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"Warehouse 13" Second Chance (2012)

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"Warehouse 13" - "Second Chance" - Sept. 17, 2012

Myka and Pete are interrogating Artie about Brother Adrian but he puts them off and sends them to West Virginia to see a man named Lenny who appears to be rusting.

Then Claudia and Steve come in to ask about Brother Adrian as well. But he gives them the metronome to work out how to get Steve off of it and they are sent to New Jersey, Steve's home, since the instructions are for the person to "find one's own heart and make a pure start."

Then Mrs. F, H.G., and Leena enter and ask about Brother Adrian and they won't let Artie off the hook. They push him. He tells the truth: about the loss of hope, the destruction of the warehouse, their deaths. Mrs. F says she would've done the same but asks about the repercussions. Artie tells them about the evil of his own making that he will have to live with for the rest of his days.

He explains his bad feeling to them that the evil is Claudia because of his vision. Mrs. F says he's mistaken and wonders if Brother Adrian himself is the evil. He wonders why he's having visions about Claudia. Mrs. F thinks it's a subconcious thought being implanted. He tells H.G. this isn't how he wanted to handle this. She tells him that she knows the evils of time travel better than anyone and doesn't want to lose any more agents.

Pete and Myka learn that Lenny only has one enemy, the owner of the steel mill where he works. The boss has been withholding paychecks. At the mill, the boss confronts the workers who are striking. They tell Pete and Myka about problems with the boss and discover that more workers are rusting. Myka goes to talk to the boss and Pete pokes around his office. He finds nothing. Another victim turns up and she's never been to the mill. They look for a connection. They find it in a boxing gym. There's a guy there who really has it in for the boss and clearly want to make him look bad. Pete takes on several guys in the ring to find out more about their suspect, who then gets mad about them asking questions. Another friend of the suspect goes in the ring with Pete and knocks him out. Later Pete confronts their suspect ringside as he watches the guy who knocked him out earlier. It turns out it's the fighter who is whammying people. He is using an artifact that makes him stronger.They go to his dad, who is in the hospital after having an accident at the steel mill. We flash back to the accident and Cody saving him with his magic arm. His dad says his son is not juicing. He's a hero. It turns out that he was in Iraq during an explosion when Spartan armor was turned into shrapnel and hit him, so the scars are where the artifacts were created inside him. Cody enters and overhears them talking about his newfound problem. He gets angry and pushes Pete, instantly making him sick. Cody goes to the mill and confronts the boss. Pete stops him before he punches him in the face and he punches Pete instead over and over again. They fight. Pete tells him he's a hero and tells him the town needs him so he can't kill the boss. Myka finally gets the boss to admit the accident was his fault, he rigged it for the insurance money. Myka tells Cody they have to neutralize the shrapnel in his chest. She can't take it out without killing him so she puts the neutralizing goo in a syringe and pumps it into him. It works and doesn't kill him and everyone is saved.

Steve and Claudia meet up with Steve's mom whom he sells as evil but seems very nice at least at first. They all have tea but it's a little tense. He lies that he's still in the ATF. She offers to come visit him and he says she can't, it's complicated. She wonders when they're going to talk about what happened since it's been two years. He says they're not and he'll be out of her hair soon. She says she doesn't want him out. Claudia and Steve look around his house trying to figure out what to do to find his "heart." She places her hand on his heart. They turn off the metronome, they both lose their breath. Claudia turns it back on. It didn't work. Steve's mother comes in alarmed wanting to know what's happening. Claudia tries to explain to Steve's mom about the metronome. She asks about Steve's late sister, who was killed in a robbery gone bad. She fought against the murderer getting the death penalty which she thought it was the right thing to do but Steve thought it was a betrayal of his sister. She notices the poem about "from whence one comes" and realizes that Steve needs to make peace with his mom to have a "pure start" and get off the metronome. She explains this to him. His mom tries to explain how loving her child and having a conscience are two separate things. They fight about their loss and their forgiveness and their anger. She tries to explain it's what she would've wanted. He cries, realizing she's right. He tells Claudia he wants to let it go but he doesn't know how. Claudia tells him to think of Olivia. Steve apologizes to his mom, saying holding on to his anger was a way of holding on to her. They hug as she's holding the metronome. Claudia come over and touches the metronome and Steve's mother suddenly starts losing her breath. Steve smashes it against the mantle and his mother regains her breath. And...Steve is alive! Because he didn't care if he died he sacrificed his own life to save hers by destroying the metronome.

Back at the warehouse Mrs. F and H.G. take the astrolabe. Mrs. F tells her to take it and disappear. Mrs. F says she can't communicate with any of them now and to trust no one.


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