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Season 1: A little indulgent perhaps, but natural, engaging and entertaining throughout
bob the moo1 January 2014
Just in case the title doesn't tell you everything you need to know, this show is Jerry Seinfeld driving a different car each episode and, while driving it he picks up another comedian and they head out for coffee. On the face of it this could be a rather indulgent show because we have a very successful guy getting to drive some very nice (or interesting) vehicles and hang out with generally friends from the business and they enjoy a laugh together over coffee, not exactly hard work and the viewer will be on the outside of that looking in. I did feel this way a little starting it off but very quickly I warmed not only to the concept but also to the reality of what it was doing.

Although I guess there is plenty of logistical planning and some discussions over topics and approach, there doesn't appear to be a script here and as a result the conversations are very natural – so occasionally stilted but mostly they flow. Some of the guests try a little too hard to be "on" but mostly the rapport is good with Seinfeld and the conversations feel like funny people messing around. This was mostly good and occasionally very funny but very occasionally you get sight of something realer than this and in particular the final few episodes had nicely moving moments in the relationship between Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks but also in some of the reflections from Michael Richards; very real moments like this helped balance the stories and joking.

The cars are also very well selected; I really have no interest in very expensive supercars – yes they are beautiful but they are just tools and playthings of the rich. Here however we have some very nice old cars, some of which are very valuable, some of which are gorgeous and some of which have real knackered character. I liked the look of them and their role within the episodes. All told then, a show that I thought I would like but worried would be self-indulgent but turned out to be very engaging and entertaining.
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