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Gir Affe8 November 2013
Basically it's two hours of empty-claims backing up the "documentary"'s preconceptions.

Almost laughable but sad for the most part, seeing the pure delusion in the eyes of these people as they constantly use words they don't understand and make ridiculous claims without evidence. There is very little in-depth science, only childish comparisons between superficial things such as using cherry-picked evidence of paintings with Africans to draw the conclusion that Scottish people are black. Oh yeah, that's right, they actually claim that Scottish people are Africans and show a photo of a stereotypical Scot with bagpipes and a kilt, because "Scots have dark hair" - apparently. What would I know though, since I'm only Scottish myself.

Also, the IMDb system is not flawed - they have an algorithm which detects flood-spamming. (Meaning that if they detect lots of votes from the same/similar IP ranges, it will not register them to prevent vote-rigging.) I'd recommend watching it for a laugh. One star.
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A must see!!
Fluffy_is_lovely20054 September 2013
For every black person out there who wonders where we came from....Or if there is more to our culture than just slavery, hip hop, and the civil rights movements... This documentary is a good start. I can't even being to describe how eye opening this documentary is!! So much about our history has been covered up and hidden. After watching this, I know why!! Everything truly is not what it appears /not what we have been taught (or indoctrinated with). Please take the time to sit down and watch this documentary. Black people need to wake up and realize who we really are, not who someone else made us out to be!! I don't know what's up with the rating system, but it's definitely not a 4 caliber documentary!!!! Whoever rated it so low obviously still are trying to hide the truth!!
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archangelmichaels20 February 2018
These people need help, and yes beyond and in addition to vocabulary, dictation, and English grammar. No, primarily, I mean psychiatric help. What type of drugs does one have to be doing to buy into this bullcrap????
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A must see for all Africans of the Diaspora
shannonashley7815 December 2013
First let me say that whether you believe everything in this doc or not, it is an EXCELLENT starting point for researching your own history if you are of African descent. You are supposed to follow up information with your own research. With that being said, MOST of what was given in this film is EASILY verifiable with PUBLIC records not to memtion documented literature written by white authors so the idea that these are fairy-tales that Black people desperately want to believe in is absurd.

I think it's important to note that most of the bad negative reviews are from whites. If I were white I too would be reluctant to embrace information that paints me as a savage who has lied to masses of people throughout history to secure my global supremacy. So without a doubt their response would be to denounce it all as false and as delusional Africans but I want Black people to keep this in mind when considering their responses:

These are the descendants of people who told you that Columbus discovered America when they knew full well that it was not true. Not only Did they tell u that they TAUGHT it ttoo u and put it in official school text books. These are the people who made it illegal for your ancestors to read or learn. Why do u think that was? What would knowledge do for you? These are the people who have fought tooth and nail against every advancement blacks have made in this country. These are the people who largely refuse to admit life began in Africa.

The reviewer above said the Black people in this doc are using words they don't understand. How Did he determine they don't comprehend these words? So bc they are Black they cannot be intellectual enough to have an extensive vocabulary? And these are the people who expect you to take their negative reviews of this film at face value yet take the word of the people who's sole purpose is to enlighten you, uplift you, and correct the psychological damage done to you, they are asking you to take these people's word with a grain of salt? Think wisely and remember who you're dealing with. I'm not saying everything in this film is100% accurate but research for yourself and don't let non Africans who's entire existence is based on white privilege needs for everything in this film to be untrue. They've never wanted us to know our true history.
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Awesome Information
bramaniblue1 January 2014
This part 2 documentary is totally awesome and very informative. It answers questions regarding artifacts, and ancient structures built by people of color all over the world. People who are so rooted in the concept of white supremacy will find this information very hard digest and will dismiss it as pure conjecture or comedy as one "Scottish" reviewer already has. As mentioned in the film there is only one race on the planet and that that is the Human race. Every human has something in humanity to celebrate. This is truly a triumph and great contribution to Africa, Native Americans, African Americans and all human beings in general.
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Teach your kids our history and know your purposes!!!!!
sales-884-24215130 December 2013
Every person should watch and make their own conclusion. Regarding African, African American and European there is a lot of truth in it. I'm not an historian or scientist but for sure I read a lot of books and research a pretty amount of documentations regarding our evolution. It sometimes feel like black man in general are curse and I ask myself why? So for the comment above who believed that is false, why do say that? What are your facts and finding? Please look around again and judge with your heart and not your repulsion.

NB: Fantastic documentary for the black soul which is really down. We all need and up-lifting spirit. Thank you

Your comments should be based on fact and not just because bible says so, after all its just a book that man has written. I believe what is written in stone!
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Must See TV
kevin_t_allen69219 July 2016
This is must see TV. For any race, or any color. So informative. Grab your note pads, and take notes. I've watched all four editions. This is so important for not only black people, but every human being. It's crazy how there are things that I was taught in elementary school, and middle school that is like polar opposite, or in stark contrast to what we learn today. Is not that the information was incorrect, but it was also limited. It's like there was an attempt to mis-educate us, or limit us to the information about ourselves. What happens when one gains knowledge of self? Their self-esteem rises, and the person and the community becomes strengthened. I love historians. I don't think there's a more important teacher. Some how all teachers have to come back to history.
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The second step of greatness
Kenyae Kofi2 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I love this second documentary it was just as good as I expected it to be and it surprised me in all types of ways. I was just dumbfounded on all the truth hidden from us with the more research I did. No one could ever challenge me on this truth or history because I feel I have gained so much more knowledge. This is powerful stuff and people who say other wise will be left behind and will be left behind in the dark its just that simple. Honestly, we blacks are getting tired of having to prove things to naysayers and cry babies believing that what they were told is true. A lot of people need to wake up to the truth or just stay lost in the darkness.
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