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"Homeland" Broken Hearts (2012)

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Saul tracks down Dar Adul (F. Murray Abraham) at a diner and they have a conversation about their line of work, then and now. Saul asks about Quinn, and Adul wants to know who is asking. When Saul says, "Just me," Adul says Quinn is, "One of mine," explaining that Estes asked for a soldier and suggests that maybe Estes doesn't trust Saul.

Jessica and Mike agree they don't feel guilty about having sex. Moments later Brody walks in and thanks Mike for helping his family. After Mike leaves Jessica asks Brody, "What are we doing?" Brody is at a loss for words.

Carrie calls Brody to tell him that for his Attorney General deal to go through he will have to find a way to remove his name from consideration for Vice President. Brody suggests telling the press that he is focusing on family.

As she ends their conversation, Carrie's car gets slammed by a large vehicle in an intersection.

During a celebratory briefing Estes reminds the team they still need to capture Nazir.

Saul asks Estes why Quinn is still there but doesn't get much of answer. Saul hints at him being an insurance policy for Brody's knowledge of the drone strike. Quinn comes and lets them know that Carrie's car was found after an accident but that she is missing. When Saul walks away Estes warns Quinn, "He knows."

Brody gets a video call from Nazir (Navid Negahban) which shows that he has Carrie. Nazir tells Brody it won't be that easy to betray him and says he will kill Carrie if Brody doesn't get the serial number of Walden's pacemaker. He threatens to shoot Carrie and Brody reluctantly agrees to help him.

At Carrie's accident scene there are reports that people saw a woman being dragged away. Saul and Virgil discuss Nazir's possible next play and why they haven't heard from him.

Saul calls Brody while he's on his way to the Vice President's residence. Brody doesn't tell Saul about the contact with Nazir.

Dana agrees to meet the Vice President's son Finn (Timothée Chalamet) on the rooftop. He tries to apologize to her and tells her that he has been feeling really guilty about the fatal accident. Finn says he wants to start over and Dana says their relationship is "broken."

The CIA looks at footage of Nazir at a gas station before he took Carrie.

Carrie tells Nazir that Brody won't be able to get the pacemaker's serial number. Nazir thinks Brody can be resourceful when he needs to be.

Nazir tells Carrie that perhaps they share a love for Brody. She tells Nazir he will never leave the country alive. He agrees and says he doesn't care.

Carrie and Nazir argue about acts of violence committed by both sides against innocents.

Brody arrives at the Naval Observatory where Jim Carrington (Zach Appelman) catches Brody in his office but doesn't seem to think anything of it. While they're talking, Nazir's tech guy, Ahmed (Neema Atri), enters a code to send a signal to the pacemaker to induce a heart attack in Walden. Walden asks Brody to call a doctor and Brody refuses, even making sure to move the phone away. He tells Walden he detests him and what he stands for. Walden dies.

Carrie flags down a semi on a lonely stretch of road and gets ahold of the driver's cell' 'phone to call Saul. Carrie tells Saul Nazir's location. The CIA scrambles to surround the area. Estes and Quinn exchange a look and Estes picks up the phone. On his way out of the building two company men detain Saul and tell him he's "wanted upstairs" then try to take him downstairs "for questioning." He tells them to call Estes and they respond that Estes is fully aware.

Carrie has returned to the location where she was being held by Nazir, picks up a length of pipe and goes looking for him.


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