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  • Brody rejoins his family and Mike takes his leave. Then Brody gets a call that Carrie is in mortal danger - only he can save her, but at a price? Saul continues his inquiry into who Peter Quinn is and why he's on this assignment: there are consequences when he figures it out. Finn pays a visit to Dana, and Brody pays a call on the Vice President's residence.

    - Written by <jhailey@hotmail.com>
  • Brody relieves Mike at the safe-house, expecting to have to leave politics now he has helped prevent the terrorist bombing. Chris can't enjoy pa's return long, as Abu Nazir blackmails him by capturing Carrie. Saul questions Estes about Quinn being Dar Adal's man but is dismissed, later even apprehended himself. Finn visits Dana, insisting he can't talk straight to anyone else. Brody manages, as blackmail-instructed, to pass Walden's pacemaker serial number so Abu Nazir can execute him by remote control, while Brody can't resist scolding Issa's dying murderer.

    - Written by KGF Vissers
  • David, surrounded by members of his department, is basking in the success of the mission, which resulted in much of the terrorist network in the US being captured, including Roya. The fact of Abu Nazir not being among those captured just means that they have more work to do to complete the job. Regardless, Saul, who received confirmation from his old colleague Dar Adal, decides to confront David about why he would place Peter, who is from special ops, into the lead analyst position for this mission. With this part of the mission complete, Brody is free to return to his family, who are still at the safe house and where they will remain until imminent threat from Abu Nazir is clear. Their collective happiness with this part of the mission being successfully over is shattered when David, Saul and Peter find that Carrie is missing, seemingly kidnapped. This news gets directly to Brody from the kidnapper himself, Abu Nazir, who knows that Brody was directly responsible for the breakdown of their latest planned terrorist attack. Abu Nazir offers Brody a deal: Carrie's life for specific information that would lead to Walden's death. Brody has to decide what to do, factoring in that he knows that Abu Nazir will kill Carrie regardless of their deal. Meanwhile, Mike and Jessica have to decide what to do following their latest sexual liaison. And Dana finally decides to have a chat with Finn, who wants to clear the air with who he still wants to be his girlfriend.

    - Written by Huggo
  • In the aftermath of the failed terrorist attack, Brody joins his family at the safe house. The situation with Jess and Dana is strained and it isn't helped when he gets a call from Carrie. She tells him the Attorney General is prepared to honor their deal but he will have to resign his seat in Congress and announce he is no longer interested in being Vice President Walden's running mate. Soon after, Brody gets a call from Abu Nazir who has taken Carrie prisoner and unless Brody gets him the information he wants from Walden's home office, he will kill her. Brody makes a deal with him and she is saved but not without a cost. Elsewhere, Saul has a chat with Dar Adal who was seen talking to Peter Quinn. He confirms that Quinn is an off-the-books black ops specialist but has no idea why Estes would have put Quinn in charge of the operation. Finn visits Dana at the safe house.

    - Written by garykmcd


Saul tracks down Dar Adul ( ) at a diner and they have a conversation about their line of work...

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