christian person, I'm more likely to be judged not only not worthy but actually hopeless (Sam Harris may have it right in the end). I found the acting top notch and the overall production right on par with some of the best. I can hardly wait for the next. I luv movies and seen about all. Very enjoyable, it is one of those "hope I don't get left behind" movies. Very entertaining. The main actor holds it together well, good camera work helped, very good beginning that leads you to assume, don't. Christian movies always get it a bit wrong, teeth to perfect and a smudge of dirt doesn't always do the job of making an evil man evil plus a girl with a goth look and shiny lipstick doesn't scare much these days, who cares in this movie not many I doubt, again absolutely luv'd it and very believable, had me going and that was the point after all.

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Welcome & Enjoyable Addition to Hollywood Films

Author: ntilearn from United States
25 March 2013

Wherever you are on the spectrum, an adherent to a specific organized religion, simply spiritual or a skeptic with a sole perspective toward scientific reason, you'll find that this movie adds a welcome diversity to the pool of Hollywood productions. The world watches and enjoys religious/spiritual/moral themes in movies, from Denzel Washington in "Malcolm X" portraying a journey toward more religious inclusiveness to Keanu Reeves in "The Devil's Advocate" and "Constantine" where he fights and overcomes the devil and demons. Along these lines this movie is similar, however, it departs from the negative norm and introduces themes of universal hope common to everyone. A hope that one can overcome those that initiate violence, that one can find love in marriage and children, that there are strangers that care and are willing to share a meal or lend an ear. Even though this film uses strong western Judeo-Christian beliefs and language it is truly an enjoyable watch that starkly contrasts our calculating postmodern world with its focus on political agendas, war, and corporate cost benefit analysis. Grab a "Cup of Joe", kick back and enjoy a great action flick that not only speeds up your heart but moves it as well. Enjoy!

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"The Encounter" meets "The Road Warrior" meets "Quentin Tarantino"...what a meal!

Author: Mike Bennett
22 March 2013

This is a movie that I am happy in recommending to others. Stylewise, start out with a generous helping of "The Road Warrior", then add a large spoonful or two of Tarantino (sans-vulgarities), and top it all off with a slather of "The Encounter", and there you have it in a nutshell, the overall feel of this flick. The production is top notch, and is supported by a familiar cast of talented actors in a storyline that is set against the end-times... a by now, all too familiar setting for Biblically based films, however this movie works hard to bring a fresh approach to the topic as it generally avoids many of the ubiquitous clichés that seem to be a staple in films of this genre...in fact, by mixing things up and keeping the audience guessing, it even succeeds on many levels in actually NOT being a typical genre flick. I thoroughly enjoyed this, the first installment in the series, and eagerly look forward to the next one to follow, "REVELATION ROAD 2: THE SEA OF GLASS AND FIRE"!

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Muslim American watching

Author: esanasirhaqq from United States
11 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Movie wasn't bad. Although my belief system is a little different as Jesus is a great prophet not God himself to Muslims I found it not bad movie. The only bad I can say is where is part 2? LOL

Anyway for a Christian film it was pretty entertaining. Bad ending..need more of the movie. Hopefully there will be a part 2.

Again not a bad movie for what it was. They could of spent more time developing the characters. Great plot and story. Just needed a bit more time with it to be satisfied. IT IS VERY MUCH WORTH watching.

I can relate to the CIA guy \ salesman. I am a ex US soldier and I know how bad the some of my fellow army buddies came back. Touches a few heart strings, I just want to see that bad guy get his.

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Lays the Foundation for Future Sequels

Author: Uriah43 from Amarillo, Texas
21 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A mild-mannered traveling salesman by the name of "Josh McManus" (David A.R. White) is driving through a barren stretch of road in West Texas when he stops at a convenience store to try to make a sale. All of a sudden three members of a sizable biker gang called "the Barbarians" come in and decide to rob it. After obtaining the money from the owner "Frank" (Ray Wise) they decide to kill him, Josh and the only other person in the store named "Beth" (Noel Coett). It's then that we discover that there is more to Josh than meets the eye as he quickly kills all three bikers within about 20 seconds. Naturally, this infuriates the leader of the biker gang named "Hawg" (Brian Bosworth) who swears vengeance upon all three of them. At the same time however there are strange weather patterns and minor earthquakes happening as all of this is taking place. Anyway, rather than detailing what happens next I will just say that this was an interesting Christian movie which essentially lays the foundation for future sequels. As such it leans more towards character development than most movies of this type. However, it does have quite a bit of action which is somewhat surprising for most movies in this genre. In summation, this was a decent Christian apocalypse film and I rate it as slightly above average.

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Good movie

Author: shgirl38 from United States
14 February 2014

I've watched both Revelation movies and found them to be very well written. This is an action movie with a positive message. Even if you are not a Christian, I would think that you could get the message of peace and letting go of anger. I would recommend this film to anyone who just want a good movie to watch on Saturday night. I don't know if this film was in the movies but I would have went to see it. Good movie, good message and not focused on lady parts and sex. Im so tired of movies that exploit women and women who allow themselves to be a piece of meat in most horror flicks you see. Anyway, that's another topic. Good movie....

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