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I want that white tulip!

Author: meliko94 from Turkey
24 January 2013

I can not believe that this remarkable show ended. I will miss every millisecond of every episodes and characters and everything. I feel like trapped in amber and waiting for Fringe to continue to get out. This show will remain as my favorite sci-fi drama, forever. And John Noble who played Walter Bishop, I want to say that I love you so much. You are a great actor. Not just in Fringe, in other movies and dramas too. You gave life such a character that I will never forget and I will always miss because of your remarkable acting. Walter would never be Walter if you wouldn't play. I hope producers decide to make films. Not just one, it should be trilogy. I will never lose my hope and I will wait for the white tulip.

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Kitchen Sync Part II

Author: XweAponX from United States
19 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one episode that required it be written and directed by the Showrunner, JH Wyman - And he did a good job.

I had to stand up for the bulk of this fine series finale - I have not done this since Season 4. This is where the story of Fringe really starts turning in on itself, taking elements from all five Seasons and throwing them at us, tying up loose ends, making sense of things that were referred to or hinted at:

The Giant Slug-Shaped Cold Viruses from Season 1 - The parasitic creatures from the Season 2 ep "Snakehead" - The Butterflies that were hallucinations but could kill you - And the compound of two heavy elements that when combined could make a person float in the air, from a season 3 episode. Having only seen this once, these are the "Fringe Events" I could pick out, there may be many more in there.

While Fringe Division struggles to get the parts of the plan in place, there is still that missing Generator from the future which Donald/September had charged December to get. But unfortunately December's dead, and now Windmark has the generator, and no way to get it from him - Also, Broyles has been found out, so he can't help - All Broyles can do is lead The Observers around in a merry little car chase, but eventually they get him.

Walter has resigned himself to his Fate. It is not a bad Fate, but he will just not be around in present time if this plan works out: Basically it is the same thing that happened to Peter in Season 4. September tries to give Walter a reprieve, but the question is, is this Walter's ultimate destiny? And even if given a way out, COULD Walter be let out of his fate? The point is, he does not want to be let out of what he has to do. Even so, September tries to give him a way out: Because now SeptemberDonald has all of the qualities of Human Emotions and all of the Fringe Benefits, like having feelings for his "son."

With the loss of the main "Ignition Coil" they have to come up with another way to make a wormhole - It turns out that the Observers Themselves can provide a way to do this, they have their shipments from the Future, and Astrid still has the Observer Manifest for shipments from the Future.

All they need is one of those Square gizmos that the observers use to open the wormhole - So Peter and Olivia create a "Fringe Cocktail" of as many bad Fringe Events as they can collect and they pump it into the Main Observer/Loyalist headquarters, and they go in and get the Square thing - Freeing Broyles in the process - Cos Windmark was torturing him, but at the moment Windbag gets "The lab" out of Broyles Brain, Olivia and Peter attack.

And through all of this, what about Walter's White Tulip? There is even a place for this here: But it is anchored on two sides of Time, one which we've seen, the other to come.

Of all the things that ever happened in Fringe or never happened, of the things we know about, because we saw it... but the characters may not know about - It's all here in this last Episode.

And even though the "Observer Child" is not the same actor used in the Season 1 episode which has the same character, the child actor they used as replacement is great - I can suspend disbelief in that regard. I never expected all of the loose ends to be cleared up, enough of them have been dealt with so that there is a level of continuity never before seen in episodic TV.

There are still many more stories that can be told within the time frame of Fringe - The scope is from millions of years in the past to 600 years in the future. Maybe some part of me wants this story to continue, but this episode marks the end of an era, of a story about four people - Walter, Peter, Olivia and Astrid - And the other members of Fringe Division that have been part of this story - Fauxlivia, Walternate, Agent Lees, Charlie Francis, even Agent Jessup who was only shown in two episodes - Sam Weiss, Nina Sharp, William Bell.

Maybe I was hoping that Leonard Nimoy would reprise a one-handed William Bell once more, but the amount he contributed to this story was enough.

