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Sex & Nudity

  • Suggested MPAA rating NC-17: for graphic disturbing bloody violence, sexuality, language, and a scene of drug use.
  • Based on the subject matter of serial killers, graphic violence, cannibalism, attempted rape, and implied pedophilia/child abuse; the movie clearly would have been slapped with a NC-17 rating if submitted to the MPAA.
  • In the begging we see a man and woman having sex, no nudity but thrusting and a lot of skin is shown.
  • A man is robbed inside a car with two men. The man who is sitting next to him tries to rape him. We see him unzip his pants briefly but the rest is shown from the chest-up. It is unclear if he was raped since there was a lot of painful screaming, but the man eventually fought back (see Violence & Gore section). When the man fell out of the car, his pants was down but he had boxers on.
  • The main character breaks into a man's house. He goes upstairs to discover a young boy chained to a bed, begging to be let go. We see the boy's back which is covered in bruises. Later we learn the man who chained the boy had been torturing and raping the young boy.
  • A man picks up a hooker, the man seductively touches the woman and places his hand between her legs.

Violence & Gore

  • The movie is fairly graphic, but not as bad as some other Korean movies. I plan to explain in detail so people can understand how graphic the movie is.
  • At the beginning we see a woman running through a forest, she has wounds and bleeding. She gets a plastic bag forced over her head.
  • The killer video tapes the brutal things he does to the woman. He beats her with a hammer multiple times in the head, both off-screen and on-screen. Blood is seen pouring down her body as we watch her slowly die.
  • The killer edits the video tape of him killing the woman, we see multiple clips playing on his computer.
  • The killer puts a bloody body in a tub and pours lye on her body, we see her body breaking down. The man eventually pulls her arm out, which breaks apart from what was 'melted' down. The man scraps the bottom of the tub and puts the leftover bones in a bucket.
  • A man is beaten by two men.
  • A man is held hostage by two men, one sitting next to him and the other video taping from the driver seat. After they rob him, the man next to him attempts to rape him (see sex & Nudity section). After head butting the rapist, he tries to steal the man's gun. The man in the front attempts to shoot the man, but shoots his friend multiple times, blood is shown. The man continues to try to get the gun from the rapist, which shoots the friends head, a lot of blood. The man in the front tries to load his gun while the guy in the back still tries to take the gun from the dead guys hand. We watch from a distance while bullets shoot through the car's windows while they shoot each other. The innocent man then falls out from the car, covered in blood.
  • We see a woman covered in blood. The killer beats her with a bat. The killer forces the handle of the bat in her mouth and bashes it into her throat. We only see the man bash his hand against the top of the bat multiple times, but we hear the disturbing noises. It cuts to a later scene where we see a plate full of cut bloody meat. The killer is seen eating the meat, blood covers his mouth.
  • We see the bloody video tape of the woman's murder from the beginning of the movie.
  • The man goes back in the car of the two dead men who tried to rob and rape him. We see their blood soaked bodies, one has a huge hole in the side of his head. The other is choking on his blood while he video tapes him slowly dying.
  • We see the same clip of the man dying in the car, we hear his struggled breathing.
  • A man has a panic attack while fantasizing about shooting everyone sitting at the table. We see him shoot everyone, then seeing dead bodies with blood.
  • Inside a house, a man goes upstairs to find a young boy chained to a bed by a metal cuff. We see the boys upper body, which is covered in bruises while he begs to be let go. Later we learn the man who kidnapped the boy had been torturing and raping the young boy.
  • We see flashes of a man beating another man, blood covers on the stain glass window we watch through.
  • A man is tied to a chair, he is covered with scraps and blood. A man pours gasoline on his lower body and throws a match on him. We watch the fire consume the man while the other records it on camera. The burn man falls down while still burning and we watch him die.
  • A man beats and kicks another man, until he spits up blood.
  • We see two bodies under a sheet, one a child. The old man sitting next to them tells a character how he killed them. A noose was shown moments before, it is assumed the man hung them. After the man finished talking, he takes a razor blade and watch as he spits his throat, blood pours out as he struggles to breath.
  • A man sits in the tub, tapping a bloody tooth against the side.
  • A man looses control and head butt another man, pushing him into some glass.
  • A man gives an autistic boy a taser after he was beat up by a bunch of other boys. The man advises him to try his new 'toy' out on a boy walking by. The autistic boy walks up behind him, the scene cuts as we hear the sound. The autistic boy talked about killing them but the outcome isn't shown.
  • A character is shot, the bullet goes through the man's arm and into his neck, we see blood shoot from his wounds. The man struggles to breath while blood pouring from his neck. The man is then smothered with a pillow.
  • A man is stabbed repetitively with small sheers in his chest, blood squirts each time. He is then stabbed in the neck, blood pours from his mouth and neck, covering the killer. The killer then spreads the sheers while it's still inserted in the man's neck, finally killing him. Blood is covering everywhere.
  • Two men fight, ending with a chase where several people are hit in the head with multiple objects.
  • A man scrubs his teeth with his blood covered fingers.
  • A woman is beaten multiple times hidden behind his car, she is then thrown in a trunk. From a distance, we see the woman try to escape.
  • We see a webcam broadcast where a man intended to show another man how he kills a girl in his kill room. The man is interrupted and bashes the girls head with the handle of an axe. While attempting to escape, blood is seen on the ground by her feet.
  • A man starts to choke a woman, but she tases him.
  • A decomposed body is seen.
  • Two characters try to escape, there is a struggle which leads to bloody outcomes. We see the man later with a knife, covered in blood.
  • A man finds a video tape of a bruised woman being tugged by her hair. We see the woman's dead body in the next room, blood covering the sheets and walls. The body is covered in blood with multiple holes and cuts in the back, indicating she had been stabbed and cut repetitively.
  • A man is seen with blood covering his clothes.
  • A man is hit by a car, we see his bloody body on the street.
  • A man is stabbed in the chest, knife left in while the blood soaks the newspaper.
  • We watch a man pulls another man's fingers backwards. The same man then bashes the man's foot with a cement block, crushing it with blood.
  • A man is shot, blood is seen.
  • A man's head is bashed multiple times with a cement block off-screen. We then see the man's head caved in, with blood.
  • Two men get into a struggle, a knife cuts the side of one man's face. A man uses handcuffs to choke another man to death.
  • A man is shot in the face, we see the bullet shot through in slow-motion, which is fairly graphic with blood.
  • Two bodies fall from a tall building, we watch as their bodies smash into a car, both bodies are bloody while one struggles to breath.


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