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"NCIS" Recovery (2012)"NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service" Recovery (original title)

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Abby looks around the empty morgue late at night, trying to convince herself not to be freaked out. Then she steps through the door and freaks out. She wakes up on the slab, about to be cut open.

Then she actually wakes up at her desk. It's 3 a.m., she calls Gibbs. "It happened again," she tells him.

Tony flirts with the Navy's facilities manager, Judy. She's overseeing the remodel and he thinks she smells fantastic. He's about to ask her out when Ziva interrupts, asking if they can get some new improvements. Judy agrees to look into a new paint color.

Miles Wolf, crisis counselor, interlopes. He's there for mandatory psych evaluations. The team decides they're fine.

Upstairs, Wolf tells Vance and Gibbs that everybody in NCIS seems to be doing well, except the armory. They're mourning Midge who evacuated the day of the bombing and hasn't been seen for four months. Gibbs tells Wolf to start with Abby and her nightmares.

Gibbs gets a call, they found Midge's car. The team goes to the car recovery site, she was in her car submerged in a pond. Duckie shows up, off work. He doesn't have medical clearance to be back at work yet. They confirm it's Midge with her photo ID. They wonder if she sped into the lake on her way from NCIS, but the missing person's report says she made it home. Palmer finds a bullet wound in her stomach.

Back at NCIS, Tony reviews paint samples.

Midge Watkins was a retired Marine captain serving as an NCIS administrator. She has a daughter, Grace, stationed in San Diego, who's flying in.

Wolf tries to talk to Abby in the lab, but she can't even say the word "bombing." She refuses to talk about her nightmares.

Gibbs goes to the morgue and finds Duckie there. Palmer reports a lot of defensive wounds on the body. Gibbs tells Duckie to go home.

Ziva and Tony talk to Phyllis and Jon in the armory about the last day they saw Midge. The armory walls are still riddled with bullet holes from the munitions that exploded after the bomb. Jon has a scar from where he was hit by shrapnel.

They wonder if Midge was hit and didn't know it. Gibbs suggests getting a list of armory supplies and comparing the bullets to what hit Midge.

Gibbs checks on Abby in the garage, he asks about the shrink. She doesn't want to talk to a stranger. Gibbs is willing to listen as long as it's "short" and "nothing too deep." Abby remembers worrying after the bombing that she'd lost some friends. Lying on the autopsy table in her dream makes her feel alone, like she has no family. Gibbs asks about her family, including her biological brother, Kyle, who doesn't know about her.

Abby finds a bullet in the car, Midge was shot at point blank range in the car.

Ziva talks to Midge's daughter, Grace. Midge texted from home after the bombing, and said she'd call and didn't. Grace says everyone loved her mom, she was especially supportive of women in the workplace. That lead to some "typical male grumbling about playing favorites."

Back at NCIS, Ziva tells Tony that Midge thought he was occasionally annoying.

Judy comes back, Vance rejected the paint change request. Tony asks her out and she tells him she's taken, she thought they were "sport flirting."

Wolf comes through making small talk about the evaluations. Vance loudly objects and tells the team to get to work on Midge.

Ziva finds that a job applicant named Craig Wilson filed a grievance against Midge after she hired Phyllis instead, but it was thrown out five months ago, around the time of the bombing. Wilson was discharged for bad conduct five years ago and is unemployed.

Wolf intercepts Gibbs for his eval. Gibbs asks if he thinks family might help Abby. He says it could. Abby calls Gibbs away.

Down in the lab, Abby tells Gibbs the bullet that killed Midge is "nasty," it's covered in 60 year old mold. Gibbs encourages Abby to seek out Kyle.

Tony thinks he's unfocused since the bombing, like half of him is still "stuck in that elevator." Ziva and Tony pay a visit to Craig Wilson, who runs when they introduce themselves. Ziva tackles him and he drops a box full of guns.

Tony and Ziva talk to Craig in interrogation. He calls Ziva a "Feminazi." He calls Tony her "lovesick boyfriend" and compares it to his interview with Midge and someone else in the interview. Ziva rules out all of Craig's weapons as the murder weapon.

In the morgue, Palmer tells Gibbs that he found an allergic reaction in Midge's lungs but can't make sense of it. Gibbs calls Duckie.

Back in the armory, Jon admits he and Midge had a fling a few years back after she lost her husband. He and Phyllis look at the photos of the old guns that could be the murder weapon. They both offer to look into people who might know more about them.

Abby goes to visit her biological brother Kyle at the pet adoption agency where he works. He's not there and she turns to leave. He finds her on the street. He remembers meeting her a year ago and thinks they had a connection.

McGee gets a call from a gun dealer in Philly who sold a similar gun six months ago. A few hours ago, the dealer got a call from the buyer begging him not to give out his name. McGee got his address; it's near the pond where Midge was found.

They head to the apartment and find Jon, the armory employee. He admits to having an old gun but says he still has it. He opens up his case but it's not there.

Duckie and Palmer call Gibbs to report she had a severe allergic reaction to a chemical that's used in soaps, detergents and colognes. Jon says he couldn't have done it because he was getting his shrapnel wound stitched up.

They notice a smell in the air, not cologne, but fancy perfume. Tony recognizes it. Jon says it's his girlfriend's, she saw his gun in the box a few hours ago. He says she was with the hospital all night, except two hours when she went to get him a clean shirt.

Jon remembers he said some things that night about how the bombing made him realize how much Midge meant to him.

Tony finds Judy throwing Jon's gun into the pond. He cuffs her and listens to her make jealous excuses.

Back in the morgue, Duckie busts Palmer. He knows Palmer didn't need his help and tells him he doesn't need his charity.

Wolf turns his report over to Vance, pointing out that Vance didn't have his eval. Vance wishes he could turn time back to before, which explains refusal to change the paint color. Vance is still feeling guilty for driving his car with a bomb in it to the yard, and driving his kids around that morning. Wolf assures him everyone is safe and no one is blaming him.

Gibbs opens a beer at home and Abby busts in with Kyle. Kyle hugs Gibbs, thanking him. Gibbs opens beers for everyone, but they find Abby asleep on the couch.


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