I'm hoping that in another Universe, this show will carry on with the impossibilities. Maybe in the Red Universe, Walter, Peter, Olivia and Astrid are still investigating Fringe Events. But in this Universe, No More.

Goodbye, Fringe Division.

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Best Series Finale of a TV show for the past years

Author: alexander_2
2 March 2013

All good things eventually come to an end. And so did "Fringe". Despite the lack of dynamic in Season 5 compared to the other four seasons, the series finale was satisfying enough, and way better than the finale of "Lost", for example. Brilliantly played by the cast members, the final two episodes brought a logical ending to the 100-hours story. It really made sense - something I was afraid would not happen, after the confusing finale of "Lost". It also had a happy end, but not in the cheesy way. Therefore, I think it should be satisfying to all fans of the show. For those of you who have still not watched the entire show, I strongly recommend "Fringe".

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A Moving End To A Poignant Story

Author: Sharit Sinha from India
11 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a little late in finishing the Fringe season 5, and hence a little late for a review. But I felt the other reviews didn't cover few of my favorite aspects of this episode... and I owed it to them, owed it to the emotional satisfaction they gave me, and hopefully everyone else that watched it.

To start, the journey of Fringe has always been beyond exciting, always treading on new and un-walked paths of science, stretching the limits of possibility. The finale of this had to be more about a closure than exploring something new again... and it was.

The last page of this story takes us to the climactic battle, where Olivia, Peter, Walter & Astrid have figured out a way to save humanity from turning into emotionless robotic Observers, with a lot of selfless help from September, the compassionate Observer. September's son Michael is the key to this, as he has to jump in time, to convince the scientists who started the technology leading to Observers, by showing that the path they take is how depressingly wrong.

This episode had the required amount of action, as they depicted the final battle. They brought a new level of cool to this, using so many bio-weapons from previous Fringe episodes. That was the perfect use of all of their experience and knowledge of Fringe events that they faced together.

Anna Torv (Olivia) carried out the action excellently, specially when she went berserk and smashed Windmark between 2 cars with just her mind.

But the beauty of this episode is the emotional closures between characters. Joshua Jackson (Peter) and John Noble (Walter) carried out a tear-jerking goodbye scene, when they hugged each other like they would never leave each other. Michael Cerveris (September) gave a quite emotional and moving speech about destiny and hope, as he expressed how strong his bond has become to his son.

But for me, the sequence between Astrid and Walter remains higher than these. In one of the most beautiful and long overdue moment of the series, Astrid takes Walter inside the lab and shows Gene, the cow, frozen in amber with motionless peace. They refrain from releasing her, as she would make loud noise attracting enemies. As Walter and Astrid lean on each other, to enjoy that beautiful piece of their happy past, Walter tells her that she always knew how to soothe him. Astrid breaks off in tears, and says that she believes they will win this and everything will revert back to their good old times, in the lab, drinking strawberry juice. Walter, knowing that he will probably not be there to experience it, tells Astrid, that her name is beautiful.

Jasika Nicole captured the nostalgic emotion so well in this sequence, that it just pains me to think why Astrid was such an underrated character in the series.

On the whole, a combination of perfect acting from the cast and a perfect vision from the creators, led to a perfect and satisfying ending to enigmatic story of Fringe... and I switched off my TV, hoping, maybe someday, the fringe team will be back again, after a well-deserved rest... with new limitless possibilities, and their endless courage, compassion, intellect and witty humour to deal with it.

Thank you, JJ Abrams and JH Wyman.

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Season 5: Solid standalone season - I enjoyed it for what it was, even if I wished it was something else

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
23 April 2013

I started season 5 a while after I finished the fourth season, but not so long that the noise of those weak last few episodes were not still in my memory; you know the ones – where the characters all act out of character, where Olivia shadow-boxes through Peter, where an episode suddenly jumps into the Observer-controlled future etc. Up till that point the fourth season had been mostly good for me, not quite as good as the few before, but still delivering what I had come to really enjoy about the show. Specifically this was the characters having plenty of smaller moments within the bigger frame of the overall plot and I enjoyed it a great deal that these moments became a part of the story, not just moments within the flow. Season 5 doesn't really manage to keep that and although it has moments, they tend to be isolated moments rather than integrated.

