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17 Jan. 2013
The Beginning of the End
Medical school drop-out Scott,now working as a receptionist to an abrasive female vet,is dumped by his girlfriend after sex and is not happy. Then terminally ill neighbour Paddy asks him to help him commit suicide. Scott is reluctant but his half-brother Joey owes the fearsome Nkanta five grand in gambling debts so he asks his friend,fast food worker Cozzo,to construct a suicide machine. With policewoman girlfriend Debbie pregnant Cozzo needs cash and obliges with his McFlurry of Death,which dispenses just the right lethal dosage. Scott is appalled when Cozzo suggests...
24 Jan. 2013
The Business End of Things
Scott is nervous as he is chosen to use the McFlurry on new client Elroy Carrington,so nervous that an unimpressed Elroy throws him out. Scott decides the group should see itself as a legitimate business and show more professionalism so he books them into a business advisory seminar. Inevitably Cozzo's brashness negates the experience though he helps Scott to win over Elroy for a successful exit. Joey,still in debt to Nkanta,is given twenty four hours to extract money owing from a girl called Kelly - who has sex with him and then kicks him out before he can get any ...
31 Jan. 2013
The Be All & End All
Scott meets two new neighbours,porn starlet Claudia,and Julia,the daughter of his first client Paddy. Julia is upset because she cannot find her father's most treasured possession - George Best's football boots,which Scott sold on Ebay. He tries to buy them back with no success but consoles Julia at Paddy's funeral by saying that his memory transcends earthly possessions. Debbie finds a stash of money from the first two jobs that Cozzo is hiding in his underwear drawer but he bluffs his way out of things by telling her he is keeping it safe for Joey.
7 Feb. 2013
The Bitter End
Scott's attempts at sex with Julia are hampered when he keeps seeing Paddy in bed with them. New client Mr Rothstein requests a Jewish man recites a prayer as he dies so Cozzo pretends he is Jewish. Mr Rothstein sees through him but is flattered that he made the effort. Angry that he must keep working at his dead end job to secure the drugs for the McFlurry of death Scott is relieved when a drug dealer offers to provide them for a price. However Joey predictably gambles away the money with which to buy them so Scott has to steal another lot and have sex with Dr Jill ...
14 Feb. 2013
Dead End
Dumped by Julia after she found out he went with Dr Jill an angry Scott forces Joey to attend a Gamblers Anonymous meeting. In the same building there is a sex addicts' group so Cozzo persuades Scott to tell Julia he is a sex addict to account for his behaviour. Believing him she accompanies him to a meeting where he acquits himself well. Unfortunately she gets the wrong idea when she sees him with his latest McFlurry of Death client,thirty-something Amanda,and dumps him again. Joey ends being blackmailed by the gambling group leader Philip,himself an addict who owes ...
21 Feb. 2013
The End of the Beginning
Unable to get Julia back Scott decides to concentrate on work and takes Cozzo and Joey for a corporate retreat at a country hotel. Here they see Nigel Banks,a former TV star reduced to a cabaret spot and Joey,who has always worshipped him,goes to see him. Nigel is depressed and is keen to become the lads' next customer - to Scott's horror as he is not terminally ill. However,on hearing of Cozzo's delight at being an expectant father Nigel is keen to live. Scott meets ex-girlfriend Lucie with her new man Eddie and impresses her by claiming he is a doctor. It gets her ...


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