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Ahmad: [in Farsi] Bah Bah, che balaly. (Wow, what a sweetcorn).

Samir: When two people see each other after 4 years and still fight together, it shows that there is something unsolved between them.

Fouad: Why don't they separate her from medical instruments?

Samir: Because they don't know if she wants to live with them or die.

Fouad: She wants to die.

Samir: Why do you say that?

Fouad: She wants to die. That's why she committed suicide!

Marie Brisson: I'll tell them to apologize.

Samir: In this way, you will teach them that always there is an escape way named apology!

Shahryar: There is still one little similar thing between me and my wife to not get divorce. The color of our countries flags!

[Shahryar is Iranian and his wife is Italian. The color of Iran and Italy flags is similar together]

Lucie: Do you know why she fell in love with that jerk? Because he looked like you.

Lucie: Don't tell me that I grew up; when you don't think that I grew up!

Médecin: In this situation, every certainty is a doubtful!

Ahmad: Eat it now. You'll never get a chance to eat Gorme Sabzi

[an Iranian food]

Ahmad: in future. Unless you'll marry to a fun Iranian husband and you Fouad, an Iranian wife.

Fouad: What does an Iranian woman look like?

Ahmad: Like me!

[Ahmad moves his hands like a woman! They laugh]

Shahryar: You weren't a person who gets used to this country. You should stay in one side of the stream. You can't put one of your foots on one side and the other foot in the other side! Stream will get bigger at the end.

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Marie Brisson: Why didn't Shahryar tell me that Lucie was there?

Ahmad: He couldn't tell you.

Marie Brisson: Why he couldn't? He saw that I was dying from concern.

Ahmad: He promised to her.

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Ahmad: When did you meet each other?

Marie Brisson: In drugstore. He came to get his wife's medicines.

[Ahmad sneers ]

Marie Brisson: What?

Ahmad: In our culture is laughing.

Marie Brisson: But in our culture is mocking!

[They discuss with each other]

Marie Brisson: Just your hair became white!

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