To give it its due, the plot is ambitious. The team have ambered themselves at some point and what remains of a resistance against the Observers have released them in order to action a plan that Walter had devised. Unfortunately this plan has been removed from his brain so the team must recover a series of videotapes that Walter had made to lead them to the parts needed. This is essentially the plot of the season, allowing gradual progress through this plot while filling in with other characters and incidental action which stems from the main. I came into this plot/universe expecting to really hate it (based on how I had felt about it in season 4) but I was pleased to find that I didn't because, as a standalone season, it actually works pretty well. It gives one big storyline to finish the show, it gives closure to a lot of the characters and it doesn't really produce a bad episode as it does it. So why did I not enjoy it as much as previous seasons?

I think the issue for me was that the moral complexity of a lot of the ideas wasn't there and nor was there the same sense of the characters being complex in terms of their ethics and morals. Instead we got this massive standalone plot where most of the action was isolated "quests" which don't so much move the story alone as fill out the story to 13 episodes. For sure they are professionally done, slick and engaging, but there isn't much to be excited about and there certainly isn't anything as good about the characters as before. The series finale has some content that is moving and linked to past "sins" and relationships, but not enough – and it isn't delivered in a manner that is as strong as it should be.

The cast still do a good job but they, like the viewer, seem to be coasting on the investment in the characters that has come over the past 4 seasons rather than what they do in this one. Torv is a bit lost in this season, she doesn't make too much of an impact beyond being all action. Likewise Jackson has less to do, although he does do good work when he gets the chance – even if his implant subplot is a stretch. As before though, the star is Noble and fortunately he is better here than he was in the "future" episode in season 4. Here he has the same comic touches and, occasionally, the guilt and conflict that made him such a great character – just not enough. Nicole is great in support and it was nice to have appearances from Brown, Reddick and others to help tie up some characters in a way that isn't totally satisfactory but isn't too bad.

Overall this fifth and final season of Fringe isn't up to the standard of what went before even if it does function well enough as a well- paced, quest-driven standalone season. It mostly lacks the heart, complexity and character that the show had previously done so well and in a way it is a shame that it ends thus. Of course with budget cuts and an enforced end date, I guess it was always going to be a struggle but it is still a shame. That said, it is still well enough made and has enough built-in investment from viewers to do the job and I enjoyed it for what it was – even if I wished it was something else.

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5 Season much to short for FRINGE

Author: garak99 from United States
25 March 2015

For 4 Seasons FRINGE may have been the best Science Fiction series ever in television but it's move to Fridays was it's eventful demise. The writers had 1/2 a season of it's normal number of episodes to wrap up the series and it did. I diid not like how it ended and wished it could have continued for another 4 or 5 seasons. Hopefully it still continue on in the alternate universe. The entire case and producers kept us in suspense and wonderment for 5 years you had to pay attention and remember what you paid attention too because questions would be askedand they were in each new episode. FRINGE is missed good TV is few andfar between. I think fans would be happy with a made for TV Movie

