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The acting is Truly terrible

Author: adamwho from United States
19 December 2013

I thought this would be a good, funny kids movie for the family but it turned out to be the biggest bunch of crap I have ever seen.

Seriously, the writing, story, the acting, the filming and even the music are worse than porn levels of terrible.

It isn't even good-bad like Tremors 3, it is just poorly put together and executed. It is a case study in failed film making.

The only thing even remotely interesting is the weird sexual tension between the teens... and the dog and the mother. The long scene of the mother scratching her boyfriend that turned into a dog with the Sesame Street-like music in the background is just fetish material.

If you doubt this, go check it out on net-flix.

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Totally Unacceptable

Author: wolfalli from La Crosse, WI
25 July 2015

I would not recommend "A Halloween Puppy", and here is why:

-It is a crap fest -Too much sexual tension for a children's movie -Too much of the budget spent on hiring the mob boss from the Dark Knight to play Ted -The teenage girl was out of his league (like, way out of his league) -Who gave the dog a collar? Where did Ted's clothes go? Why did Ted turn into a female dog? -Same music replayed over and over -The dog's mouth wasn't even moving when Ted was talking... -Why isn't Ted more freaked out that he turned into a dog? "I'm a puppy, what?" -This is not nearly as good as Smart House -Why did the mom eat grass when the dog was screaming about chipmunks?

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Get ready, I have a list...

Author: brightasb from AL
24 September 2016

This movie is terrible. The puppy pictures sucked us in. About 10 minutes in I realized we made a mistake, but by that time my kids were invested. Where to start...the college-aged son's giddiness over "Halloween movie night", the exposed microphones, they wear the same clothes every day, the "night" scenes filmed at day, the 1 dog in the movie is full grown, but they keep calling it a puppy. The budget must have not called for a tailor, because poor Molly had to cuff her jeans, and I don't mean in the trendy way. I lost count how many times Molly called someone "weird". The mom eats grass with the "puppy". Plus, my own weird feeling that any minute it was going to turn into an adult film. I'm highly disappointed in Cindy Brady. She must have owed the director a favor.

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A Terrible Kiddy Halloween Movie!!!

Author: Pumpkin_Man from United States
29 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, it's 2 months til Halloween and I started it off early with a crapfest called A Halloween Puppy. It was boring, slow, dull, and bland. It took 27 minutes for Eric Roberts to turn into a dog. Almost every other scene, the mom is playing the dog inside the house or outside. (She can't make up her mind where she wants to be) The crew of this film filmed scenes at daylight and used them for nightime scenes and put a blue filter up, hoping kids wouldn't notice. This was obviously filmed in spring. There were barely any Halloween decorations. Cindy Brady even makes a cameo as a witch. I would not recommend A HALLOWEEN PUPPY!!!

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it was "suckfest in the woods"

Author: (livcate) from ur moms house
7 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

first off, Linda needs to cool it. second, ted needs to brush his hair. third, there was 10 minutes of clips of them driving in a car. fourth, THE TWINS! fifth,my kids haven't woken up from the grief stricken coma this movie has placed upon them, in my time of horror, only Linda has come to my aid. her plentiful wardrobe compared to the other characters saved my life. i would recommend this movie to everyone!!!!!!!! #yolo #swag #suckfest #mollylikesscifi #whydidthismovieseemlikeporn #muffinwasthegreatestattraction #iwillhavenightmaresofthetwins #iveseenthismovie5times #andeverytimeitgetsalittlebitbetter #imforserious #iforgotmyhomeworkatschool #killme #afteriwatchedthismovieiknewthat anythingwaspossible so to conclude, show this movie to your grandparents and children, great for all ages, i am a hip young cool teenager, just chilling in cedar rapids

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