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Fringe An Enemy of Fate

Author: dalydj-918-255175 from Ireland
20 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Donald meets with the December and tells him he is looking for a new for a new trigger for his device to reset time. Donald knows he will no longer exist but still gets no help. The observers scan Philip's car hearing his conversation with Peter. Philip is then forced to speak with the observer because of the observers suspicion. Olivia still wonders why Michael stepped off the train and try's to speak to Michael to wonder what is to happen next. Michael doesn't really help then learn anything. They are in conversation with Philip again but Philip sees while he drives to their location that he is being followed and must distract the people that follow him. The team know they have less time to get everything out of the amber hurry to get everything. Peter pulls out a tape that is a farewell message to Peter from Walter because Walter has to sacrifice himself with Mchael. The observer Decemeber was able to get the piece but the observers got to him first and the piece was taken with December being killed. The plan is once again changed and a shipping lane must be used to go to the future. Astrid gives Walter her gift of him seeing his cow one last time. Philip is captured and put once again in front the observer and this time becomes weakened. Before the team leave Walter is told by Donald that he does not need to sacrifice himself because Donald will.The observer building gets intimidated and Peter with Olivia go to get a cube but they also are able to save Philip from being captive. The plan starts and the shipping lane is opened. Just as Donald must go and get Michael the observer shows up causing trouble for the fringe team. Olivia is thrown and her powers come in full force causing her to kill the observer with a car thrown at him. The war goes on and Donald is shot which makes hum unable to travel into the future. Walter then knows that he must go through with his destiny and travel with Michael. Time is then reset and Etta is returned to Olivia and Peter with her running into Peter's arms. The episode ends with Peter receiving the letter from Walter then going to black. The ending of the series confused me but the whole episode was very emotional for me especially since we knew the end of Walter came. Great end to an under-appreciated show.


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Fringe An Enemy of Fate

Author: thomas-paine2011 from United States
22 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Overall would rate this series between 9 and 10. Unfortunately, this episode had the predictable ending most people wanted - "Happily Ever After". it seems that the writers had pasted themselves into a corner and could not get out.

They forgot, or at least ignored the "Grandfather Paradox" that comes to play in tome-travel shows or movies. Here is the problem:

1 - If the "Observers" had never existed, then Walternet would have seen the positive results of his test and Walter would never have needed to travel to the other universe.

2 - If, for some reason Walter had traveled over there and there were no "Observers", then Peter and probably Walter would have drowned when they crossed over.

This is not the first time they made mistakes but the show was far better than anything else on TV so I still kept it un my collection.

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A Great Wrap Up Well Done JJ and Crew!

Author: Traxman15 from Cornwall
19 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK Yep Possible Spoilers up the wazoo: But Hey I edited this Episode: Yep I'm the Tim, who is mentioned as the Editor, that's how I knew in my previous Episode Review: That Etta, was In Fact not gone at all! Sure: It got It's Happy Maybe Sappy Ending, somewhat, but WOW This was very well done: All those quirky bits, from the Previous Last say 3-4 seasons, were thrown in, just to make your head Spin admittedly, but Ya Gotta Admit, for such an Ambitious Project: This was a most fitting send off! I would have given this a 10, except, for how the Last half-hour unfolded? They took out all the Stops, and just threw the ' whole Kitchen sink ' at it, massively, once the whole ' reset time ' idea, was put in: Etc:

Yes I applaud, such ambition, But boy, did it ' Head off to the Stars ' during the last 1/2 hr--We are talking, way way out there! There was Almost too much to absorb, here: almost too much detail, thrown out there: In an effort to ' Tie Things Up ' as it were: Sure this Season, was full of Emotion, and a lot of touchy-feel episodes, but that is an Essential facet of the Human Equation, after all: If you exist without emotions, then You are sadly Not an actual person: You would more closely resemble a Robot etc: But Anyway as the other reviewer also noted, there was an awful lot going on here: Once I clued into the depth, and width, it was heading for, My initial thought, was Gee We Needed about 3-4 more 1hr shows, to Flesh this all out Properly, and completely? But Alas: It Truly does Seem: The Absolute best thing to hit TV, since the time of The X-Files, and then LOST has sadly come to a Very Logical, Very Satisfying Conclusion: OK Warm up those Keyboards, time for all you Real Fringe Fans to chime In on this, Somehow I just know you will, soon, and to a great albeit well deserved extent? No doubt!

The finalized aligning of objects, ceases to rest my mind, or in fact, make me feel any better!

Thanx 4 Tuning In Cheers TRX15

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From A Huge Fan From The Very Start

Author: Peter Midknight
20 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I cant remember %1000 of every detail but this did not at all satisfy me. I mean I loved every single minute of any episode these guys are near masters at telling the fringe story.. but like LOST, they seem to lose their edge or direction after a few seasons in and end up with a sloppy ending because they just cant bring their own stories to a powerful enough and meaningful climax.. they overreached or misfired by tons!

How cud such a fan say this you ask? It felt like they had an idea for a good show, post X-Files, with sharper science and cooler effects.. its like they had too much science to iron it all out. Like the story was made up by (whoever i don't care) and they had this huge interest in the fringe sciences then they realized hey: we need an actual story to go with all this stuff.. so mad scientists like David Robert Jones and ultimately William Bell are trying to play God and the mission is to stop them. Good.. okay. Then the battle with the alternates, okay (loving all the science and concepts so far). Even Walter said there are infinite alternate universes so why do we only get two? because the writers were still smart, didn't over reach and didn't want to confuse viewers.

Then the alternate/broken worlds are fixed with the underlying tone of the observers. And William Bell finally defeated. Truth be told it should have ended there.. and as much of a joy as the observers time and future was to see and experience. I don't think it was a good direction for the show. And it was so blatantly clear they wrapped this show up long before it should have ended and that's because they clung to one idea and couldn't adapt. So many things were left out.

there are so many past fringe events and Walter is so brilliant that they had to keep chopping him up because they knew this was getting out of balance. the show IMO could have ended well with Peter fixing both universes and sacrificing himself at the end. (Of course like any other true fan I never wanted it to end.)

They could have gone the x-files route and gave us so much more of what brought us in, in the first place.. the mystery like LOST and the science/monsters like Xfiles.. but like LOST the answers were just whack.. they got so hung up on surprises, twist and avoiding clichés that they forgot that its not just the same ol story (They all are) its how you tell it and all the way up to about season 3 maybe 4, they were doing a good job. then idk what happened, someone threw a dart and it landed on Observers invading.. no.. just no.. The show was about the science. The mysteries of the sciences and those sciences getting out of hand.. why was Massive Dynamic the only company on the planet with advanced knowledge of science?? look at David Robert Jones for example.

guys (The Fringe team) are the tip of the spear stopping mad scientists from all around the world. Cortexiphan, the wireless mind network.. just endless things that could have all gotten their own back story it could have branched or led down many roads for a bit.. kinda like x-files and how they did such a good job.

you failed me on LOST and now FRINGE.. people say oh blame the network blame the internet.. No! blame the people responsible for this loss of focus and direction for BOTH shows.. LOST had so much about the island that was left unanswered and puhuh come on they were all dead from the start!? NO!! Then you just slapped me in the face told me it was all make believe.. we cried for Juliet when she was in that hole beating the bomb with a rock for nothing!

That all S5 of Fringe was about a failed plan and an old Walter who couldn't do better.. juice Olivia to the eyeballs but not enhance Walter cuz oh no he'd be a bad guy? Hubris? Guys. Look. Good job. but I can't follow you anymore.

The Observers only seemed to have tech sightly better than Massive Dynamic in our time! wouldn't their technology have grown exponentially like the singularity theorizes?

Wouldn't their advanced knowledge of worm holes allowed them to reach for the stars, the universe and its vast and infinite resources.. No advanced water or air purification techniques? a dying earth? what no space stations!? No powerful science-y energy like a dark-matter or anti-matter engine? generate force fields to protect against micro space debris on FTL travel -- oh wait wormholes! like the ones they posses that are even capable of not only bending space but time as well! What.. they ain't figured nothing out since they got super smart!?

Their best freaking plan was to go back! Sounds like they hit a few snags and from then on, no super smart scientists worked on any of the problems - they just decided lets go back and rape the past.. The answer is NO! Not a logical solution, not giving where their advancements should have been and a wide range of sciences. (IMO)

It was all too convenient.. and forget it if you don't get anything I'm saying by now than this whole thing was pointless.. kinda like how I felt with LOSTs ending and now Fringe. I bid you guys much fortune and good luck with my farewell.

I stand and I salute to every single minute and every single episode from S1-5! But this is where we part JJ whats your name and your peoples..

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